Better Late Than Never {Fall Decorating}

I did a little decorating today!


But, first, let’s talk about some eats!

Apparently, I’m on a yogurt kick lately””but not Greek yogurt like everyone else is eating (right? Do people still eat regular yogurt?) I’m loving straight-up, non-fat Stonyfield yogurt, and I can’t get enough of it lately.

First breakfast

When I woke up this morning, I ate a container of blueberry yogurt with vanilla Chex, sliced banana, and fresh raspberries.

IMG_7845 (600x450)

Second breakfast

A couple of hours later, I ate another container of yogurt (this time peach mango) with fresh raspberries. So delicious!

IMG_7850 (600x450)

Ok, now onto the decorating!

So, the other day, Mal sort of got on my case about decorating the house””in a joking way, of course, but he still made it known he wished there were some fall decorations around our house.

Mal is a decent decorator, but I don’t always love what he buys, so he leaves this task to me, which is totally cool because I typically enjoy it. It’s just been a busy fall and not a top priority for me, so I haven’t gotten around to it. Long story short, Mal said something along the lines of “you don’t love our house” (because it wasn’t decorated for fall), which made me feel bad for slacking on my decorating duties. Of course, Mal said it all sad and dramatic to me, so I decided to go shopping today for some decorations. Way to guilt me into decorating our house, Mal. Jeez.

Ok, Mal was right. Our house needed some fall love in a major way. I mean, check out my decorating efforts so far (it’s okay, you can laugh):

IMG_7806 (600x450)

Obviously, I was all over the decorating this year!

IMG_7807 (600x450)

Oh, wait, I hung a fall wreath over the fireplace mantel too. Clearly, I’m a decorating goddess.

IMG_7809 (600x450)

So, off to Marshalls I went this morning. I bought a whole cart full of decorations and then headed home to test them out.

IMG_7804 (450x600)

Most of them I liked, but I decided to return a couple of things and then go to HomeGoods to finish the project.

IMG_7853 (600x450)

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out at HomeGoods because there was Christmas stuff everywhere!

IMG_7855 (450x600)

Everywhere! Hello, it’s not even November 1st yet. We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to celebrate. People still need fall decorations!

IMG_7857 (450x600)

Anyway, I hit up Target and Michaels too, but I didn’t have any luck finding cute fall décor there either. Although, I found mugs with little cable-knit sweaters (adorable).

IMG_7852 (600x450)

And a “no tweeting while we’re eating” stuffed turkey that made me smile. Thanksgiving dinner is a no phone zone!

IMG_7858 (450x600)

Ok, ready for the final product?

BEFORE (just in case you forgot about my amazing decorating skills):

IMG_7809 (600x450)


IMG_7861 (600x450)

IMG_7860 (600x450)

IMG_7865 (600x450)

IMG_7863 (600x450)


IMG_7806 (600x450)


photo (14)

photo (12)

Quite the improvement, right? I hope Mal likes it!

Questions of the Day

Did you decorate your home for fall this year?

Where is your favorite place to buy decorations for the home?

Is it too early for Christmas decorations?


  1. Where do you buy your fruit? I’ve noticed in your last few posts how PERFECT those raspberries look! And the decor looks fantastic!

  2. Mal is hilarious. I didn’t realize guys were into seasonal decor! The gold pumpkins are my fave 🙂 You should have Murphy decorated for fall when Malmgets home….haha!

  3. awww how lovely! It is way too early for christmas! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays…and I think it gets overlooked between Halloween and all the excitement for Christmas!

  4. I’m so jealous! My husband finds pumpkins (which are the only thing I want to buy) a HUGE waste of money. I seriously have to talk to myself about how I need to put the adorable mini pumpkin down as hearing about it when you get home won’t be worth it.
    I really think I’ll try to grow my own next year. Beat him at his own game!

  5. Love the decor!

    It’s ironic that you mention Stonyfield yogurt because I just tried their low fat regular yogurt today for the first time. I wasn’t impressed, sadly. It seemed very runny 🙁

    Perhaps I’m just spoiled by the greek yogurt texture now 😉

  6. As my parents have gotten older, my mom has tried to purge a lot of extra decorations so I’ve inherited a lot of fall stuff. It makes me super happy when I come home from work and have little pumpkins and turkeys around (apparently I’m a big dork).

    Thanks for sharing Tina!

  7. Lovely fall decorations! The table is looking great. Loving the runner and the gold pumpkins. I had trouble finding fall themed ribbon a month ago. There was a very small section at Hobby Lobby and one roll at JoAnn’s! But TONS of Christmas stuff.

  8. I love the table runner and the bless our home decoration 🙂 I DEF haven’t done decor yet either and was just mentioning to my husband at the store I didn’t have to carve pumpkins…I can settle for just having some. haha. Where did you get the table runner?

    P.S. Can I tell you that I love your blog? Seriously- it’s one of my favs.

  9. I think your decorations look great. Just enough. I’m not very good about decorating. Although we did decorate outside with an awesome graveyard including lights. It is way to early for Christmas decorations.

  10. I’m loving the table runner! We decorate for fall and I put up decorations as soon as the weather starts to change. Mid to late September time frame. I don’t do halloween specific decorations because then I feel like I have to take them down after halloween and I like to just put stuff up and be done with it until it’s time for Christmas-which usually happens the day after Thanksgiving 🙂 Favorite place to go is Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s. I found a really pretty wreath at Kohl’s this year.

  11. Your mantel looks great in the before and after! This is my #1 requirement of our next house, it needs a fireplace and mantel (and I don’t really care if the fireplace works). Mantels are just so perfect for decorating. Okay, and the house needs to have a few bedrooms and a few bathrooms, but mantels are where it’s at. 😉

  12. I think you did a great job! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and it makes me super sad to see they’ve already taken stuff down in stores and replaced it with Christmas 🙁

  13. It just feels so odd seeing Christmas trees lit up in store windows right now. I get the rush…but then I don’t dumb! Your mantel is beautiful!! And I love the idea of a cute wreath on a mirror! You do have decor skills girl…way better than mine! 😉

  14. I love Stonyfield yogurt! Not a huge fan of Greek yogurt. I love the sweater mugs, will have to look for those ASAP.

    We have a couple of fall decorations. I went to HomeGoods over the weekend and was overwhelmed by the Christmas decorations. I was tempted to buy everything I saw!

  15. We didn’t decorate for Fall this year, but I do wish we did! We have both been so busy with the wedding and traveling, not to mention our place is a rental and SO tiny…we have a really hard time investing in much of anything!

  16. I love your table runner and gold pumpkins! I apparently “love my house” even less than you do because I only ever decorate for Christmast. It’s the only decorating holiday I get excited for, but then I get REALLY excited. It’s definitely still way too early though!

  17. Very impressed with the way you use the leaves and berries. I’ve wanted to venture into making my own wreath since I saw yours, but I’m not very good at that kind of thing. I had a hard time finding fall decorations as well but really love Christmas decorations. It’s my favorite time of the year!

  18. Yes we decorated our house! Right now it’s a mix between Halloween and fall decorations, after Halloween we’ll put up Thanksgiving ones instead. I love Hobby Lobby for decorations. And yes! It’s way too early for Christmas decorations. Maybe a few would be fine for early birds, but the fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations should definitely outnumber the Christmas ones!

    I LOVE Stonyfield yogurt! I used to eat Greek yogurt almost everyday and now I eat Stonyfield yogurt instead…my favorite. (: I love the fat free French Vanilla. Awesome by itself or with a mashed banana or pumpkin spice. (:

  19. I love the runner down the table and the leaves around the candle holder… that looks beautiful. I have to admit I rarely take the time to decorate for the season, with the except of a few decorations for Christmas. However it sure looks fantastic and I feel that maybe the table runner and centerpiece might be doable for me 🙂

  20. I, too, have neglected my fall decorating duties. I went all out on my interior, but completely forgot to put my outdoor decor out. I’m quite ashamed of my slacking given fall is my favorite season.

    I have that pumpkin bowl in your first table photo, only we store candy in ours. Everything looks great!

  21. WAY too early for Christmas decorations…I saw fake Christmas trees in Costco this past Friday. I’m just not ready for it yet. I like to take my time easing into the holidays. Dang girl that is a lot of yogurt. HA! Sometimes we just need to fulfill those cravings. Been there…

  22. Looks great! Yes, I decorate for every holiday”¦love a good theme 🙂 I’m big on festive garlands on the dining room chandelier lately. I’ve had good luck at Michael’s…

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