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Oh, that Mother Nature”¦ she’s such a trickster. Happy April Fool’s Day, huh? Check out what we woke up to this morning! Why”¦ why”¦ WHY??? 👿

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I woke up starving this morning, so I made myself a bigger-than-usual breakfast with two piece of whole grain toast with almond butter and banana slices on top and some Siggi’s Orange & Ginger yogurt on the side.

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I absolutely love the Orange & Ginger flavor of Siggi’s. It tastes like a citrusy ginger snap. It’s like dessert to me.

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I also drank a glass of iced coffee with soy milk.

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Are you playing a prank on anyone today?

I love pranks! I like being part of the planning more than being the person being pranked, but either way, they’re a lot of fun. My two most favorite April Fool’s Day pranks involve pranking Mal and trying to prank my Mom.

Prank on Mal

A couple of years ago, I decided to prank Mal on April Fool’s Day. We all know how much he loves iced coffee (probably more than me), so I messed with his morning cup of joe. Mal adds a splash of soy milk to his iced coffee every morning, so I added a few drops of green food dye to the soy milk carton. You should have seen his face when the soy milk he poured into his iced coffee came out green!! He had no idea what was going on! I think he thought the soy milk spoiled until I started cracking up! Good times.

Prank on Mom

My second favorite prank is one that I played on my mom in high school, but it totally backfired on me!

On the evening of April’s Fool’s Day, I put a water balloon under my mom’s pillow with the hope that it would pop when she laid down to go to bed and get everything wet. Well, the balloon didn’t pop and my mom caught on to my little trick. I guess I forgot about the prank because it didn’t cross my mind until the next morning when I realized that my book bag was sopping wet at school. My mom put the water balloon in my bag and it exploded all over my textbooks and notebooks!! Oh, how the tables had turned! My mom is totally not the prank type, so it was pretty hilarious.

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite April’s Fool’s Day prank?

See ya in NYC! 😎

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  1. My friend and I are scheming some way to prank our other sorority sisters today. We are desperately trying to get them good! Haha, I love the milk idea (but they have already had breakfast and don’t really drink milk later in the day). Hmmm. I’ll keep pondering! Enjoy NYC! My fiance lives in Boston and I woke up to a snow storm via picturemail…I feel for you, yet it is sunny and 45 in Kansas!

  2. That is my fav flavor of Siggi’s too. We like to prank people all of the time at my house once my we put a time release air freshner in my roomates suitcase. One of those ones that squirt a little spray every 15 min or so…. it worked perfectly because it went off exactly at the moment she opened the bag to put something else in there. We tend to prank the same person in our house bc it is so easy. When she comes home she always immediatly goes to her closet to hang up her coat and put her shoes away so my friend and I sat in her closet in the dark for like 25 min waiting for her…. it was sooooo worth it though. She jumped back so far and screamed bloody murder and ran and hid in the bathroom. She was soooo mad.

  3. I have never really accomplished a “good” prank! All of yours are pretty funny though!

    I remember in high school, one of my friend’s boyfriends called her and told her he wanted to break up. She was devastated until he called back 5 minutes later and said April Fools! haha as you can imagine, that did not go over well!

  4. I’ve never really pranked anyone because I can’t keep a straight face or a secret, so I’d just start laughing.

    Best prank ever pulled on me though was when my friend put my car for sale on Craigslist without me knowing. I was woken up early that Saturday morning to literally dozens and dozens of calls inquiring about my car. So confused at first until I asked one caller what he was referring to, and he told me about the posting. I knew who did it and called him and my friend was cracking up.

    He got me good!

  5. That is NOT a cool joke (snow). Hope it melts asap!

    I don’t really play pranks. But this morning I sent my friend a photo of a positive pregnancy test. She totally flipped out and believed it. It was awesome. Hehehehe

  6. What a cruel joke mother nature! When I was in high school my mother I called me from work completly chewing me out about how she got a call from the cops and I am in huge trouble. I wasn’t entirely sure what she was talking about but I had a few guesses and right when I was about to confess…she said april fools…cruel

  7. I love pulling pranks. One time (not for April Fool’s day though) I stole my friend’s key, snuck into her place, and filled every glass she had with water and a goldfish. I lined them up in every cupboard and in the fridge, too.

  8. That is hilarious! I love to play pranks, too, but they always backfire on me. I am deathly afraid of spiders, so as an April Fools Day Prank my older sister put a fake spider in the storage room so when I came out I saw it and screamed bloody murder. My sisters, of course, thought it was hilarious 😉

  9. It was actually today… My math teacher gave us a test, saying it wasn’t an April Fools thing, and he was SERIOUS. But right before we left he said “AHAHA APRIL FOOOOOOOOOOLS!” I think I might strangle him… No, I can’t do that. He’s too nice (besides this :p)

  10. that is a really good prank on mal!
    I didnt do any pranks this year, but I usually do love to do them. I wonder what started april fools day?

  11. Yum I am going to have to pick up that yogurt! Ginger in any and all forms are my saving grace these days as I try to make it through the first trimester of my pregnancy!

    Those are pretty good pranks. One year when in high school I made my friend believe I got stuck in a slide and she freaked and was going to call the cops, but I caved and revealed my secret before she lost it. 🙂

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