Berkey Water Filter Review + Promo Code

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Berkey Water Filter Review + Promo Code

As you guys probably know, I’m ALLLLLL about educating myself about new ways to help myself and others live a more balanced, “cleaner” lifestyle, so I’m now more aware than ever of what I put IN and ON my body. That being said, if I over-analyzed every GMO, pesticide, chemical, toxin, and more, I would literally be living in a protective bubble and that is just so unrealistic – plain and simple! So, I pick and choose my battles, based on what has the biggest impact on my life and my family’s life.

As you know, clean water – plenty of it – is a building block of basic good health. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and it plays a huge role in so many bodily functions, including hydration, nutrient transportation, detoxification, and more.

But do you really know what’s in your tap water? 

Do you know when you last changed the water filter in your refrigerator?

Can you truly trust that $20 Brita water pitcher in your fridge?

These are all legitimate questions I asked myself before welcoming (with open arms) a Berkey Water Filter into our household from the nice people at Berkey. In fact, our town recently released their “Annual Water Quality Report,” which completely sealed the deal with regard to our decision to use a Berkey for our drinking water. The test results showed that all regulated, secondary, and unregulated substances in the water were within range, but every single reading was at the very top (literally the highest number) of the acceptable range. I’m glad our town water doesn’t have any violations, but those results don’t make me feel very confident in the overall quality of our water! All this to say that we are extremely to happy to have a Berkey Water Filter in our lives!

Berkey Water Filter Review + Promo Code

We chose the Big Berkey Filter because of its size. It holds 2.25 gallons at time, which was perfect for our family. It comes with 2 filters and the life of these filters is 6,000 gallons of water! The average family of 4 drinks about 2 to 4 gallons of water per day, so under these conditions, the filters would not need to replaced for a minimum of 4 years. That’s less than 2 cents per gallon!

Water is essential to our health, so it’s kind of a no-brainer to ensure there is at the very least a reliable source of clean drinking water for you and your family, right? And, bonus, since we got our Berkey, Quinn has drank so much more water. I mean, it’s really fun to use! 🙂

Clean water and fun? That’s exactly why I’ve partnered with Berkey to offer 5% off of your total purchase! Just use code carrotsncake at checkout. Clean water is worth it, so grab your Berkey today

Have some questions? Read on for some FAQs that I’ve received from readers in recent months. I hope they help you make your decision. And, as always, please reach out to me directly if you have additional questions!

Can’t I just drink bottled water?

Water in plastic bottles contains phthalates or bisphenol A (BPA), which are toxic chemicals, especially when heated. I just think of hot warehouses or trucks with cases of plastic water bottles and what’s happening to the water. Yikes! Plus, purchasing bottled water every day is expensive and not a great option for our environment. Related: Have you seen the National Geographic article “Planet or Plastic?” It’ll make you think twice about your plastic consumption! 

Does the Berkey need to be installed?

Nope! That’s exactly why we chose this water system over others. You don’t need to hook it up to a water source. It sits on your kitchen counter, shelf, or stand. All you need to do is insert the filters to get started!

How much does the Big Berkey cost?

Compared to other water filtration systems on the market, especially when you take into consideration how long the filters last, it’s quite affordable at just $258.

How does the Berkey water filter compare to other water filters on the market?

See how Berkey performs in an independent head-to-head water filter comparison.

Still have questions? Check out these FAQs on the Berkey website.



  1. Have you had the filtered water tested and how do they compared to the other test. I’m on a well have had a Berkey for 4 years. Thanks

    1. It’s not, but there are affiliate links included, which are explained in my site’s disclosure. As always, thanks for supporting CNC!

  2. Have you noticed a change in taste? I’m looking for a filtration system that will improve the taste of our tap water.

  3. Looks good But at near 80 I would not be able to pick it up so will stay with frig filtered one.

  4. I want one of these so badly!! I’m moving to Southern California (actually road tripping there RIGHT NOW and writing this from Oklahoma City!) and definitely don’t want to drink the tap in our new ‘hood. A few friends of mine have these and swear by them, so I think it’s time to take the plunge. – Kaitlyn |

  5. A lady who did research on plastic bottles and the chemicals they release when hot; told me that drinking water in a clear plastic bottle that has gotten warm (such as left in the car) kills sperm and alter testosterone levels, and this can major effects on young boys as they get older. One of my boys was born with only one testical and I will protect that one at all cost (I want grandchildren ), so I don’t allow plastic water bottles for any of my boys! She stressed that if my boys drank out of plastic cups/bottles to ensure the water was not warmed up in the bottle and that the plastic was colored – as this helps deflect sun light and the full release of the chemicals. Anyway, food for thought that I thought went along with your great post!

  6. We have been using a Berkey system for nearly 2 years now. We use about 2 gallons a day average, for us and the dogs to drink. And for coffee. Have not needed to clean the filters, as production has only slowed about 10%. I do the red dye test every few months and the water still emerges crystal clear.

    Until we got Berkey, we had finally found a bottled water brand we could tolerate, as it tasted better than our county supplied tap water. And figured it to be healthier. Recently drank some of that bottled water and it wasn’t even close to the clean Berkey taste. I’m also confident the Berkey is waaay more healthy.

    FWIW we also use the Berkey shower Chlorine filters. Skin and hair look and feel better and no more burning eyes when water gets in them. Also no longer breathing in the warm chlorine gas or absorbing it through our pours. Chlorine is in fact a poison, and has actually been used and outlawed in warfare. Even small amounts can add up over time.

    Berkey is one of the better things we have done.


  7. I love my Berkey!! Best investment. Would love to know where you got your stand? I’ve just kept mine on the countertop, but what a great idea!

  8. Hi, I am about to buy my first Berkey. Curious if you had any issues with a rubber taste from the washers? I’ve read reviews where people had to replace them with silicone to correct the rubber taste ‍♀️

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