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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Back in August, I started using a few new products from Beautycounter. At that point, I was pretty frustrated with my skin. Between wacky hormones and summer sun exposure, it was not looking great. Now that I’m a consultant, I wanted to see what kind of results I would have using Beautycounter‘s products, so I took a few “before” photos on my iPhone with very little intention of ever sharing them on the internet. I honestly just wanted to see if they made a difference.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago… A reader asked me if I could take “before” and “after” photos of my skin to share my experience with the Rejuvenating line, and, of course, I immediately remembered the photo that I took back in mid-August.

I’m writing this post, 5 weeks later, and I’m truly shocked by the results – and a little embarrassed by the photos (I look like such a creep), but, hey, anything for you guys! 🙂 When I saw the difference between the two photos, I literally said out loud: “Unreal.” I can’t believe how much my skin has improved in such a short amount of time!

None of the photos above have been edited in anyway, and I’m not wearing makeup or any beauty products. I took a shower (one day I washed my hair, one day I didn’t), got dressed, and then snapped the photos. And, damnnnn, I look… sickly. Oy. I don’t think I realize just how awful my skin had gotten. Apparently, I needed some serious rejuvenation in my life!

“Anti-aging” is a such buzzword nowadays. It’s used a ton in the cosmetic industry, but it doesn’t really mean anything. I mean, hello, you’re going to age, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I like how Liz Wolfe puts it: “When I say that premature aging makes me mad, what I’m really talking about is SKIN DAMAGE.” That’s why Beautycounter doesn’t have an “anti-aging” line of products. They have a Rejuvenating line – meant to combat the natural aging of your skin and help your skin stay as healthy (however old it may be) as possible.

You know from my previous posts that I like Beautycounter because I can trust all their ingredients. There aren’t any questionable chemicals or under-researched preservatives. From what I’ve learned about dealing with food/chemical sensitivities and hormones issues is that we need to be just as careful about what we put ON our body as what we put IN.

Now that I’m getting older (heyyyyyy, 37), I am much more focused on caring for my skin and now that I’m seeing results, I can’t wait to share my product recommendations from the Rejuventating line:

Rejuvenating Day Cream and Night Cream: For skin protection and nourishment all day long. The day cream is the perfect way to wake up your face in the morning, and the night cream works its magic while you sleep so that you wake up with softer, healthier skin than you had the night before. 

Rejuvenating Radiance Serum: I love this product so much. I use it every single morning for some added hydration. It goes under whatever moisturizer you’re already using to provide another layer of protection. It also makes your skin soft and smooth, which is a great way to start the day! 

Rejuvenating Eye Cream: I only started using this product a couple of weeks ago, but I love it already. The skin around our eyes is so sensitive, so it’s a great idea to have a product specifically for it. The eye cream has wild algae and caffeine to help with dark circles and fine lines.

If you guys have any specific questions or need any additional recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I love this Beautycounter stuff, so I’m always willing to chat about it! 🙂

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  1. This is such a great reminder to take care of our skin. I’m terrible about just putting on a moisturizer with SPF in the morning and then nothing before bed.

    I need to pump up my skincare routine!

  2. Wow! It takes serious guts to post Before and After photos like that (with no special effects/makeup) – your skin looks incredible! I spend a ton of time in the sun and think my skin would really benefit from using the right products.

  3. What great results – skin is so frustrating. Right now I’m 12-weeks pregnant with #2 so of course mine is completely out of control. One thing I used to do quite often (haven’t with kids) is gone to my dermatologist and got a chemical skin peel. It helps remove so much of the dark spots and even out skin tone. Insurance won’t cover, but I found it worth the cost at $100. I should really do it again soon!
    Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  4. Are there any starter / sampler kits that include a bunch of this stuff so I could try a regimen without committing?!
    When my skin is dry it looks so much worse, especially around my eyes, eek! I’ve Brennan using some cerve moisturizer and juice beauty spf tinted moisturizer this summer, but haven’t noticed anything amazing. Winter is going to be rough.

    1. Beautycounter has a number of sets/collections, including a Rejuvenating one, that allow you to buy a number of products at a discounted price. The brand also has a really good return policy if you decide you don’t like the products for anyreason – they’ll refund the full product price!

  5. Hey Tina, I know from past post you have you used Rodan and Fields products as well. Any comments on differences in results, ingredients and pricing?

    1. I tried a few different skin regimens from R&F, but I never had great success with them. (Although, I’m a HUGE FAN of the LashBoost and continue to order it every few months!) After I took that food sensitivity test and a bunch of chemicals showed up, I decided to switch to more natural products, so Beautycounter was an easy choice.

      1. Love lash boost. I think it’s great you found something that works for you! Personally, I found great results with Rodan + Fields. And especially Lash Boost.

  6. Okay, you’re beautiful ALWAYS, but holy sh-t at your results! You definitely look like you’re glowing in the after picture! I’ve always been so bland with my skincare routine. I wash my face, use a toner and a moisturizer with an SPF and that’s it. I don’t know if I should be doing any more. I also have sensitive skin, so I’m sometimes nervous about it, even with natural ingredients like in Beautycounter. The dilemma!

    Can you shine some light on this 20-something’s skin care regime?!

    1. Hi! This is one of those weird Google is stalking me moments. This review popped up on my phone in the “interested in” area. I never comment on anything , but I just became a Beautycounter consultant and I’m so excited to see the products have such a wonderful affect on your skin. I just wanted to clarify real quick because there are so many terms that get thrown around it gets confusing, but Beautycounter considers themselves to be a “clean” beauty brand, not necessarily “natural.” Their view is “natural” doesn’t always mean safe i.e. lead is naturally occurring, and “chemicals” aren’t always bad i.e. water is a chemical. So they do use synthetic ingredients, but they vet them for safety. Safety is Beautycounter’s thing! Although 80% of their ingredients I believe are derived from plants. I may have to double check that number but I think that’s right. You probably already know this if you’re using BC but thought I’d clarify for those who are commenting and may be unfamiliar! My mom just bought the Rejuvenating Line and she loves it. I hope she has great results like you!

      Also to Kaitlyn@Powered by Sass, I am also a twenty something with combo / acne prone skin. If you are interested in safer skin care Beautycounter’s Nourishing line is so simple and wonderful for sensitive skin. If you have acne like me you can pump up your routine with the Balancing Line from Beautycounter +. It’s the #3 line. The charcoal mask has dramatically helped my skin and the oil is so LUXURIOUS. Ok I’m off my soap box now I just get so excited about people being excited about Beautycounter!

  7. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for the review but what do you do about SFP?
    Does the day cream have SPF or do you put sunscreen on top? If so any brand you recommend?

    1. I typically wear just the Dew Skin (I’m a 2), which has SPF 20 in it. That’s if I’m working out, running errands, etc. If I want a bit more coverage (date night), I’ll wear the Dew Skin with the Tint Skin over it (no SPF – I’m Sand). If I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the sun (at the beach or running outside), I wear the sunblock with the Dew Skin over it. Hope this helps! 🙂

  8. Hi Tina! Wondering if these products are safe for use while breastfeeding? I’m super interested to try them but am nursing my six month old son! Thanks!

  9. awesome results! i am a no-makeup person and after having my little one, i started noticing all the aging/spots on my skin!! now i wear bbcream from kiehls and have been using a bleaching serum for a bit – and that has seemed to help. Beautycounter seems awesome! A little pricey for me at the moment but will think about it… seems worth it!

  10. I am also having hormonal issues with my face as well! So I feel your pain! I just ordered the Rejuvinating Serum and I’m so excited to try it! Thank you for the recommendation!! Your transformation is wonderful! So great to find products that work as they are supposed to.

  11. Hi Tina,

    Have you encountered any products within the brand you’ve had reactions to? I’m trying to switch over to more natural products and had been gifted a set of baby products… My daughter broke out all over from the lotion as an infant, and again recently from the baby oil. You make it tempting to try for myself and I want so badly to like Beauty counter but just haven’t had luck! Any ideas, or do they have a sensitive skin line? Thanks!

    1. I haven’t had any sort of reactions – if anything, my skin has “chilled out” since starting with Beautycounter. I think all of the natural ingredients allow the skin to just do it’s thing instead of fighting with harsh chemicals.

  12. HI there! I just received my Rejuvenating Day Cream… and can’t wait to try it! I’m a little bummed I didn’t notice that is lacked SPF before purchasing I just automatically assumed it as most day creams have it. I wonder why they left it out? 🙁

  13. Hi! I just came across your blog about BC rejuvenating line and I am so interested in purchasing. I’m just not sure if it’s the right line for me or not. Can you shed some light for me? I’m 33 and showing some fine lines and signs of aging. I have combination skin that is sensitive. I have purchased several BC products and I have fallen in love! Thank you for your help!

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