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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning, friends!


I had my 39-week appointment yesterday morning. I can’t believe it was probably one of my last appointments before Baby H. arrives. I still remember my 20-week appointment and thinking the final weeks seemed so far away, but now they’re here. We’re going to have a tiny baby in no time at all!

Before I left for my appointment, I stopped by Marylou’s for some iced coffee since the drive is long and it’s nice to have a little treat to distract me while sitting in traffic. I actually forgot about the Cape traffic after the holiday weekend, so I ended up being almost 15 minutes late to my appointment, but, thankfully, my doctor was running a little behind, so it all worked out.

IMG_2968 (900x900)


Before I left my house, I ate breakfast, which was Mini Homemade Waffles with fresh raspberries and almond butter. Mmm! (There was also a handful of peanut M&Ms after breakfast!)

IMG_2970 (900x675)

Everything went well at my appointment. I am still 1.5 cm dilated and my cervix has started to thin, so I am making progress, but it’s up to Baby H. when he wants to come. Mal keeps trying to get him moving by telling him he should be a May baby like him, but I’m not sure he understands any of that. I know he’ll come when he’s ready. We’re just super excited to meet him already!


After I drove home from my appointment, I was more than ready to eat lunch. Thankfully, we had a bunch of goodies from my Sunday Cook-Up waiting in the fridge, so all I had to do was reheat them. Lunch in minutes!

IMG_9604 (900x675)


After lunch, I ate a bunch of fresh pineapple. One of Mal’s coworkers told him she ate a whole pineapple and then went into labor the next day. I love pineapple, so I figured I would give it a try. I ate almost the entire container over the course of the afternoon and evening, but… no luck. Oh well.



I am still dealing with some pretty bad flare stuff, so my doctor said to try to get some extra iron in my diet. I mentioned this to Mal, so he whipped up a batch of his famous American Chop Suey. It’s just elbow pasta with ground beef and Campbell’s tomato soup, but it’s pretty darn good!



SAM_0057 (900x600)

I finished off the evening with a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with melted butter.


This Glutino bread is almost like a dessert! Almost. So good!


Question of the Day

Moms, do you have any fun natural remedy stories for encouraging labor? 



  1. That chop suey looks so good! Does he add water to the tomato soup? You are in the home stretch – hang in there!

  2. Good luck to all of you! My kids are all grown up, but I do remember all the advice about what made people go into labor: go on a long drive, go eat mexican, wash your car, etc! I finally decided that everyone was doing SOMETHING before they went into labor and they all want to report that was what ‘did it’. For me it was sleeping, lol. Good news on the progress already!

  3. Sex! I’m sure you’ll hear from lots of readers today regarding that particular “fun” and natural way to kick start labor. The prostaglandins are the key. 😉 But I’m not sure I would call that “fun” at 39 weeks. LOL!

  4. We’re currently waiting on our first baby, but I did read recently how a couple of the hormones released when ‘spending time with your guy’ 😉 helps to stimulate labor. Worth a shot.

  5. My first was 10 days late and I had to be induced and my second was 7 days late and I had to be induced (a week ago!). I tried pineapple, eggplant parm, acupuncture, chiropractor, walking, spicy foods, you name it! The knkt thing that did any good was inserting evening primrose oil at night. It helps the cervix soften which at least helped my induction go very smoothly!

    Best of luck to you! Mine were probably stubborn because they were both posterior, so I think you still have a great chance of going into labor on your own! Can’t wait to hear 🙂

  6. My first was 3 days late so I got acupuncture, went for a walk, & then some bed time. I went into labor the next morning! I’m due next week too! I haven’t started any natural remedies yet but we ‘ll see where I’m at next week. Good luck!!!!

    1. I’m not sure I can walk anymore! Haha! Murphy and I have gone on an hour walk almost everyday for about a month now. I feel like I need to do box jumps or something to get him out!

  7. Currently 35 weeks so no experience but I know my grandma really wanted to give birth to my mom on a certain day so she spent that whole day moving around, walking, trying everything in the book and then the next day she rested and my mom was born. Maybe if you exhaust the baby enough and then rest, he will come the next day.

  8. I had heard about sex and inserting evening primrose oil (which I got at Trader Joes). I did both w my first and was six days late. I did neither w my second and was six days early (just six weeks ago :). It could be any day. Stay active, eat well and rest so you’re prepared when the moment arrives. Just my two cents 🙂

  9. I’ve been reading your blog for years and I’m getting married on Saturday, so personally I would love for Baby H. to wait until May 31 so we can share that! 🙂

  10. When I was 38.5 weeks pregnant with my second, I stood on my feet for 12 hours at a music festival because my favorite band was headlining. That seemed to do the trick because I went into labor about 36 hours later! Haha

  11. Haha, I love the pineapple attempt. My girlfriend walked around Target for three hours and then went into labor the next day. But, I think you are right, Baby H will come when he is ready.

  12. No personal tips but my friend just told me the other day a little fun with her man kick started her labor. I’m going to keep it in mind when I deliver in November!

    And the American Chop suey looks really good and so easy to make! I could see that being good for left overs too!

    Wishing you lots of luck…reading your posts gets me excited and emotional about when I will be in your shoes in 22 weeks..seems so far away! I will definitely be referencing your hospital bag post and a few other previous posts as I progress!

  13. Maybe some yoga poses, at least they make you feel calm and relaxed.

    Hope Murphy is doing ok, he looked relaxed in the picture. 🙂

  14. My cousin did the pineapple and eggplant trick at 38 weeks and she went into labor. Was it because of what she ate? Who knows. I just remember the baby not nursing well and being too sleepy for those first two weeks that she regretted the eggplant/pineapple eating but again, who knows if that’s why she went early. I ended up going into labor (water broke) the day before my due date. No one ever really knows when it will happen, so frustrating! Especially when everyone keeps asking you if you are in labor yet lol.

  15. Your little baby will be here in no time! I hear that the longer the baby stays inside, the better they sleep when they arrive so maybe Baby H coming later is a good thing 🙂 Thinking of you, Tina! xo

  16. Wow I can’t believe it’s basically here!! I agree with Katie above…let him come when he’s ready, when it’s right! Oh I am just so excited for you!! I’ve had pregnant friends say that walking up and down hills outside helped??

  17. Caster oil. Its gross its awful but I have never met a person that tried it and it didnt work. I heard they used to do it in the old days 🙂 I put it in orange juice. My sister did too. We both went in to labor that night. (a couple years apart tho lol)

  18. I really have no tips and I can understand that the uncertainty of when the baby actually comes can be frustrating….. but as you said, they arrive when they are ready, and if not there are always doctors. Trust nature, and enjoy your final independent days as a woman who can still revolve around her own schedule! These days are over soon 🙂

  19. I don’t even “know” you but I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I don’t have any advice — my baby had to be induced due to preeclampsia, the birth experience was the complete opposite of what I hoped for. Oh well, he was worth the trouble!

    Off topic — have you seen the cute pug on the cover of Real Simple this month?

      1. Better hurry, your magazine reading time is coming to an end! 🙂 I will send you my copy if you like!

  21. I second the castor oil… I took it at midnight last May and had the baby at 6:00 am… It was so quick that I didn’t have time to get to the hospital! He came out on his own in my bathroom…a little scary, but the best of all four of my births 🙂

  22. Ooh I remember those last days… When you get a million texts asking”any news” ! With my first, my husband was off on paternity leave ( he works away and didn’t want to miss the birth) we decided. .. As we had the house to ourselves… To try the old fashioned way of ” couple time”… Mmmm I was the actual size of a house and it was so un sexy… Then we heard a noise and looked up to see the window cleaner nearly fall off his ladder ( we weren’t used to being at home during the day!!) poor guy probably needed therapy. Baby was a week late…my dignity never returned! For baby# 4 I was so fed up it decided to do something where going into labour would be a nightmare… So I took my 3 under 5s swimming…the pool attendant looked very anxious … But he was a week late too… I guess they come when they’re cooked! Good luck!

  23. Acupuncture made me go into labor! It is also super relaxing. If you have time to go you should definitely check it out.

  24. I know you can’t wait, but seriously you need to savor every peaceful moment over the next two weeks! Please try! I wish I had.
    And not to put a damper on the atmosphere, but a friend of mine who works on the mom&baby floor in the maternity ward says like 75% of first time moms go past their due date. You just never hear those stories. My dd was due May 24, but I kept telling myself it would be memorial day (May 31 that year) and she came May 27. So I was good! lol!

  25. Woo! Home stretch! It’s the longest part! We tried everything to get baby out. Everything. My little lady decided she was still pretty comfy at 41 weeks and needed to get evicted! I ate pineapple and made Scalini’s eggplant parm, which is rumored to make you go into labor. Google the recipe. It didn’t work for me but it made a ton so I ended up with some freezer meals for the early weeks home with the baby. Also, love Mary Lou’s! Whenever I’m on the south shore, I NEED to stop.

  26. Yoga!!! I went to my prenatal yoga class the day before I went in to labor. I took my usual 90 minute 11am class on Sat (deep squats & all), went home and had a normal day…woke up at 7am on Sunday in what I now believe was early labor. Ran errands, cleaned the house and then realized I was definitely in labor 🙂 My doctor said I sounded awesome so to take a shower and give it some time before I came in. Ooops, guess I have an amazing pain threshold…I was 6cm when I got to the hospital. My nurse actually “lied” at first and told me I was just a couple cm as not to scare me while she went to tell the doctor! Not sure if you’ve read Ina May, but I swear my contractions really did feel like “rushes”.

  27. I had my 40 week appt on my due date, a Tuesday, and was just one centimeter dilated so they scheduled my induction for that upcoming Sunday. Wednesday night I went to CrossFit and did 2 sets of 20 rep deep squats at a light weight at 6:30 pm… By 8:30 I started cramping and by 9:30 the cramps started coming from my back to my abdomen. Sure enough, I was having contractions! It was either the squats or the fact my little one was stubborn and once the induction was scheduled, realized she wanted to come on her own terms 🙂 Best of Luck!

    By the way, keep an eye on how Murphy acts towards you. My beagle is usually pretty cuddly with me, but the day I went into labor he insisted on following EVERYWHERE!

    1. Murphy was super duper cuddly yesterday, and I actually mentioned something to Mal about it, but no dice. Oh well. I should probably try some squats in my basement, huh? 🙂

  28. Ride on a bumpy road 🙂

    I live in a rural area, and almost everyone tries to induce labor by driving over bumpy fields or gravel roads.

  29. My advice for you right now is to try to relax (easier said than done I know), and just really soak up these last few days with Mal and Murphy before your life changes forever (in a good way). Don’t rush labor.

    BUT, at 40 weeks, you can try: eggplant parm, sex, nipple stimulation, acupuncture, acupressure points, chiropractic adjustment, evening primrose oil suppositories…

    Good luck! This is such a special time 😊

  30. I went for a lot of walks and had my husband drive over pot holes! My mom also took me to lunch and drove over potholes and then I went into labor that night 😉 Just sayin’! He will come when he is ready…and as my husband kept saying to me, if she doesn’t come by xyz date, it doesn’t mean we don’t get a baby. Enjoy this last week, it’s such a wonderful time!!!

  31. You are close Tina!! I ate some pretty spicy Thai food the day before I went into labor. Could have been a coincidence, but maybe it helped!

  32. My advice is to just be patient…enjoy the “calm before the storm” and sleep as much as you can. Baby will be here before you know it and your life will be forever changed (in many, many wonderful ways) and sleep will be a distant memory. It is hard to imagine how little you will sleep until your wee one arrives and becomes your whole world in an instant. Oh, and spend some extra time with Murphy. My dog was definitely my firstborn and although I try my best to carve out special times with her, the days are short (nights are looong) and there are just not always enough hours in the day to accomplish all that you need to!

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