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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hello, hello!

While waiting for a doctor’s appointment the other day, I picked up an issue of Good Housekeeping to read and stumbled upon a Q&A with Jada Pickett Smith. I loved the questions that were asked and thought they’d make a fun blog survey, so here are my responses. Feel free to play along in the comment section!

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Household chore I actually enjoy: Laundry. I weirdly love it. Although, actually putting it away is often something I put off for days and days. I swear there are always piles of folded laundry all over our house! Haha!

Biggest house disaster: Our dining room table. It’s at the center of our house, so all sorts of random stuff ends up there. Here are some things on it right now as I write this post: My bag, an unpaid electric bill, a dirty protein shaker, a water bottle, a receipt from Dunkin Donuts, instructions for a digital temple thermometer, a pile of cards from Quinn’s baptism that need thank you cards, a scarf, a Sharpie marker, a tape measure, our 24 Days of Togetherness calendar, one of my half-finished To Do lists, and a framed photo of Quinn that we’re giving to my in-laws later today.

Before company arrives, I hide: The pug fur. Well, I suppose I just vacuum it away. But, if we’re having people over, the couch most definitely gets vacuumed!

Most recent music download: Umm”¦ It’s been awhile since I’ve downloaded music. I’m actually more of a fan of Pandora and Songza. I’ve had “Today’s Pop Christmas” (on Songza) playing non-stop all month!

The last thing I bought online: These adorable Christmas pajamas for Quinn!

I hate to shop for: Clothing. When I walk into a store, I’m overwhelmed by the options, and I never know what looks good on me. Plus, I tend to buy the same pieces over and over again (hello, how many black tank tops does one person need?!), so my wardrobe wasn’t very exciting. Annnndd this is why I love Stitch Fix so much!

Favorite family ritual: Saturday morning workouts + iced coffee + second breakfast + a trip to the dog park.

I sleep in: T-shirt + sweatpants.

I have style crush on: Olivia Palermo””but who doesn’t, right?

I’m currently reading: I actually just finished It Sucked and Then I Cried last night. I really liked it and highly recommend it to the new moms out there!

What’s up with the ________ trend? I’m copying Jada’s reply and saying: “Tearing everybody down.” Seriously. Women tearing down other women. Moms tearing down other moms. It’s terrible and so sad for everyone involved.

How did I ever live without”¦ A gel polish manicure kit. I use it ALL the time. It saves me so much time and money! And I have pretty nails!

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  1. I agree! Who doesn’t have a crush on Olivia Polermo. She is just so stylish. I wish they would bring “The City” back. Women do really need to support each other. I still cannot understand why people don’t see there is room for everyone to be success. How is tearing each other down going to help anything? It’s frustrating to see. Most recent music download is Let is Snow with Michael Buble!

  2. Oh man, I hate laundry. And putting it away? There’s always one load that just lives on our dresser until the next week’s laundry gets started. I really don’t mind sweeping and mopping though. It’s cathartic!

  3. Im with you on laundry – I love doing laundry! I do, however, hate doing it in my apartment building – it’s a pain to do it at weird times when the machines are open, having to find quarters, having to carve out 2.5 hours to do it all at once, and then dragging my laundry up and down stairs. It’s my dream in life to have an in-unit washer/dryer.

  4. Biggest house disaster: The office. It’s the catch all and right now you can’t even walk in there. It’s basically a storage room until I tackle it in the new year. Until then, doors closed.

    Last thing I bought online was an assortment from Boudin Bakery and it just arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to dig in!

    Most recent download: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson

  5. I sleep in: Depends on the time of year, but mostly mismatched pajama pants and T-shirts.

    I have a style crush on: Emma Stone. I’m jealous of anyone who can pull off red lipstick and a fedora (hats are always too small for my head. :’-( )

    Biggest House Disaster: The couch in my bedroom. it’s been covered with crap since they day I moved in. I had all these plans for a sitting area, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I’m not entirely sure the couch is still UNDER that mountain of stuff!

  6. I agree with the whats up with the tearing each other down trend. Especially mom on mom social media crime. Everyone is trying their best!

    1. What’s ya’ll favorite brand? I am looking to invest! I live in Portugal now and can get a gel manicure for $10, so of course I do! We live next spring though and I’ll have to start to doing it at home because of the cost.

  7. Household chore I actually enjoy…cleaning.

    I sleep in…oversized t-shirt and sleeping panties [i.e Boy Short underwear] ha.

    Before company arrives, I make my bed! I live in a studio and often quickly make my bed. If people come over I will make it look nicer.

  8. Most recent music download: Annie Soundtrack. I listened to this on REPEAT for years when I was younger and while I heard the new movie isn’t good, I’m loving living out my childhood again while I work

    I’m currently reading: Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography. I wasn’t sure I would like it because of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” formatting, but it is really interesting and clever.. and very NPH. I’ve laughed out loud quite a few times!

  9. We have a space on our kitchen counter that is where everything gets tossed too. Mail, boxes, things to put away, things to sort, its a mess and drives me crazy.

    Before company arrives I just try to clean off the counter so it looks clean. So basically I toss all the mail, magazines, etc in a pile and stuff it somewhere else for the time being. It’s terrible!

  10. Household chore I actually enjoy: Cleaning the kitchen (to include the refrigerator). The kitchen might be my favorite room in the house! I love when it’s clean!
    Biggest house disaster: Our extra pastry. We actually do not keep food in it, so it’s the caught all.
    Before company arrives, I hide: The pastry. I keep that door shut!
    Most recent music download: Pentatonix- Mary Did You Know! Love them and especially their Christmas music!
    The last thing I bought online: Food! Love Vitacost!
    I hate to shop for: Jeans! Big booty and small waste makes this difficult!
    Favorite family ritual: Cooking dinner while chatting, eating at the table together, and then cleaning up together. We talk about our days and share the most at these times.
    I sleep in: Depends on the weather! I currently live in Portugal and we do not have heat or air due to the mid climate.
    I have style crush on: I wavier on this one.
    I’m currently reading: I just finished Between the Shades of Grey. I need a new book idea.
    What’s up with the ________ trend?: Thinking leggings are pants trend! If you wear legging keep the top long people!
    How did I ever live without: Powered foundation! I look ridiculous in liquid!

  11. With the exception of unloading the dishwasher, I enjoy dishes. I am a mom of six, and the running water and cling clang of dishes gives me much needed peace sometimes.

    I currently am in possession of Gone Girl, but haven’t started it yet. Want to read it before I see the movie.

  12. Ugh, I can totally relate the dining room table disaster, except that ours is the kitchen island. We were so stoked to have this huge island when we bought the house and I had fantasies of being able to spread all my ingredients out over it while cooking. Realistically, I make dinner on one tiny corner of the island while the rest is overflowing with mail, purses, keys, shopping bags, and whatever else we drag in from the car!

  13. I totally relate to the laundry comment! I have no problem doing it, but I HATE putting it all away. Gah.

    Favorite family ritual: going to church every Sunday as a family of three!

    I get overwhelmed shopping for electronics stuff. So not a fave pastime!

  14. I have the same Saturday morning ritual and it’s the best! My man and I always look forward to going to the morning wod, followed by iced coffee and a leisurely second breakfast. It’s so funny that you do the same thing, we literally look forward to it every week!

  15. Pug hair is so hard to get out of everything! I’ll spend hours cleaning and once I’m done more will just float down onto the tables and sofa.

    Before company arrives, I always have to search the apartment for any hidden pieces of laundry. Charlie our puggle is a laundry thief and will hide his stolen pieces of dirty laundry around the house.

    My favorite family ritual is when my husband and I go to Saturday night Mass so we can then sleep in on Sunday morning and have a long lazy brunch of pancakes and lots of coffee!

  16. I love to do laundry and hate kitchen chores but I do enjoy a clean kitchen as well. I just bought appliances online (we are building a home).
    I hate that I am so obsessed with technology, but how did I ever live without a smart phone? I look everything up on it! It’s ridiculous!

  17. I am with you on the laundry!! I am the exact same way! I love to fold it (even though it piles up until I have time to do it!) And since I barely have enough time to fold, we always have piles too. And I am glad I am not the only one who lets the dining room table pile up! It is the most shameful place in my house!! ha!!

    I actually got a gel manicure set for Christmas last year because you love your kit so much. But I am scared it is going to ruin my nails!! I need to just give it a try!

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