Best Cookie Friday Ever

Today is the best Cookie Friday in the history of Cookie Fridays! Check out the PUG cookie that my sister gave me!!! It’s so adorable, I almost don’t want to eat it!


Speaking of adorable pugs, Murphy got to enjoy the afternoon with his cousin, Batman.


Murphy is staying with Batman for the next two days while Mal and I attend Dave and Marie’s wedding. I already miss my little Gremlin, but I am SO EXCITED for the wedding!


I just got to the hotel a little while ago, so I need to get settled and then pretty myself for the rehearsal dinner.

See ya! 😎


  1. That’s such a cute cookie! Maybe I should try cookie Friday. It might help stop my horrible cookie eating splurges throughout the week.
    Have a great time at the wedding. 🙂

  2. oh emm gee, love the pug cookie! I’m a pug lover myself, I grew up with one and own a puggle now. Too cute!

    I’m a newbie blogger on healthy food / fashion / lifestyle. Just wanted to stop in and say hi!

  3. I know it’s sad to leave your cute pug! I hate going out of town and leaving my dogs, but at least you have someone you know he can stay with… better than having to take him to a kennel…

  4. Cutest. Cookie. Ever. (Possibly even better than the I Love You cookie that Miranda eats in SATC. :P) Can’t wait to see the wedding and dress photos!

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