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I need to start out this post by saying: YOU GUYS RULE!!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your wonderful comments and suggestions on my previous post. I was kind of bugging out about running and CrossFit, but now I feel like I have some direction with how to balance the two.

A few things that you guys mentioned in the comments that were especially helpful to me and I thought would be helpful to others:

February issue of Runner’s World. It includes an article called “Totally Fit” about the combination of running and CrossFit. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m excited to check it out. I have a feeling it’ll be really interesting.

CrossFit Endurance: This is EXACTLY what I needed! The website gives you an endurance workout everyday that you can do 3+ hours before or after a regular (strength & conditioning) WOD, and you have the choice of a single sport (running, biking, swimming) or multi-sport for them. I also found this sample schedule in the FAQ section that lays out a week’s worth of workouts:

Single Sport (SS):

M: Str on / CrossFit on / Endurance WOD off

T: CrossFit on / Endurance WOD Short Intervals (SI)

W: Str on / CrossFit on / Endurance WOD off

Th: CrossFit on or off / Endurance WOD Long Intervals

Fri: Str on / CrossFit on or off / Endurance WOD off

Sat: CrossFit on or off / Endurance WOD off or Tempo / Time Trial

Sun: Endurance WOD: off or Tempo / Time Trial 

I also loved that almost everyone who commented and regularly does CrossFit and runs said they’ve run less for training, but have gotten stronger through CrossFit and seen improvements in their race times! This makes me so happy to hear!

Again, thank you guys so much for your help. I feel so much better about the situation, and I’m planning to chat with my CrossFit coaches tonight about the best way to arrange my workouts, so I don’t have to cut back on my CrossFit time, but I can also train for the half marathon.


Last night’s WOD was a fun one!

WOD: “Bear Complex”

5 Rounds of

7 sets of the following sequence:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press from Back

What made this workout so hard was that you couldn’t put down the bar between rounds, not even to re-grip, so you had to do each exercise in sequence seven times without resting. You could rest as much as needed between rounds, but you increased your weight on each round, so the sequence got more and more challenging.

IMG_0002 (800x600)

I started out using the 15-pound bar with no weight, but then managed to work my way up to 45 pounds. I ended up taking a long break after my 5th round, so I did a 6th set with 45 pounds just for fun. After all of that rest, it was actually “easier” than my 5th round!

IMG_0001 (800x600)


I took Bob Harper’s advice and went “lean and green” with my dinner last night. In the mix: mixed greens, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, orange bell pepper potatoes, canned tuna, balsamic vinegar, and truffle oil.

_MG_6487 (800x533)

On the side: kale chips!

_MG_6490 (800x533)

_MG_6503 (800x533)

After dinner, I ate a piece of peppermint chocolate that Kelly sent me for Christmas. She got it from Rescue Chocolate, an organization that donates 100% of the net profits to animal rescue organizations around the country. What a neat idea! Tasty chocolate, too!

_MG_6515 (800x533)

Upper Crust Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the Upper Crust Giveaway yesterday! Here’s your winner:


BBQ chicken pizza is so wonderful.

Congrats, Kaitlyn! Please email me at with the Upper Crust location to which you want your Eversave!

Off to the park with Murphy!



  1. I just bought a massive bunch of kale and plan to make chips with it tonight. It’s been too long! And thanks for sharing that CrossFit Endurance link – I’m totally bookmarking it!

  2. so, here’s my thing, I live in the outskirts of DC, basically it’s like 3 miles to dc. And I’ve been looking at crossfit classes, am i crazy but these are super super expensive!!! it’s no way in my budget at all!

  3. I keep seeing kale chips on blogs and I think I need to try them. Not a fan of raw kale but chips always looks amazing. Time to borrow mom’s dehydrator and get chipping!

    I love how into Cross Fit you are! It’s great when you find a workout that “does it” for you and you can excel and be excited about it. Good for you!!

  4. While it’s awesome that you and Mal are loving CrossFit so much, it seems like you haven’t had a rest day from everything in a long time. Your muscles need to repair and recover after these intense workouts! Maybe taking one or two rest days a week (or one total rest day and one day with light cardio or something) would help your running endurance…

      1. Just wanted to mention a small correction that may have been a little confusing for anyone new to CrossFit. Your first sentence says, “What made this workout so hard was that you couldn’t put down the bar between rounds, not even to re-grip, so you had to do each exercise in sequence seven times without resting.” I knew you meant “sets”, instead of rounds. Your readers may have figured it out because you increase weight between rounds, the bar must come down.
        Also, we hosted a CF Endurance cert. out of our CrossFit box about two years ago. Our Endurance Coach did mention that newbies should ease into the CF Endurance Schedule. If you’re not a CrossFitter then definitely acclimate to CF before combining the two. There’s always scaled versions of the workouts so don’t let it intimidate you. Some of the exercises are technical and having a CF Coach teach you proper movement can help avoid injury and over training.
        BTW, great blog Tina. I look forward to reading it more often and trying those kale chips.

  5. I want to try this Crossfit stuff, but my gym is negligent. LOL. However, I have crazily signed up for a 1.5 hour bootcamp that may come close (what have a I gotten into).
    Or I may just try and follow your daily routines. 😉

    Dinner looks great.

  6. I think it’s great that you are striving to find a balance in your workouts. It seems like you’ve been a machine lately with all the cross fit and running. I’ve only read about cross fit and I can’t even imagine doing that two days in a row, let alone throwing running in the mix.
    I say keep it up while it’s fun, then when it isn’t fun, do something else or back off a little. If your body can handle it, power to ya!

  7. Yayyy I love this post! 🙂 I’m glad you found a good median. I was going to comment yesterday but saw all the feedback you already got on Xfit endurance. Seems like a match made in heaven. I can already tell your blog is changing and your eats are awesome!

  8. I really need to look into a CrossFit class but looking at the comments above, no one seems to have found an afforable option in the DC area :/ Have you ever tried BodyPump? I’ve read about it a few different times recently and just found out they offer it at my gym…

        1. @Allison: @Allison: I JUST started Body Pump regularly about 6 weeks ago. I go 3 times a week and have already seen AMAZING results!! It’s the only class I’ve ever done that shows results so quick. It’s SUPER hard though!

  9. Yum, pizza! I am now wanting to make a nice individual pizza on some whole wheat naan bread, with a little tomato sauce, pineapple chunks, and light mozza!

  10. Bear Complex might explain “Bear in a Boat” that one of our classes did. Same workout, but with 300 meters of rowing in between.

    I will def check out Crossfit Endurance. Thanks!

  11. I JUST saw the article in Runner’s World and rushed to my computer to pass it along. Then I saw that you made this post. Apparently great minds think alike and you have plenty of smart readers. 🙂 Happy training.

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