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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Check out the (unexpected) scene that I came home to on Saturday night:

IMG_2669 (750x563)

IMG_2662 (750x563)

IMG_2663 (750x563)

The ugly bushes are gone!

IMG_2664 (750x563)

IMG_2667 (563x750)

IMG_2670 (750x563)

Whoa, right? Apparently, the landscaping project at our house started a little early!

After getting a bunch of quotes from different landscapers, Mal and I pretty much made up our mind on who we wanted to hire. We hadn’t yet signed a contract or given a deposit, and we only briefly talked about what color pavers we wanted for our walkway, but I guess Mal decided to pull the trigger and just get it done, so the landscaping company started the demo on Saturday afternoon. I seriously can’t wait to see the final product! (FYI: We’re doing the landscaping first and then the paving. It’s so exciting!!!)


Last night’s dinner was delicious, satisfying, and came together in no time at all. Mal cooked some chicken the night before, so I just chopped up the leftovers and added them to a skillet with sautéed mushrooms, canned artichoke hearts, capers, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Easy-peasy and it turned out great. If you’d like to recreate this meal, here are the approximate measurements I used:

  • 8 ounces mushrooms, sautéed in olive oil
  • 1 14-ounce can quartered artichoke hearts
  • 2 tbsp capers
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 4-5 cups chunked chicken breast

IMG_2718 (750x563)

For dessert, I made Banana Soft Serve with Nikki’s Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie coconut butter mixed in. So good!

IMG_2724 (750x563)

Question of the Day

What’s the craziest/funniest/most unexpected scene you’ve ever come home to?

Besides the current state of our front yard, also on my list: the flying squirrel in my bedroom when I was in middle school and, more recently, Murphy‘s “crime scene.”

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  1. Very exciting to have new landscape!! YAY!

    My mom used to have a dog that was a food hoard. I remember coming home and she got a bag of chocolate of the counter and carefully unwrapped each one before eating. Not sure how it happened, but it was strange that she didn’t eat all the wrappers too.

  2. I remember growing up the first Fall when we had moved into our new farm house. We came home to a loud buzzing noise and found literally HUNDREDS of black flies buzzing around all the windows. Apparently the previous owners had not sprayed. We dashed around with the vacuum grabbing as many as we could and called the bug guys right away!

  3. I once came home to a wall in my kitchen being knocked down! My husband and I had *talked* about doing it, but had not made any final decisions, because I was nervous about the complexity of the project and trying to do it ourselves. Apparently, he decided to go ahead and run with it.

    It actually turned out beautifully, but at the time I was freaking out. He did a wonderful job with it–and I’m so glad the silly wall is gone (it really opened up the room).

  4. omg! we had a flying squirrel too! so gross. my family and i came home from vacation and there was a flying squirrel in my parents’ BED when they got into it. Never heard my mom scream so loudly before.

  5. This doesn’t have anything to do with landscaping. I don’t know if you caught the story on Crossfit that was on NPR this morning. It was about kids doing Crossfit – pretty interesting. Thought you might want to check it out:

  6. Not really crazy, but I had to leave at the last minute for a business trip, so though I am usually a neat freak, I left a couple of projects undone and stuff all over the house. When I returned my husband had not only clean the house from top to bottom but had finished my projects and washed an folded all my laundry. Such a nice surprise!

  7. When my Boston was a puppy we came home to our kitchen wall and cabinets chewed up. Yep, he took those sharp baby teeth and dug a huge hole into the drywall. I remember being outraged at the time but when I look back now(10 years later) it was really quite the funny scene!!

  8. once i came home to find none of my family there, but both dogs sitting on the front step! way to go, family, keeping the dogs safe and all! i really couldn’t believe they stayed put, because they both like to wander – i guess they realized no one was coming after them. yikes!

  9. When I was a kid, my parents, sister and I went out to eat one night. We came home to our dog laying in a pile of shredded newpapers and magazines, which was also strewn about the house, and a 12 pack of beer had 7 cans with puncture marks… Not sure if the dog drank the beer before or after her rant, but that explains why she didn’t want to move the next day.

  10. Well, that must have been a little overwhelming to see when you came home from a trip, but also nice to know that stuff is getting done! Hmm, I think the most random/craziest thing I’ve come home to is a shaved dog. One year when I flew home from Florida for thanksgiving, my fluffy little cocka-poo was completely short haired. She looked like a little rat, and I hated it.

  11. Oh dear, flying squirrels! I’ve never been home when that’s happened in my house, but my mom has, and she said it was really scary. One time she woke up to one in her bed! I guess living in the northeast has its perils…

  12. In high school I came home to the garages filled with 6 cop cars, 2 undercover. The house was filled with tasers, guns, etc, not to mention cops everywhere. Turns out, there was what was called “the rock burglar” who was breaking into homes in the area. My parents are friends with head of the police department and he asked if they could use our house to set up the burglar. Sure enough they did and caught him after a week of staying there.

  13. Well, this wasn’t unexpected to my family, but our neighbors were afraid it would be – when I was a kid my parents remodeled our house, and for some reason scheduled it to start while we were on vacation. So our neighbors knew we were out of town, and then saw construction trucks and a hole being dug for the foundation in the back yard… they were a bit worried and came over to talk to the contractor and make sure they were at the right house!

  14. A former roommate that I was sharing a townhouse with painted our family room an orange/tan and grey while I was away over a weekend. Man, was it an ugly surprise!! 🙁 She was so excited about her finished project and even more excited that she had used paint found in the “messed up” paint mix section of Home Depot. Did you even know you could buy messed up paint? Messed up paint = cheap paint.

  15. My dad sitting on the kitchen floor laughing hysterically, our little Westie dog in hand which looked more like a chihuahua with skin tight hair! He’d had a go at “trimming” her…it was so tight you could see her pink skin! Luckily enough it was during the Summer time but my mum wouldn’t even take her for a walk for weeks she was so embarrassed!

  16. after being in England for a week saying goodbye to my sick granny I got home, after a 10 hour flight, to a rotten smelling apartment… turns out my boyfriend (now ex!) went out and had a few too many drinks with his buddies while I was gone, got sick on our bedroom carpet and decided to wait for me to clean it up! not so much fun!

  17. Wow, that would definitely be a shocking scene to come home to!

    A few years back I came home to my pug in a crate full of… let’s just call it “mess.” lol He was all pushed up against the one side of the crate like “ew, I don’t want to get it on me!” Gag!

    At least your surprise was a good one! 🙂

  18. I was still living at home with my parents when my father retired. I came home from work one day, he purchased a boat. I came home from work another day, he purchased a camper. I came home from work another day, he purchased a pick-up truck. I told him he needed a job because he had nothing to do . . .

  19. I actually wake up to a crazy scene almost daily. I have 4 cats in a 700 square foot open plan room (the whole apartment is about 1000 but we keep them locked out of the bedroom/bathroom/utility room). Anyway, they dig things out of the trash (this is the latest thing from the new kitten), pull down our curtains, towels, etc., knock over their scratching post and drag it around the house. We can’t keep anything out because they are sure to destroy it! Our favorite thing to playfully shout at them is “This is why we don’t have nice things!!!” LoL

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