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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends!

Mal is on school vacation this week, so we made plans yesterday to meet my sister, her husband, Pat, and my nephew, Matthew, for lunch at the Yard House. Babies + beer sounded like a fun afternoon to me!


As always, we started with an order of truffle fries because we are all obsessed with them. (Side note for the locals: The truffle fries at Lincoln are even better if you can believe it!)


Beer me: I went with a Harpoon Winter Warmer, my first of the season, and it was just as delicious as I remembered it.


Along with our truffle fries, we ordered some spinach dip to share. It was served with thick, buttery pita chips. Mmm!

SAM_0852 (800x533)

On the drive to the Yard House, Quinn fell asleep in the car, so he snoozed for the first 30 minutes or so of our visit.

SAM_0855 (800x533)

He woke up happy!


And ready to eat!


I ordered the sashimi for my meal, which was quite tasty. I hardly ever make fish at home, so I like to order it when I am out at a restaurant. Omega-3s, baby.


Q$ and me!

photo 1 (24) (600x800)

My sister and I tried to get a photo with the cousins, but we couldn’t quite get it together.


Please note the missing sock on Quinn. We were a mess! Haha! Even still, we had such a fun time out with my sister, Pat, and Matthew!

Annnndddd, after lunch, we all grabbed another beer at the bar.

photo 2 (20) (800x600)

Questions of the Day

Beer drinkers: What beer are you loving right now?

Baby in a bar: Yay or nay? 

Is there anything better than truffle fries? 



  1. This past weekend our friends also went to a restaurant and somehow wound up at the bar. Of course they have kids and although I am sure people gave us looks, the kids were well behaved. The resturant itself was adequate for kids so we didn’t see anything wrong. So I say yay!

  2. Love truffle fries. Regular fries just can’t compare anymore.

    Baby in a bar? Eh, why not. As long as it’s during the day or quiet (ie, not loud music and crowds). It’s not like they know what’s going on anyway. 🙂

  3. I always wondered why people would bring babies to a bar and now that I have one I FULLY support it! 🙂

    I’m digging my brother’s homemade brews. He even has a name for it: Drifting Buoy Beer.

  4. In Oregon you can have a minors in a bar that serves food up until a certain time time but you can’t sit at the actual bar. Learned that when we were in a ski town on Sunday and tried to find a place to quickly grab a burger and beer before driving home. We waited a few minutes for a table and it was fine though. I am loving all the winter ales, especially Abominable right now.

  5. Truffle fries are amazing! I’ve been loving Sam Adams Winter Lager and Schlafly Oatmeal Stout lately, both are sooooo good in winter. We don’t have a baby yet or anytime soon, but when we do he/she is totally coming to bars (and movies!) with us.

  6. Is it a bar, or a restaurant? It looks like a restaurant to me, but I’m no judge. I figure, if they serve real food (like meals), it’s probably okay to have kids. If it’s just booze, probably not good for kids.

  7. Baby at at bar – if it is a safe environment, why the heck not?! No one needs to get out of the house and have a drink more than new parents. I don’t understand why anyone would oppose it!

  8. I’m crazy about rauchbiers right now. We recently moved to Maine and discovered Deep Purple Rauchbier, brewed by Three Tides in Belfast using barley smoked over peat. Holy cow…I’ve been trying every rauchbier I can get my hands on ever since. I could drink it for breakfast with pancakes & bacon so who am I to judge babies in bars 😀

  9. Quinn is so adorable! And those fries look amazing, especially with anything truffle related.

    Re: baby in bar question—I would say it depends on the place. Some places seem totally family/baby friendly but others that are much more geared to the social scene aspect then I would be hesitant. Of course, I don’t have kids yet so just wait til I want that first beer after nine months!

  10. Yardhouse is 3 blocks from my house. I hang out there all the time. They have the best seared ahi tuna sandwich with an asian salad. The food & beer is so good! I think babies in a bar is perfectly fine. I grew up in WI and it was pretty much standard for our parents to bring us to the bar with them.

  11. Quinn is so cute! I’m a ‘nay’ for baby in a bar… I think the non-parents probably want somewhere kid-free to eat and drink but to each their own! I think it’s less of an issue if it’s lunch time though.

  12. I’ve recently discovered a great little independent liquor store that I’ve been trying lots of new to me beers at. The last one I loved was an organic cherry beer. I wish I could remember the name of it!

  13. I know the Yard House, it’s huge and family friendly. I wouldn’t question a baby there, especially at lunch time. As far as beers go, I’m digging the Belgians these days.

    PS This is my first time commenting on a blog…can I just jump in like we’re friends? That’s ok, right??

  14. I love Deschutes Red Chair this time of year! So good.

    I say YAY to baby in a bar. I have an 8 month old and I’ve been so inspired by you to try and get out with her more. I’ve been totally anxious about her sleep and somewhat afraid of taking her off her nap “schedule” but you make it seem totally do-able!

    Truffle fries have my heart! YUM.

  15. That’s so nice you and your sister live close to one another for her son and Q to hang out. I see many play dates in the future! My cousins lived close to use growing up and it is one of my favorite memories. We’re like brothers/sisters today.

  16. Fat Heads Bumble Berry with blueberries or Great Lakes Christmas Ale with the cinnamon/sugar rim!!! Yummy!! Babies in a bar, perfectly fine as long as they are as happy as Q !!!

  17. My parents brought us to restaurant/bars and my sister and I did the same. Our kids were all very well behaved. Neither of us tolerated misbehaving in a restaurant. It is not fair to other patrons. So well behaved children in a restaurant or bar is a thumbs up.

  18. I’m not really much of a beer drinker. I prefer the hard stuff, haha! But if I do drink beer, it’s just something basic like Bud Light or Corona Light with lime.

    I’ve actually never had truffle fries. I’ve always been curious to try them, but I’m nervous I won’t like the flavor.

  19. Lately I have been enjoying Jack’s Abby- Jabby Brau it is a really nice lager 🙂
    It is great that you are taking Q out and around even to bars 🙂 We do the same for lunches and early dinners and he has really developed some good table behavior compared to our friends who never take their kids out to eat or bars. He loves people watching and we find as long as we bring some toys or entertainment it works well..

      1. @Tina: 🙂 Yeah he really behaves well and seems to enjoy going out with us and now that he can talk he seems to get excited about going out to eat 🙂 Other friends with toddlers that never started taking them out and don’t take them out frequently seem to have a really tough time on the rare occassion they do take them out. Enjoy, he is adorable and i love the little pug toy on the table 🙂

  20. Haha, this reminds me of that part in Sweet Home Alabama… “You have a baby! …in a bar!”

    You’re not a mess… you’re a mom! Babies have a crazy ability to disrobe. Wait til he gets older and doesn’t want to wear pants anymore! (We’re at that stage…)

  21. I’m loving the shiner bock Holiday Cheer beer.
    Babies in bars..SURE, why not? When mine were babies they still allowed smoking in bars so we never took ours into the bars or bar/restaurants. Some time during their toddler/school aged years they stopped the smoking in bars/restaurants and we began taking them with us for lunch/dinner. It’s so nice to be able to go to our local favorite bar/restaurant with our girls..they even have a kids menu now.
    Plus if you take them now then they will learn to be good at a restaurant. Our girls are very well behaved while out to dinner.

  22. “you have a BABY…in a BAR!” Sweet Home Alabama anyone??
    I think it’s totally ok as long as it’s during the day and not too loud for them. I made the mistake of taking my 5 month old to Buffalo Wild Wings during a Patriots game once. We lasted all of five minutes as she WAY over stimulated due to all the TVs and the sound was way too loud. Lesson learned!
    Truffle fries are the best!
    I just tried a Hazelnut Brown Ale by Rogue that was de-lish!

  23. Loving the local brews from Rhinegeist – – yum yum yummy beer and good people – – what more could you ask for?!

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