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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful, especially for the moms out there. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

My weekend was really nice. I mostly hung out around the house””cleaned, had some friends over for a barbecue, did yard work with Mal””but I also got to spend some time with my family and celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom and sister. Here’s a recap of my weekend!


On Saturday morning, Mal and I both did the Filthy 50 at CrossFit. After that, we came home, showered, ate something, and then headed to a local garden center to pick out flowers for our yard.


We sort of had a game plan going there, but we must have looked like we were totally lost because an employee came over and asked us if we needed any help. Haha!


We took her up on her offer and the three of us planned out a flower bed for our backyard with a bunch of different perennials. Mal and I originally planned to buy a bunch of annuals to plant in it, but I am so glad the woman pushed us toward perennials. They’re more expensive up front, but in the long run, they’re a lot less maintenance.


Holy flowers!


What we planted (left to right): Walker’s Low Catmint (bigger plant with light purple flowers), Caradonna Sage (medium size plant with dark purple flowers), Moonbeam Threadleaf Coreopsis (bigger plant with yellow flowers), and Silver Carpet Lambs’ Ears in the front, which will supposedly spread a little and have blue flowers.


Mal offered to plant everything.


So Murphy and I supervised.


Ta da!


From above”¦ the plant on the far left is a blue hydrangea bush (my favorite flower), which we planted last year.


Please ignore the lack of grass in our backyard. Mal is very upset about this. We’ve had a couple of landscapers come out recently to give us quotes (one more is coming tomorrow) on hydroseed and sod since nothing else seems to work (and it’s driving Mal crazy). What is it with guys a lawns? Haha!


While Mal was busy outside, I was busy inside cleaning our house from top to bottom.

Here is a little photo tour of our house (since it was clean and all). Just click on the link for a full recap with details of the specific room!

Sun porch



Dining room


Living room







There’s not much decor happening in our bedroom, but at least we finally got curtains up! It only took us 3.5 years. Haha!


Our bathroom is off the bedroom.






On Saturday night, we had some friends over for a barbeque and then watched the Bruins game.



These fried tortilla chips (like fried wontons) from Whole Foods are INCREDIBLE! I ate a zillion of them with guacamole. HOLY YUM!






On Sunday morning, we took my nephew, Matthew, to the zoo! He’s getting so big, isn’t he?


Moms (and mom-to-be) on Mother’s Day!


When I got home from hanging out with family, I helped Mal plant some flowers around the house.



Now we have flowers everywhere! So pretty!


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Questions of the Day

How was your weekend?

How was Mother’s Day?

Yard work? Love it or hate it? 



  1. You so lucky the warm weather is coming to you! It’s starting to get cold here in South Africa 🙁

  2. I love your sun porch! It was raining last night but the temps were great and I was telling my finance Ben how much I wanted a sun porch so we could have sat outside more. It was our first really nice weekend of weather. I’m ready for more. 🙂

    Great flower choices and you definitely went the right road with the perennials. The nice thing is you can always pop in a few annuals here and there to change the look up each each. I do that with petunias or marigolds.

  3. wow! the house (inside and out) looks great! so jealous – wanna come clean mine? lol – weekend was low-key and relaxing (just what i needed after a very stressful week at work) – sounds like you had a great first mother’s day!

  4. Your house and yard is so cute! A clean house is the best feeling. And I, too, and obsessed with flowers these days. Maybe because of the horrid winter, but I am just in love with springtime right now!

  5. One reason I live in the desert is so I don’t have to so yard work! My HOA does all the bush trimming and weed pulling. All my planters are cactus of various species. Cactus are low maintenance. I only water mine once a week and they’ve been alive several yrs. I grew up in WI. Having a real yard is a lot of work, but I don’t miss that at all.

  6. The lambs ears will spread a lot. Not take over the space but will spread quite a bit. The coreopsis are beautiful! They remind of petite daisies. I had luck with cutting the spent flowers and they would rebloom.

  7. We’ve never really had a yard, but we will here in a month or so when we move! Not sure how much of a yard person I am going to be though. Sounds like you had a great mother’s day weekend! What beautiful day!!

  8. I love your house! It’s adorable. Where did you get the valance in the kitchen? We desperately need a new one and I can’t find one I like.

  9. Seriously what is it with guys and lawns? My husband is obsessed with getting ours green and free of weeds. When he planted new seed last fall, he kept referring to his new grass as his “babies”.

  10. My fiance is the same way about our lawn! It is such a pride thing for men, hah! Our grass was so great last year, he spent so much time on it. This year he is deployed, so the grass is dead and I feel judged by all the neighbors! haha!

  11. Love this post, Tina! You have a beautiful home and the flowers look wonderful! So excited spring is finally here…

  12. Long-time reader here from Montreal 🙂 Also a Montreal Canadian fan (obviously), felt concerned when you said you watched the game on Saturday (that was such a bad game for us). Decisive game tonight!! 🙂

  13. Very cute home, and Happy belated Mother’s day to you as well! Between the pug and that baby in your cute belly, you are definitely a mommy! Are you going to show us the nursery or is that something that I missed on another post?

  14. Loved your “house tour” you gave us! Everything is looking great! Can’t wait to see the nursery either. 🙂

    I don’t mind yard work when it’s nice outside and I get to do it with my husband. If it’s hot (or cold) and I have to do it by myself, count me out!

  15. Mother’s Day was wonderful ~ spent with my Mom, sisters, Aunts, and 1 brother.

    Love yard work…. love mowing….. love planting flowers…. I kind of go crazy with them.

    Your’s look good.

  16. My weekend was great. I went camping with some friends in the redwoods. As a city dweller in San Francisco, I don’t have to worry about yard work, which is a good thing, because I would definitely NOT like it. 🙂

  17. Your house is so cute and clean! I love your new flowers!

    I mow our lawn and I don’t love it or hate it. I hate that it takes about 50 minutes on a Saturday to get it done. Either way, if there’s an empty patch I’m ok with it! Less to mow! And dandelions? Meh, they can stay and I’ll just continue to mow over them.; I’d rather not get involved with herbicides.

    Love the picture of Matthew and the goat – the goat looks sooo happy to be getting pet! And of course, love Murphy!

  18. Your home is so lovely! I especially like the sun porch (it’s where Murphy is always taking a nap, yeah?).
    Looks like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  19. Our weekend was great! We also had a bbq with friends on Saturday evening and then had a fabulous mother’s day! The hubs made me a special brunch and I got spoiled with lovely gifts! I have a love/hate relationship with yard work. I really love having a nice lawn and pretty flowers but it’s really hard to get anything to grow in Oklahoma so it can be really frustrating! Looks like you had an awesome weekend!!

  20. I love your sunporch and the way you’ve decorated everything! Our bedroom is SUPER bare, we are in desperate need for everything new in the decor department in there but it’s always been last on the list, lol.

    Oh AND your little basketball belly is the cutest thing! Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

  21. The fried tortillas from WH are super yum. Is it bad that I went back to the free sample table multiple times to get more? :-/

    Random thought – I can’t believe you’ve been in your house for 3.5 years already! Time flies and it just means I’ve been reading CNC forever…way before you bought a house.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Tina! You’re so close!

  22. Our grass looks like that in some areas as well. Part of it is from grubs a couple of years ago (they can do some serious damage!) and some is from the previous homeowners’ poor maintence of the lawn. We’ve recently been getting it aerated once or twice a year, which seems to really help. We also bought a thatching rake (like this: and that seems to help.
    Love what you did with the plant bed. Looks great! Will definitely check into some of those perennials for our new bed we’re doing this year. Thanks for putting the names in!

  23. Beautiful home! I loved running through the neighborhoods during the Boston Marathon. I think the homes around there have some of the prettiest architecture.

  24. Yard work: I love yards and landscaping and all – but I hate the work. I don’t mind the tasks so much, but having to bend down and be in awkward positions, that’s what I hate lol.

  25. Can you share where you bought your fruit holder in your kitchen? I’ve been on the hunt for something similar! Thx 🙂

  26. My husband and I have been living in an apartment for the last six years, so I am actually looking forward to yard work in our rented house this summer! Can’t wait to plant some veggies and flowers (it will be much more fun than being responsible for shoveling the driveway and sidewalk).

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