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Hi, guys!

Can you believe April is right around the corner? April 1st is NEXT WEEK? Holy cow. Where did March go? Seriously, the month was a blur. Anyway, I have a fun April challenge for you guys!

Remember my Cookbook Challenge from 2010? If not, I basically challenged myself to cook at least one recipe from my cookbooks each week. I own a ton of amazing cookbooks, but I hardly ever use them, so I thought this would be a fun way to mix things up””and it definitely was!

So, once again, I’m hosting a Cookbook Challenge on CNC during the month of April, and I’d love for you guys to join me and cook from your own cookbooks. It’s easy to join! Here’s how: Each week for the month of April, just pick at least one recipe from your cookbooks and make it. Simple as that. The goal of the challenge, of course, is to use your cookbooks as much as possible, so feel free to make more than one recipe! Actually, make a whole bunch!


As a little incentive for participating in the challenge, I am going to host a giveaway at the end of each week for a chance to win some of my very favorite cookbooks. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment about a recipe that you made that week. If you make more than one recipe, you can enter the giveaway more than one time. See how that works? Winking smile

Are you in? I hope so! I remember really loving this challenge and having a lot of fun with it. It helped me discover some new recipes and kept things interesting in the kitchen. Plus, my poor, neglected cookbooks finally got some lovin’!

Questions of the Day

Are you guilty of neglecting your cookbooks?

How often do you cook from your cookbooks?

Are you in for this challenge?



  1. I made Melissa Joulwan’s Mayonnaise. It’s fantastic, good tasting and no cheap ingredients. It’s great for making Ranch dressing as well! She wrote Well Fed and Well Fed 2. Both great cookbooks.

  2. Great challenge! I have so many cookbooks and have good intentions of using them but I always find new things on the net so my cookbooks are very neglected. I must tell you that Murphy cracks me up in nearly every post you write! His eye (yes just the one) on that chicken is hilarious!!

  3. I got the Oh She Glows cookbook a few weeks ago and I’ve already made one recipe…I know that’s not a lot but it’s a start! I’m planning on making another for lunch tomorrow, but I am definitely guilty of neglecting my cookbooks so this is a great challenge!

  4. YES! I’m so joining this. 1x a month from a cookbook was a new year’s goal for me but has kind of fallen to the wayside. I’m totally joining up!

  5. I just made Super Healthy Sugar-free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! It is delicious. I had to make a few alterations because I am allergic to chocolate, so technically I guess it is “Super Healthy Sugar-free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough without the chocolate chips” haha. Definitely good and it is one of my new favorites. Its base is garbanzo beans, and then it is mixed with nut butter, almond milk, oats, vanilla, salt, baking soda, and sweetener (if you want)–and chocolate chips! I didn’t add anything this time, but you can add dates, honey, any sweetener you want. I might try applesauce next time….Yay! I love this challenge 🙂

  6. I was in the military and my husband did a lot of the packing. Some boxes he decided didn’t need to get unpacked at each new move. Sooooo, now that we are in our forever home, I am kind of excited to venture up into the attic and locate all of my neglected cookbooks!!! I love this challenge!

  7. Oh how fun, and smart. I’m in. I have a ton of books, some cook books, most of them are baking books though, like a massive cookie one. So this challenge will be pretty cool!

  8. Its funny you mentioned this! I’m doing my own cookbook challenge. About a month ago my fiance and I started making recipes from this book of Disney Resort recipes each week until our trip to Disney in a couple of months. So far we’ve made beef from the Mexico pavillion, salmon from the cruise line, s’mores from the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, Guinness stew from the Irish pub, and cheese soup from the Canada pavillion. Last week we made lemon cornbread strawberry shortcake from Yachtsman steakhouse.

  9. I made the Pioneer Woman’s white chicken enchiladas. Holy Moley it was delicious and not super healthy for you. I plan to make it again with less cream and butter and add in a ton more vegetables.

  10. I just made a homemade mayonnaise from my Southern Sideboards (Jackson, MS Junior League) cookbook. It’s an old cookbook but the mayo is great (an egg, canola and olive oil, spices) and I feel like I am eating healthy oils and no additives when I use it on sandwiches or in other dishes.

  11. This is such a great idea! I had a pound of ground pork in my defrost bowl that I had no idea what to do with so I grabbed againt all grain’s cookbook and made her maple sausage. It was so good and we had leftovers for today’s breakfast.

  12. This is the best challenge and it was one of my 2014 goals! I wanted to use my cookbooks more! I made Skinny Taste’s chicken lettuce wraps…yum!! My husband loved them too!!

  13. Definitely joining the fun!! I find myself always reaching for the same few cookbooks and ignoring the many others that I have. I love the idea of this challenge.

  14. I love this challenge! I made Braised Kale with Diced Tomatoes and Grilled Chicken Breast (olive oil, lemon juice, S&P, thyme brine/marinade) from the Kentucky Fresh Cookbook! Both so good!

  15. I baked a loaf of bread over the weekend (my first attempt) from “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day”. It came out pretty good and I’m baking another today. I highly recommend this book. The method is so easy, and in a few minutes you have enough dough in the fridge for 4 loaves. It literally does just take about 5 minutes.

  16. I made beef stroganoff from Everyday Gluten Free Slow Cooking. I move around a lot and have just gotten a bit more settled – so now I really need to learn to cook. I have bought almost 10 cookbooks in the past 2 months and have banned myself from buying more until I cook 10 recipes from each.. but I would love to win some 🙂

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