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A bunch of you guys guessed correctly! Mal and I went to the Celtics game for our date night tonight.

I haven’t been to a game all season, so I was really excited when my sister-in-law gave Mal and me tickets for Christmas this year. What an awesome gift! Thanks, Sib! 😀


[rewind to this afternoon]


After I got home from work, I snacked on a Gala apple and a handful of almonds.


And, then I headed out with Mal and Murphy for a long walk around the neighborhood. The weather was so beautiful this afternoon, we needed to take advantage of it! (We made a little pit-stop outside of Starbucks.)



Before heading into the Celtics game, Mal and I grabbed dinner at Half Time Pizza.


As expected, the place was packed with Celtics fans before the game.


I was only planning to order a slice of pizza for dinner, but my husband ordered me a big beer to go along with my slice. The whole exchange happened so quickly, I didn’t even have a chance to turn it down. Oh, well. I can always enjoy a nice, cold beer! 😉


Mmm… love this pizza! For some reason, its flavor reminds me of mac & cheese.


Huge beers.


Seriously, they were huge. Each beer was 32 ounces! 😯


I needed both hands to drink it!


Beer curl!!! :mrgreen:


Beer curls are very different than pug curls or burrito curls! 😉

After pizza + beer, it was time to head into the game.


(If you’re curious, I drank about 3/4 of my huge-ass beer! 😉 )

IMG_0707.JPG IMG_0708.JPG


Mal and I had a really nice time at the Celtics game tonight. I love date night! Plus, it’s always fun to see the Celtics play, especially when they win! They killed the Nuggets tonight! 😀



My slice of pizza + beer didn’t hold me over, so now I am snacking on a bowl of Kashi + Galaxy Granola with non-fat milk. I’m not even finished with my first bowl, and I’m already debating eating a second one. I’m hungry!


I have an early Body Pump date with Marie. Better get to bed!




  1. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 5 years, 4 of which were spent in school at worcester but his family lives in boston (where I currently live with them) and he has NEVER brought me to a celtics game, sox game, bruins game or patriots game! I am long over due and I want to go! It looks like you had a great time <3 date nights! 🙂

  2. Cute pictures! Sounds like a really fun date night! I love going to watch sports events. Hope you don’t have too hard of a time waking up tomorrow morning! 😉

  3. That looked like such a fun night, and the photo of you and Mal making faces made me giggle! I would have missed half the game making trips to the ladies had I drank all that beer 😉

  4. Any beer that you have to lift with two hands is a winner in my books!

    And the *first* pic of you and Mal completely looks like a toothpaste ad. The *second* one… not so much 🙂

  5. hahaha such cute pictures! Love the ones of you with the massive beer. Isn’t the Galaxy granola yummy? The not sweet vanilla is my favorite flavor. Pump! The new pump (73) is out of this world. It is SO tough. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. We launched it this past Sunday (pics up on my blog 🙂 :))

  6. Aww what a great date night! It looked like you two had so much fun. You two are soo cute together. I love it!

  7. 1) I share your love of the C’s and bleed green and am so happy for you that you caught such a great game.

    2) Eating Halftime pizza and drinking cold beer before a C’s game is, perhaps, one of my favorite things to do in the ENTIRE world. What can I say? I’m not that worldly.

    3) Mr. KD and I went to a game in February and took our own pic from our seats similar to what you and Mal did. The jumbotron folks decided it would be funny to put us up on the jumbotron (unbeknowst to us) while taking said photo. We had no clue and wound up on what they call the “Oblivitron” because it took us 12 seconds to figure it out. Everyone laughed and then the jumbotron folks went back to a STILL PHOTO of us taking our pic for the whole Garden to see. It was probably the funniest/most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me!

    Haha…just figured I’d share so you can beware at all future games!!

  8. I’m not sure if you want to put out exactly where you live on the internet and I don’t want to “give you away” but I notice that Starbucks as the one in Milton next to Abbey Park! Are you in Milton now? I’m a native Milton girl, love seeing my hometown!

  9. i love reading your blog. i couldn’t help but notice that you are wearing a UO shirt and your husband is wearing a UO hat – do you have a connection to UO? i live in portland and my family is a big UO family! small world.

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