1. The sound on the video is AWFUL! 🙁 I’m having such a hard time hearing you & Mike – without turning my speakers all the way and then being deafened by Jacqueline! Oh well.. it seems like a great video 🙂

  2. I learned a LOT of useful information by watching this. I am one of those girls that always thinks it’s too bitter. Now I’m armed with some new and useful information! Beer maybe getting another try. Thanks Tina!

  3. Tina – Thank you so very much for coming on, it was a pleasure having you with us!!

    @Ella – sorry about the sound, we were having some mic issues. We’re working on it 🙂

  4. I’m disappointed there weren’t any IPAs! I love my beers hoppy and bitter… might have something to do with being surrounded by them in the pacific northwest! 🙂

  5. Long ago I had to hold my nose to drink beer. Now I much prefer it to wine, and the darker, more flavorful, the better. I love going on brewery tours and visiting beer bars.

  6. you’re going to do okay judging from your tv thing today. you have a lot of people behind you, supporting you whether you win or fail!

  7. Sounds like you had fun! I work for BitterSweet Partnership, a company set up by Molson Coors to bridge the gap of female beer marketing in the industry. Beer tastings are a great way for women to discover new beers and to gain a wider understanding of the range of ingredients that goes into each beer. Pairing beer with food is another way to identify the unique flavours in beer and this is something we’ve looked at on our website. You can see it at http://www.bittersweetpartnership.com – it’d be great to hear your feedback!

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