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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! How’s your Monday going so far?

Quinn is a napping machine today (who is this kid? I think Mimi has magical powers), so I had some extra time to create a pin-able workoutorder our holiday cards, start dinner, and write this blog post. Hooray for naps!

So, this workout”¦ I am still sore from it, and I did it LAST Wednesday at CrossFit. Holy cow. It totally smoked my arms. The second set of push-ups, which I did on my knees, was insane. I was doing one rep at a time and doing that weird worm squirm to push myself up. My arms were absolutely spent. And, of course, the running made the whole thing even harder. It was awesome. Ha! I used 75 pounds for the Shoulder-to-Overheads.

arm smoker workout

This morning’s (first) breakfast: An egg sandwich made with bacon and Light Creamy Swiss from The Laughing Cow + iced coffee with SO Delicious eggnog. Mmm, it was so good. My favorite breakfast lately!

photo (13)

A couple of hours later, I headed to Whole Foods to do our grocery shopping for the week. This week’s meal plan:

Second breakfast: Sauteed kale, roasted sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs + buffalo sauce.

photo (14)

I love our holiday cards this year! Yay! And Quinn’s expression totally cracks me up. Haha! FYI: Our holiday cards are from Minted.


Questions of the Day

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Have you broken out your crock pot yet?

Do you send holiday cards? Have you ordered yours yet? 



  1. LOVE the holiday cards!! We did Thanksgiving cards this year because we wanted to do a “scratch off” to announce the gender of what our “pumpkin” will be. They came Thursday and I sent them out Friday. (excited much?! lol)

  2. I love Christmas cards! I ordered mine back in September – Minted does a discount code if you hop on it early and I wanted to get them out of the way with our little dude due to arrive in January – less stress over the holidays is better. We went with a non-photo card this year, but picked out one that speaks to our cutie little woodland creatures in our new wooded backyard. (as seen on this post )

    I broke out the crock pot this weekend to make a test-drive of bread pudding for thanksgiving potluck at work. It didn’t turn out very good (not sweet enough??) so I’m going to go to plan B: The Pioneer Woman’s recipe!

  3. I had to run out early this morning, so breakfast was care of Starbucks. I ordered my favorite: grande (decaf) and the egg white and spinach wrap. Yum!

  4. I have just started getting into the slow cooker. I have my parents 30 year slow cooker that fell off the back of a truck. True story. Anyways, it doesn’t have the fancy bells and whistles but it works like a charm. PS- I envy your 2 breakfasts, you clearly burn it all off but I its my fave meal and I am supremely jealous sitting over here with my smoothie.
    xoxo, Laura

  5. Love that holiday card! We sent out one with a montage of photos on it last year (it was a crazy huge year for us). I don’t know what we will do this year yet!
    And I honestly don’t know how you have picked up Quinn since doing that work out….

  6. 30 Pushups in a row? Are you cray cray?! Did you do them modified or in full? I think I’m going to attempt half and half; 15 modified, 15 full. I love that you put sprints in between–that’s great cardio and for some reason when I do intense cardio it taxes my upper body and arms too.

  7. Absolutely love the picture on your holiday card! It captures the outdoorsy, athletic spirit of your family perfectly – so great that you have Murphy in it too 🙂

  8. That workout looks awesome!

    We don’t do holiday cards (one less thing to have to think about at this time of year :)) – but thanks for the reminder about the crockpot! I feel like I always forget about it, but it’s SO perfect for this season.

  9. I actually saw your Instagram post this am and mimicked your breakfast! We never put the crockpot away. One thing that we’ve done for Christmas gifts we make a calandar that coincides with what we did during that month. So I’m putting together October and November right now. It’s really fun to go back and look at what my boys were doing in Jan of last year. What big milestones they hit. We give one to the grandparents every year.

  10. Definitely adding that workout to my archives! Breakfast this morning was a mimosa, eggs, bacon, toast w/PB, and fruit salad (we’re on vacation- I don’t typically eat like that!). I love holiday cards- giving and getting!

  11. What a awesome workout! Looks perfect for me for Friday! First workout post partum it is! On second thought… if you were sore for awhile.. maybe ill do half 😉
    Love your Christmas card! I’m still thinking about even sending mine out.. our family pictures didn’t go so well this year.. ha! 3 kids under four is a little difficult. lol

  12. Thanks for linking that buffalo chicken lettuce wrap recipe. I made it today and it was awesome and so easy. My boyfriend showed me a trick to pushing in the bottom of the head of lettuce and twisting it so it pops off. Maybe I’m late to the game on this one but my mind was blown.

  13. Thanks for sharing the workout. Sounds like a killer!
    Haven’t used the crockpot for food yet. Just for bone broth. Need to start utilizing it and not worrying about having it on while I’m not home.
    That picture is adorable. Quinn’s expression is hysterical. What a great pic for a Christmas card.

  14. We are so bad with holiday cards! We talk about them every year and discuss that we are going to get them, then we just never get around to ordering them. Yours are so cute! And Quinn’s expression is priceless!

  15. Love Quinn’s facial expression!!
    I had made bacon last night for an egg sandwich this morning but when I woke up I wanted a sweet breakfast instead. PB on an English muffin:-)
    We use our crock pot all year round. I think it’s even better in the summer ’cause it doesn’t heat up the house like the stove or oven.

  16. Your holiday card is adorable! It is something I look forward to every year, and our first attempt did not go well….the most smiley baby in the world didn’t want to smile because it was 30 degrees! On to plan b 😉

  17. This workout was true to it’s name! Did it this morning and my arms are for sure smoked! I could barely blow dry my hair afterwards, but I guess that’s a good trade off for a killer workout!

  18. Your breakfast looks amazing. Anything with sweet potatoes is a win in my book! Quinn’s expression is just the cutest. Such a sweet photo for your first Christmas as a family!

  19. I saw this pic on your instagram and died of laughter! It has to be one of the greatest pics ever! The expression on Quinn’s and Murphy’s faces are priceless! What luck to get such a hilarious and memorable photo-definitely a framer!!

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