Behind the Scenes of Murphy’s Pug Adventure

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Hi, friends!

You remember Murphy‘s epic pug adventure from last week, right? If you missed it, you can watch the video here. (Murphy is so cute!)

I thought it’d be fun to show you guys some behind-the-scenes photos from the day. My friend, Andy, is a professional videographer, so he helped me out with my pug adventure video. Andy is a good friend of Mal and mine (he was a groomsman in our wedding), so we had a great time hanging out with him while we filmed, so it didn’t seem like work at all. Murphy obviously had a blast too, so it was a fun day for everyone!

001 (600x450)

Andy met us at our house bright and early and after a quick discussion about the video (I sent him a potential script and we chatted on the phone a couple of times beforehand), we were ready to film!

004 (600x450)

At first, Murphy wasn’t sure what to think. A ride in the car? With a cameraman?

007 (600x450)

But, of course, in typical pug fashion, he was very curious about what was happening around him. This dog hates to miss a thing!

009 (450x600)

Once Andy was all set with his camera equipment, we were off to the dog bakery to get some treats for Murphy.

002 (600x450)

As you know, Murphy loves riding in the car, so he was really excited as we drove along, looking out the window and sniffing the air.

The route to the bakery actually goes right by the dog park that we normally visit. Murphy immediately smelled it and starting barking like a maniac, so we decided to make an impromptu stop, so he could run around and stretch his little pug legs.

006 (600x450)

As always, the park was a lot of fun, and Murphy really enjoyed himself.

014 (600x450)

022 (600x450)

Mal and I thought it would be fun to make a game out of our time at the park, so we came up with a doggie workout that we could do with Murphy.

016 (600x450)

Check it out!


Of course, we had to make it into a CrossFit-style workout! Winking smile

020 (600x450)

After our visit to the park, we hopped back into the car and drove to Maggie’s Dog House to get some treats for Murphy.

033 (600x450)

Filming at the dog bakery was a lot of fun because Murphy was SO EXCITED about the treats and toys. He ran around and sniffed everything like crazy!

029 (450x600)

He was like a kid in a candy store!

031 (600x450)

On the ride home, Murphy was absolutely exhausted. He had quite the pug adventure!

034 (600x450)

It was a lot of fun to create this post/video series. I hope you enjoyed reading about Murphy’s pug adventure!

This adventure was proudly made possible by Subaru. Find yours today.



  1. love the WOD. I wish my work out included a sit 🙂
    Annnd we have Subaru – just got a used 2011 one in August and it is AWESOME. We love it so much!

  2. I feel like dog bakeries should be like human bakeries – they almost always have dog treats available at human bakeries, so they should have human treats available at dog bakeries, right? No? Oh, maybe it’s just me…

  3. Haha, he looks so pooped in the last picture! It’s amazing how little things like running around a park and riding in a car can make dogs so happy. Aah, love them!

  4. What an awesome adventure! Today was the first time I saw the video, and it was oh-so-cute, def started my day off with a SMILE! So thank you! We are trying to film more when we go out on adventures too, it just feels good to see things in action rather than just in a photo sometimes;) What editing program did you use?

  5. The video is adorable! Murphy is too cute. When he started barking in the car, my dog’s ears perked up and she was looking around to see who the heck was making noise haha!

  6. Just starting my blog and have a Boston Terrier, so enjoy your dog being so important in your life as is mine. I was delighted by Murphy, in fact we have a pug named Puggy Sue and are about to get a male puppy in 4 weeks!! I love Murphy’s beautiful coat. What do you feed him?

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