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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was quite busy, but a whole lot of fun. Here’s a quick recap!


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  • I enjoyed a couple of cookie bites from Whole Foods, which were chocolate chip cookie shells filled with frosting. Amazing!
  • I went to a clothing swap. So fun! And, of course, I went home with mostly workout clothes. Haha!
  • I ate Buffalo Chicken Chili with blue cheese crumbles. Holy yum!


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  • Quinn wished Grandma a “happy birthday” with a special sign that I helped him make.
  • My favorite little workout buddy and I went for a glorious 4.5-mile run/walk with the stroller.
  • I had a Chipotle burrito + wine for dinner. The best.


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  • Mal let me nap for 2.5 hours and then made me his cake-like pancakes for breakfast. Best husband ever.
  • Quinn rolled over for the first time, and it surprised us both!
  • We went for a lovely family walk and the weather was beautiful. I love fall.
  • I got a much-needed massage and it was awesome. Seriously, awesome. And intense. I’m going to be sore.
  • We went out for drinks with some friends, and I enjoyed a delicious pumpkin beer.

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Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite type of chili?

Ever done a clothing swap?

Who makes the best burritos?

When was the last time you had a massage?

Me: Buffalo chicken, yes, Anna’s Taqueria, yesterday!



  1. Oh man I’m dying for a massage. I wanted to get a prenatal massage but never got around to it. And now that I’m sleep deprived with a newborn, it’s falling lower on the priority list. But hopefully I can sneak one in soon!

  2. I have never done a clothing swap but it sounds like such a great idea! A great way to get new clothes without spending tons of money! How exactly does it work- are you all around the same size? How often do you get together to swap?!

    1. Everyone brings a bag(s) of clothing that they no longer wear and want to swap. I’ve been to 2 different kinds of swaps. One where the sizes were all organized ahead of time and people took turns choosing items to take home. And then one that everyone showed what they brought to the group and then it was a free-for-all and everyone took/tried on what they liked best. Both ways worked great and were a lot of fun! 🙂

  3. Last year, I was obsessed with white chicken chili. It was a Paula Deen recipe that I made pretty healthy-ish. This is my first vegan fall, so I need to find the perfect veggie chili recipe! I’ve been making tons of soups, but miss the hearty goodness of a big bowl of chili. P.S. Thanks for asking the massage question. I feel like you reminded me that I need one? 😉 It has literally been years!

  4. Ugh! I am so envious of the fact that you can eat so much delicious food snd still lose weight! You look freaking fantastic. You have really mastered the whole moderation thing. I eat ALL of whatever is in front of my face. 🙂
    Anyway, have a great week. Your little guy is getting cuter and cuter!

  5. haha william just wore his little big guy bib this weekend too! i’ve never done a clothing swap before – all your food looks great – i had chipotle last thursday for the first time in forever! baby william is learning to eat oatmeal these days!

  6. Hmmm I don’t discriminate much with chili. As long as it’s flavor-packed and full of texture, I’m happy! Never done a clothing swap, but it sounds like a great idea! How does pricing work? I like homemade burritos, but give me a Chipotle bowl any day! And my last massage was way too long ago. I need to change that.

    Have an excellent Monday!

  7. Looks like a fun weekend…that pumpkin beer looks so good! I have a little stock pile in my fridge for after our little guy arrives in a couple of weeks!

    My Dad’s recipe for Texas Chili beans is my favorite…he puts pieces of kielbasa in it!

    I haven’t been to Anna’s Taqueria in 5+ years but I remember loving their burritos. I do love Good Food Made Simple’s frozen breakfast burritos though! Their turkey sausage and chicken sausage burritos are SO good!

    My last massage was on my honey moon in Aruba last November. However, I did get an awesome pedicure last weekend! At 37 weeks pregnant it was glorious!

  8. Not to toot my own horn, but I make a slammin’ turkey chili! 😉 I had a full body massage in April, when my daughter was only a month old! Ahhhh gotta go again asap!

  9. Fun questions for today.

    I love the naked burrito bowls from QDoba. They win for me!

    I got a massage a week and a half ago in Punta Cana for our honeymoon. We got to try their hydrotherapy circuit first which was insanely crazy.

    Not a clothes swapper – but I would be if I had people interested that were the same size.

    Love the family chili. There are so many chili recipes out there that it blows my mind. I don’t think you can beat whatever chili you were raised with. It wasn’t until my 30s when I moved to the Green Bay area that I realized people put pasta in their chili. So bizarre (but it tastes good). 🙂

  10. I’ve never done a clothing swap before but would love to! Such a great idea!

    My favorite type of chili is my Dad’s. He modified Rachael Ray’s Uptown Down-Home recipe that has ground beef and mushrooms…SO good!!

  11. Looks like a great weekend! I need a massage! We have some pretty strong burrito options in San Francisco, but I still love Chipotle. It reminds me of college. I’ve always wanted to do a clothing swap, that sounds fun. 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  12. I have a massage TODAY! I’m so excited. It’ll probably be painful today, but I have one next Monday also (preparing my body for the NYC marathon), so that will be more relaxing! Anybody in the Charlotte, NC area – Jessie at the Massage Envy in South Park is AMAZING!

    I love any kind of chili. I think if the weather is right, any kind can hit the spot!

  13. Ahhhh. I’ve done a clothing swap before. It was one of those things that I had no idea how it’d work out. (We were all different sizes, and heights.) But everyone went home with great stuff.

    Massages are also my jam, but I can only fit in about one a month. Sounds luxurious, but who wouldn’t want more massages?

  14. I made a paleo chili last week off of pinterest. It was pretty good “Paleo Newbie” I think it was. Made a TON FYI. We ate chili for the week. I was actually trying to organize a clothing swap with the girls at my gym. I need to get back in touch with everyone! Hands down best burrito is Cafe Rio’ if you are ever in a city that has them. HOLY MOLY! SO good. Get the burrito – enchilada style. Out of this world amazing! My last massage was way too long ago! I need another!

  15. cute fonts! I love my mom’s chili with ground beef and 3 different beans. So good! and I would love to do a clothing swap some day … having 3 sisters I guess I already did that every day growing up. 🙂

  16. Your buffalo chicken chili photo on Instragram made my decision of what to make for lunches this week very easy. I wanted it IMMEDIATELY. Favorite recipe is the spicy pineapple chili from Civilized Caveman. So good.

    I have a massage on my radar sometime in the next couple months. Got a gift for my birthday, but saving it for when I get a little deeper into marathon training. SO looking forward to it.

  17. Your posts are such day brighteners!! Looks like you’ve settled in being a new mom wonderfully and your relationship with Mal always makes me smile!

  18. At the risk of possible backlash, I would like to tell you I’m enjoying your blog more now. It seems more varied and less crossfit “obsessive”. I actually stopped reading for a while but checked back in a few months ago found the content had shifted. I know you’ve had a lot of critism about your blog lately so I wanted you to know I like the shift (except for the sponsored posts, I will never enjoy them and usually ignore those) and enjoy hearing abt your little mister.

    This is just my opinion and I know others feel differently.

  19. I love a good vegetarian chili with lots of beans and spices. I’ve never done a clothing swap, but that sounds fun! Also, I’ve never gotten a massage, because I don’t like the idea of a stranger touching me…so I guess it would have been my husband. 😉

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