His & Hers Athleisure + $200 Stitch Fix Giveaway

Hi, guys! Happy November! I have a fun blog post + GIVEAWAY for you this morning! 🙂

As you might know, Mal and I are huge fan of Stitch Fix and really look forward to receiving our monthly “fixes” in the mail. He loves fashion, and I hate shopping, so it’s a win-win for the both of us. I mean, stylish apparel, selected with our personal tastes in mind, arrives right to our front door. It doesn’t get easier or better than that!

When it comes to opening our fixes, it’s always a fun event, but Mal and I handle things quite differently.

I typically open my fix as soon as it arrives. I open the box, immediately look at the style card, pull out each of the items to get a better look, and then let the box sit untouched for a few days before I eventually try everything on and make some decisions – only because I know I’m running out of time and need to send back the unwanted items to Stich Fix.

Mal, on the other hand, waits days until he even opens the box. Not because he’s not excited about it, but because he needs to find the perfect time and right state of mind to make important fashion decisions.

Mal takes out each piece and then immediately tries it on. We always have “fashion shows” for each other to get the other person’s opinion, so, after he gets my take, he makes a decision on each article of clothing. Once he’s made his choices, he finally looks at the style card. Isn’t it funny how opposite we are with how we handle our fixes?


Top left to right:

EZEKIEL Cleveland Fleece Jacket ($78) – KEEP: Mal loved this bomber-style jacket for work. He plans to wear it over collared shirts in the colder months.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN Braylon Leather Sneaker ($80) – RETURN: Mal was pretty close to keeping these sneakers, but he ultimately decided that he already owned a couple of pairs that were similar.

EZEKIEL Hammond Textured Hoodie ($75) -KEEP: Mal loves hoodies and wears them all the time – at the gym, school, hanging out with friends, and lounging around the house. He loved that this one was more high-end than his usual hoodies.

TAILOR VINTAGE Nathan Heathered Baseball Henley ($59) – KEEP: Mal loves a good Henley shirt, so this item was an easy “keep” for his wardrobe.

ALTERNATIVE APPAREL Cole Cotton Modal V-neck Tee ($38) – KEEP: Mal has a ton of worn-out v-neck t-shirts that need to be replaced, so this one was definitely a keeper. It’s super soft!

Above: EZEKIEL Hammond Textured Hoodie // TAILOR VINTAGE Nathan Heathered Baseball Henley 


NOISY MAY Yasmin Open Back Detail Knit Top ($36) – RETURN: I was pretty close to keeping this top, but I wasn’t sure how much I’d really wear it (plus, it was handwash-only), so I passed.

T4T Emory Jogger ($48) – KEEP: The second I touched these joggers, I knew I wanted them in my life. They’re so incredibly soft!

ANDREW MARC PERFORMANCE Rosella Mesh Back Performance Legging ($50) – RETURN: I really liked these leggings, but they were too long. Whomp whomp.

MELLO DAY Josh Knit Top ($46) – KEEP: I immediately loved the style, color, and texture of this top. It’s so cozy, and I know I’ll wear it a ton with jeans and leggings.

KEDS Champion Novelty Lace up Sneaker ($55) – RETURN: I love KEDS, but I’m generally not a fan of sparkles, so I sent them back.

Above: MELLO DAY Josh Knit Top

Giveaway time!

Here’s your chance to win a $200 Stitch Fix gift card! 

To enter: Sign up for Stitch Fix, if you haven’t already, and fill out and/or update your Stitch Fix style profile (which is free!). Both existing and new Stitch Fix customers have a chance to win, including the special guy in your life! 🙂 Then, just leave a comment on this blog post telling me how you open your Stitch Fix boxes. If you’re a new customer, just let me know that you filled out your style profile. I will randomly pick a winner next week. Good luck!


  1. As soon as I can “check out” on the app I take a look at what I am getting. Then track the package and leave work early to go and try it on ASAP!

  2. I do the exact same thing as you! I open the box right away…check out the clothes…and then set it on the box and wait a few days :). I love stitch box!

  3. I’ve tried stitch fix once YEARS ago (like when it was just an early start up), so I just recreated my style profile and cannot wait to get my first fix. I am like you and have to immediately open my box and try everything on! It’s hard for me to make decisions on what to keep/return so I’ll probably mull over my choices for a few days before deciding!

  4. I will open my box and try on everything right away, then I wait until I have to send it back to decide what to keep and what not to keep.

  5. I definitely open my fix right away, try everything on right away, MAYBE take a day to think about it, but usually make my decision right away and pack up whatever I may be sending back right away. If you can’t guess… my fear is not getting it back in time, so I have to do everything right away.

  6. I immediately try everything on then I spend a few days agonizing over what to keep and what to send back! It’s definitely a love/hate process!

  7. I open mine immediately and put on a fashion show for my family, that helps me decide what to keep and what to return. Then I usually take a couple days to return them.

  8. I haven’t done a box in a while but when I was getting them I open and try on immediately! It’s too exciting to wait!

  9. I sneak a peak as soon as I can “check out” on the app. I usually have to wait a bit since we’re stationed overseas, so as soon as it arrives I have to try everything on! Love the joggers you got in this fix!

  10. Immediately try everything on. I go with my gut reaction, that if I don’t immediately love the item then I send it back.

  11. I rip open the box, try it all on.. usually not with my existing clothes even though I know that would make sense.. and return what I really don’t see myself wearing, or is too far out of my comfort zone/ doesn’t fit perfectly. But I get so excited even though I cheat and see what is being sent as soon as I can!

  12. I read my note from my stylist first without looking at the items or the style card! Then I open up the tissue paper and look at each item one by one! It’s SO fun!

  13. I try to look at my “check-out when they have the description but before they have pictures so that I’m still surprised when it comes. I open it as soon as I get settled in at home and I love to see it all bundled up so that you don’t know what the object is but you see all of the colors together and then i rip the wrapping off. My note I leave for last.

  14. Yikes! I can’t believe how expensive everything is! Now I remember why I haven’t tried it yet and likely never will!

  15. I just got my first stitch fix last week! I tore into it, looked at what I got, had a fashion show for my hubs, and then looked at the style card. We then proceeded to find reasons that I should keep everything in the box!

  16. I hope the box right away and check out the items with the Hubster. He gives me his likes and dislikes before I try things on – and keep the ones I like even if he doesn’t!

  17. I live in a rural area and the Postal Service does not deliver to my house. Occasionally I break down and open my fix in the car in the parking lot of the Post Office. But if I’m being good I wait until I get home and immediately start pairing my newest items with existing pieces in my closet. The styling suggestions are such a great resource and always inspire me to really put together complete outfits!

  18. I recently signed up for stitchfix and got my first fix last week! Instantly opened the box when it arrived and tried everything on for my roommate to see. I decided what I liked and loved and thennn I looked at the price tag. Ended up keeping the whole box!

  19. I do not peek at the fix online, but as soon as I get the box I have to immediately open it and try everything on. I usually look at the prices and stylist note after I am done trying on 🙂

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