Appreciating What You Have & A Booty Burning Workout

Hello, hello!

Right now, I’m out running. I’m either tackling 13 miles like a champ or cutting it short and running 8 miles. Both runs are my half marathon training plan this week, so I decided to see how my body feels before I decided how many mile I would run. Whatever distance I don’t do today will be saved for Saturday morning.

A Saturday morning long run? I used to love them with Team in Training. We’d all meet in Southie, run and run and run for hours, and then Mal and I would get P.S. Gourmet to celebrate. It was a lot of fun. Oh, memories.

morning running shadow

On Tuesday morning, I set out to do a 7-mile running workout, which started with a two-mile warm-up around my neighborhood.

start crossing watch for vehicles

I headed toward the local high school where I ran a couple of miles on the track.

track use walking and running only

Having a destination in mind helps break up the miles a little bit. Instead of running 3 miles, I was running to the high school, which, mentally, just seemed easier. I also wasn’t as focused on my watch/mileage, so I was better able to enjoy the experience, including the sights and sounds of the early morning in mid-September. The leaves on the trees are already starting to change color!


After a 2-mile warm-up, the rest of the workout alternated 8:15 miles and 8:35 miles. I didn’t hit those numbers, but they were a great target to aim for. (My times are in brackets.)

  • Mile 1: warm-up [9:27]
  • Mile 2: warm-up [9:33]
  • Mile 3: 8:15 [8:25]
  • Mile 4: 8:35 [9:02]
  • Mile 5: 8:15 [8:23]
  • Mile 6: 8:35 [9:10]
  • Mile 7: 8:15 [8:27]

Total: 1:03 (8:56)


Of course, it would have been nice to hit all of those pace targets, but I’m happy with my performance. I really pushed myself during this workout, and I know I gave it my best effort, so I felt really great after I finished and not at all disappointed.

morning run selfie

I was just happy to be out there running, seeing some progress, and appreciating the physical abilities that I have. Sometimes, happiness is as simple as that.


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Questions of the Day

What do you have that you are appreciative of?

Runners: Do you stop your watch at traffic lights or let it run?

P.S. Local friends: Boston Sports Club locations are hosting an open house to celebrate their 39th anniversary next week on Wednesday, September 25th. Why am I telling you this? Because you can work out for FREE and experience their fitness facilities firsthand! Mix it up and go take a fun class!


  1. Nice booty workout! Lunges and squats are just great and they can also seriously help you reduce Cellulite if you do them regularly. Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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