Best of the Weekend III

Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY to you!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting? Our weekend was pretty low-key and especially snowy. Down here on the South Shore, we are getting hit hard. My mom actually just texted me: “Weymouth is winning in the snow totals.” Haha! We are smack in the middle of HOLY SNOW. Spring, where are you?!? Anyway, let’s talk about something besides the weather! How about some highlights from our weekend? Yes? YES!

Red Velvet Oreos. Whoa. I saw these at Hannaford, but I didn’t buy them. Now though I really regret this decision. I’ve heard they are quite incredible. Have you tried them? Do I need to go back and get them?

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Mal went snowboarding with his buddies on Saturday, so he asked for some #quinnpics while he was away. I snapped this one at KFIT before working out. We have a similar stuffed octopus (Mr. Sock T. Pus) at home, and it’s one of Quinn’s favorite toys.

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Saturday’s KFIT workout was a tough one. It was a partner workout, so we split the reps 50/50. Workout translation: 30 Hang Power Cleans (we used #75), 2 Turkish Get-Ups, 30 Burpees, 2 Turkish Get-ups, 30 Front Squats (#75) for 30 minutes. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger? Haha!


Quinn tried a couple of bites of carrot cake on Saturday afternoon and absolutely loved it. He’s definitely my kid.

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Saturday night was really chill. After Quinn went to bed, I poured myself a glass of wine, turned on some Vanderpump Rules (so bad, but soooo good), folded laundry, and ate Cheez-Its.

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Sunday morning, we woke up to more snow.

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Quick and easy breakfast: Toasted English muffin with Teddie peanut butter and banana slices and an iced coffee. I’ve eaten this breakfast for the past 4 or 5 days. I’m definitely on a PB + banana kick lately.

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After breakfast, I took Murphy for his morning walk. Despite my feelings about snow, it was actually quite nice.

photo 5 (12) (800x600)

Mal let me sleep until 8:00 AM (!!!!!), so he took a nap with the pug later in the morning. 

photo 3 (33) (800x600)

Pug treat!

photo 4 (20) (800x800)

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out around the house: playing, cleaning, snow-blowing/shoveling, ordering things online because there’s so much snow and we’re never leaving our house!

photo 3 (32) (800x600)


My father-in-law came for dinner last night. Papi and Quinn!

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Dinner started with a Haupert specialty: Half of an avocado with a mustard-red wine vinaigrette. Mmm!

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And then for our main course, we had Beef Bourguignon with French bread and wine. Oh my goodness, it was so delicious.

photo 2 (21) (800x800)

This week’s menu:

  • Sunday: Beef Bourguignon
  • Monday: Pasta with chicken sausage, broccoli, and Parmesan
  • Tuesday: Chicken Ole <— planning to double the recipe and make it in the crockpot
  • Wednesday: Leftovers
  • Thursday: Tuna melts with sweet potato fries
  • Friday: Seattle
  • Saturday: Seattle

Question of the Day

How often do you switch up your breakfasts? Are you currently on a breakfast kick? Or do you eat the same thing everyday?


  1. I have a habit of eating the same thing over and over again for an unreasonable amount of time. It is usually breakfast that I do this with. For about a year it was oatmeal w pumpkin pie spice and stevia and then it was scrambled eggs with mushrooms for another year. I do the same thing with my smoothies and actually just cut the old one off and started a new one. It’s so weird.

  2. Those icicles looks huge! I hope you get a break from the snow soon.

    I usually eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast every day – cereal, fruit, and yogurt. The specifics change, but it’s always the same combination.

  3. Buy the Oreo’s! Although beware – it’s really hard to have just one or two. They’re addicting!

    I can’t even handle how cute Quinn is! What a precious baby – thanks for sharing him with us!

  4. Baby Quinn just melts me with how cute he is!! All of that snow is crazy! We are having a crazy warm winter here in Utah, so maybe you guys are getting all of our snow! Really though, I hope it melts for you guys and warms up soon 🙂

  5. I have a rotation of a few different breakfasts that I just kind of choose from each morning depending on what I feel like – a smoothie, eggs and toast, or oats. Not long ago I went on a huge bagel and cream cheese kick though.

  6. I’m definitely a creature of habit. I rotate through two or three different breakfast options every couple of weeks. If its easy and I don’t have to think about it too much, I always get a good breakfast in then.

  7. I eat the same thing over and over for breakfast and love it! On weekdays I have oatmeal with an egg whisked in, almonds, and a banana. On weekends, my husband and I have whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes with either bacon or sausage. And always lots of coffee, always.
    My husband and I are going to Seattle in less than two weeks! I’m excited to read about your trip and get some recommendations from your posts of places to eat and see.

  8. I spotted those delicious red velvet oreos at the supermarket the other day. Was tempted to grab them but I am afraid I would eat the entire bag in less than 2 days. i would recommend people stay away 🙂

  9. I totally go on kicks where I eat certain foods over and over and over again. I’m loving sausage, 2 medium eggs, sautéed spinach and avocado right now. Before that was smoothies then oatmeal then yogurt. It’s fun to switch things up though so I’m making more of an effort to do so.

  10. Oh my..I gotta tell you, those Red Velvet Oreos are pretty awesome. The grocery store was serving samples this weekend and, holy moly…YUM! (Disclaimer: I was in the middle of a sugar attack, so, that probably increased their tastiness, lol). But honestly, go for it.

  11. I’ve been having oatmeal made with almond milk and then stirring in peanut butter and a banana. I also usually add a teaspoon of brown sugar. (Hanging my head in shame.)

  12. The oreos are so delicious because you know how the cream in the regular oreos is kind of hard and doesn’t easily squish? These ones with the cream cheese are more like FROSTING in the middle (soft and gooey). So good!

  13. Aww, Quinn’s definitely loving the carrot cake!

    I vary my breakfast from week to week. I’ll eat the same thing Monday through Friday one week, then choose something different the next week. I take my breakfast to work & eat it there, so it’s much easier to just make one big batch of whatever on Sunday to bring all week.

  14. I mostly eat oatmeal everyday. And the same kinds of snacks too-lots of fruit, nut butter, quest bars, carrots, hummus. Gah I want to read some raving reviews before I buy a whole package of those oreos-keep us posted!

  15. I have Shakeology every morning – I blend half a frozen banana, coffee ice cubes, peanut butter, a scoop of vegan chocolate Shakeology, and milk. Sometimes I throw some oats in there too. SO good!

  16. First, Quinn is just absolutely the cutest!! As far as the Oreos, they look way to good! I have refrained from buying them so far as my willpower is not strong enough if they are in my house! How do people not eat an entire bag in one sitting!?
    My breakfast staple lately is a Quest bar and a VitaTop muffin a little bit later. For some reason, I’m addicted to Cookies and Cream Quest bars right now! So yum!

    1. @Maggie: Agree with Maggie. It’s sunny and in the 50s out here. My husband and I went hiking yesterday and while it was a little muddy, it was the perfect temperature.

      I also want to know what’s bringing you out here!

  17. I usually go on kicks such as oatmeal, omelets, or cottage cheese or yogurt. My kicks usually last 3-6 months though, so I guess I get into ruts pretty easily.

  18. I wasn’t impressed with the oreo’s. I think they might be an acquired taste. They kind of tasted wierd to me. Hard to describe. I guess if you absolutly love red velvet then you might like them.

  19. I watch Vanderpump Rules too. It’s so bad but I can’t help myself. Kristen is completely nuts and Stassi is something….glad Katie gave it to her!

  20. I feel like I am always in a breakfast rut! Always wanting the same thing haha, except on the weekend when I practically force myself to eat a breakfast instead of drink a smoothie!

  21. For such a long time I was thinking I probably wasn’t going to have kids…inthe past year or so I’m rethinking that haha! Especially lately I’ve been getting baby fever! So many adorable children (&good parents!) in the blog world! Quinn is a lil cutie:)

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