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Our fourth wedding anniversary was last week, but Mal and I celebrated today (since I traveled 3,000 miles away from him on our actual anniversary).

We planned to celebrate with a late lunch in Cambridge, so we exchanged cards before we started driving to the restaurant.

IMG_8586 (750x563)

My card, the one with the pugs on it, said: “After all our years together”¦ that look and those eyes still get me, doggone it! Happy Anniversary!” Mal and I have this thing about eyes in our relationship. I joke that he has big bug eyes and I often poke him in the eye by mistake””I have no idea how it happens so much, but it does. Even our first dance as a married couple was about eyes (“Fan of Your Eyes” by Tim Blane). Ok, we’re weird. That’s ok.

Mal’s card to me had two old people sitting on a couch on the front and inside it said: “For their anniversary, Larry and Linda tried a new position.” Of course, Mal crossed out Larry and Linda and wrote Mal and Tina. We have this long running joke about me sleeping on Mal’s side of the bed. For some reason, he won’t switch spots with me””even just for one night. I actually think it’s gotten to the point where I only want to sleep on his side of the bed because he won’t let me. Mal thinks the whole thing is hilarious, so now he’s really adamant about not letting me sleep on his side of the bed””but, according to the card, maybe we’ll try a new position when we’re super old.


For lunch, we went to Miracle of Science in Central Square. We’ve had a gift certificate there for nearly a year now, so we finally cashed it in today.

IMG_8589 (563x750)

IMG_8588 (750x563)

IMG_8595 (750x563)

Mal and I were both starving, so we started with chips and guacamole.

IMG_8590 (750x563)

For my meal, I ordered the veggie burger, which came with melted Jack cheese and a spicy jalapeno aioli. It was awesome.

IMG_8593 (750x563)

On the side were roasted red potatoes with a sun-dried tomato sauce. They were also awesome.

IMG_8594 (750x563)

My only gripe about Miracle of Science is that it was uncomfortably hot inside. I don’t know if the air conditioning broke or what, but Mal and I were sweating like crazy just sitting there, which didn’t make for a very enjoyable meal. We pretty much chowed our food and got the heck out of there. If you look closely in the photo below, you can see sweat marks on the front of Mal’s shirt. I had them dripping down my front as well.

IMG_8596 (750x563)

On the drive home, I picked up my new laptop. Hooray! I can’t even explain how excited I am about this baby. My current laptop is the biggest piece of crap (ever), so I’m more than ready to say goodbye to it and welcome my new HP Folio 13 with open arms!

IMG_8598 (563x750)

I’m usually not a fan of PCs (I’m forever a Mac gal), but I bought another one, so let me explain why. Basically, Apple doesn’t have a blogging software as good as Windows Live Writer (WLW), which you can only use on PCs (unless you get Parallels, but I’ve heard it’s kind of a pain in the butt and doesn’t always work properly). I’ve tried many Mac blogging programs over the years and none are as good as WLW. (Remember my relationship with Ecto? Ugh, that program made me crazy.) I use WLW multiple times a day for my job, so I sucked it up and bought another one. However, this time, I did some serious research (with the help of Mal and my friend Mike) before purchasing this laptop. I know it’s a good one!

An Inspiring Weekend at the CrossFit Games

Last weekend, I attended the 2012 CrossFit Games in Carson, California. It was an amazing opportunity and one that I will never forget. Watching the athletes compete in the various physical competitions left me feeling inspired and even more in love with the “sport of fitness.” After spending the weekend surrounded by some of the fittest people in the world, I now realize just how much CrossFit has changed my life””physically, mentally, and socially. (And thank you to Reebok and GNC; they paid for my travel and accommodations at the games.)

CrossFit could change your life too, so here are five reasons why you should try CrossFit. Haven’t heard of CrossFit? It’s a community-based fitness program with studios, or “boxes” as they’re called, popping up just about everywhere! Read more.

Question of the Day

Which do you prefer: Macs or PCs?

P.S. I still have two more posts from the CrossFit Games to publish. Hopefully, I’ll have them up tomorrow!



  1. Interesting stuff about Mac versus PC–for blogging. I just bought my own MacBook Pro last week, and also just started blogging. Hmmm. I’m sure I have a lot to learn.

    However, I’ve been using Macs religiously for years now, and that’s what they give us at work (I’m a teacher, and the entire school is Mac-based everything). Looks like you got a great laptop though–very fun!

  2. yay for a new laptop! i’ve only ever owned PCs so i’m not sure i can give a fair answer on PCs vs. Macs. i have used friends’ Macs, and i do love the look of them, how easy they are to use, and the lack of problems they usually have. i’m not too picky as long at is quality, easy to navigate, and has all the programs i need!

  3. I’m a PC girl, mostly NOT by choice…I’ve never been able to ‘afford’ Apple products…if I saved up all of my PC/Laptop purchases probably, but life’s crazy sometimes. Im so jeally that you got to go to the Crossfit games! I’m just getting into it (incorporating into my half marathon training) and love the use of your own body to make your best body! Just started following your blog too!

  4. I’m both a Mac girl and a PC girl! I just got a new Air, and put Parallels on it because I need Microsoft One Note. I like both Microsoft and Mac for different reasons, I learned how to edit on Macs when I was in college but there are somethings that are just way easier to do on PCs. I’m going to have to check out WLW, I haven’t heard of it (sort of a noob blogger over here)!

  5. I am a Mac girl…all the way. I had an HP laptop that died on me after 2 years and a number of visits to the geek squad 🙁 I use iPhoto alot, so I love my Macbook….HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

  6. Ecto is the worst! If I were a “real” blogger, I’d totally get a PC for WLW. My S.O. is a hardcore Windows advocate, so when my MacBook finally gives up the ghost I’ll probably go for a PC.. even if only for the sake of peace in the home 🙂

    By the way, I don’t think your link to 5 reasons to try CrossFit is right! (I mean, Cameron Diaz counts for a lot, but..)

  7. congrats on the anniversary! those cards are super cute! 🙂

    glad you got rid of your crappy laptop. I’m more of a mac fan also but the price difference plays a big factor for me.

    did it come with a free windows 8 upgrade? if so, i’d stay away from it. it looks like it’s going to be a disaster. lol!

  8. Yay for a nice anniversary celebration…and a new computer! I’m forever a Mac girl myself but I agree with you that the blogging tools for Mac are just subpar. Excited to see what you think of the Folio 13 as I’m going to be in the market for a new computer myself shortly!

  9. I’m a Mac girl but I’m sure if I my profession was in blogging I would like PCs better because their programming is more compatible. I can’t wait to get settled in one city soon and join a Crossfit box thanks to your inspiration!

  10. I was just reading about some awesome restraunts in Cambridge in last month’s Cooking Light. What a fun way to celebrate your anniversary. I would love a new laptop. INteresting that you like WLW. I use it and it makes things so much easier, but i feel like you have alot more photo options than I do.

  11. I used to be a Mac only gal in college but that quickly changed softmore and junior year. Now I’m a PC girl but have both Pc and Mac at home.

  12. A little bit of both over here! We use a MAC as our desktop but I have a PC for a laptop. I am just beginning to understand how to use WLW and can tell that it will be very helpful for blogging but my PC is so much slower than my MAC that I have a hard time wanting to get on there unless it is a necessity.

  13. I would say I like macs better but PCs are more practical for work, and a lot of the programs I need for school are only PC compatible. Plus my computer is configured for a DoD network, and I’m not allowed to have a non-configured computer (ex. a personal mac) on the network, so there’s not really any point in having one.

  14. Macs are cooler of course but I can’t afford one. I have an HP laptop and it’s been awesome and reliable (knock wood). I haven’t used a MAC in so long and I’m so used to Windows. but I’m not an artist or designer so PCs work just fine for me.

  15. i love that you wrote about why to do crossfit… today was my FIRST DAY at crossfit, you totally inspired me to do it… and today i did and it was freaking awesome. i am totally hooked already. thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  16. So funny! During our first dance, my hubby’s nose went into my eye and knocked my contact out.

    As far as bed sides, whenever I’m restless, Kevin lets me sleep on his side and I feel like I’ve been on vacation!

  17. I’m a PC girl. I was a Mac girl even though I’d never actually owned one (just worked on them at school and for jobs) but after seeing what Apple has done with some of their latest models, I will never buy form them. The new Macbook with retina display literally cannot be upgraded- the components are screwed and glued into place to the degree they will break before you can get them out to replace them for repair or upgrade. If I can’t upgrade the machine or replace individual components, I don’t want it.

    Laughing at the switching sides of the bed thing. When bf and I first got together, he slept near the door, and me by the window. Then he hurt his ribs on side and we switched so he could still hold me, since he had to lay on his “wrong” side. I’ve teased him about going back to his original side of the bed but he won’t budge… lol.

    Happy Anniversary!

  18. I love apple for other tech products (tablet, mp3, et ), but I prefer a pc for computers. I have an HP 17″ laptop & I LOVE it! 🙂

  19. Yay for your new laptop and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. (A little late, but you’re celebrating late anyway, right?) Can’t wait for more recaps of the games. So wish I could’ve met up with all there. 🙂 Looked like SOOOO much fun!

  20. Hope you enjoyed your anniversary. I love the first two paragraphs, you guys sound so sweet. The veggie burger and potatoes looks so nice and healthy, it’s making me hungry. I love nothing more than getting a new piece of tech to play with. I’m more of a Mac person but I currently have a PC, hopefully I can persuade the husband to buy me a Mac for my birthday :). The only problem being that I want to start a blog sometime soon and if the problems are as you say then I may hold on to my PC.

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