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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning, blog friends! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I had an excellent workout this morning: Body Pump (at home) + 15 minutes of push-ups and core work. I was exhausted by the end, but in a good way! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love starting my day with a tough workout like that! Feels so good!

Speaking of morning workouts, check out my newest Health post:ย 

Morning workouts have been key to maintaining my weight loss for the past few years. I like to eat, so burning some extra calories allows me to splurge every day. Plus, exercising puts me in a good mood, especially once I have finished a workout and feel accomplished. ย 


So, I’m not much of a bagel person. I like them, but for the amount of calories and lack of satiety, they’re not really “worth it” to me. However, the nice people at the French Meadow Bakery sent me some of their Hemp Bagels to try, so I knew I needed to give them a fair chance, especially since they are are made with all good things hemp.ย 

The deliciously chewy Hemp Bagels contain a whopping 19 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber!ย And they are vegan, certified organic, and yeast-free. What a hotshot bagel!ย 

Both the inside and outside of the bagel areย packed with crunchy, nutty hempseed, flaxseed, pumpkin, and sesame seeds.ย 

I toasted my Hemp Bagel and topped it with chunky peanut butter and banana slices. What a yummy combo!ย 

I feel content after eating my breakfast, but I’ll let you guys know how my bagel holds me over until lunch. Let’s hope it’s different than the rest!ย 

New Gig

I was recently hired to write for the Examiners as their Boston Healthy Living Examiner. Check out my recent post: Tips for healthier fast food. I’ll be posting a few times a week, so be sure to check back often.ย 

Question of the Day

What are your thoughts on bagels? Love ’em? Hate ’em?



  1. I adore cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese. It’s just a matter of finding a healthy alternative b/c bagels get such a bad rep now.

  2. I’ve never tried FMB’s hemp bagels, or any of their bagels. But they’re a Minnesota based restaurant. I really like their food. If you’re ever at the Minneapolis airport, they have a very nice restaurant.

    I really like bagels, especially with peanut butter or jam. I used to eat them every day. Now I only eat them occasionally, but they’re a nice treat.

  3. I love bagels! People seem to be afraid of them since all the low-carb stuff, and they are do have a lot of calories. But if you’re not overweight, then I say eat up! Especially whole wheat ones, or in your case, hemp! I’ve never had anything “hemp,” but I’ve seen it a lot recently and will definitely try!

  4. I love bagels, but they tend to just sit in my belly like a rock ๐Ÿ™ So I only have them once in a while when I’m really craving them…

  5. bagels aren’t the most filling for me either, and so i don’t eat them all that often… but that doesn’t mean i don’t love the occasional cinnamon crunch bagel @ panera. i like the freshly baked bagels @ whole foods, too.

    i don’t think there is anything wrong with the occasional non-whole wheat bagel & cream cheese, for anyone.

  6. I looooove bagels! They actually do fill me up nicely (the Thomas brand whole wheat has 10 g protein and 7 g fiber) and sometimes when I don’t need as much I will just have a half with some PB or flavored cream cheese. I would love to try hemp bagels, those sound delicious! Now, just a plain ol’ “white” bagel, no way, ick.

  7. Bagels are great, if they are the authentic kind. Most of the bagels sold in chain places are nothing more than a roll. The authentic bagels are well worth the carbs and calories, from time-to-time.

    The Hemp Bagels look quite tasty. I would think that with a combo of the Hemp Bagel with the PB, it would have a good chance to hold you, but one never knows.

  8. Your breakfast looks delicious!

    I love your statement about morning workouts–I completely agree with everything you said. Many people (even some who work out regularly) think I’m crazy for getting up at 4:45 every morning to spin, run, weight train, go to yoga class, etc. I personally cannot imagine starting the day any other way! It gives me tons of energy, and just generally makes me feel happy and confident. When you can run 10 miles before 7 am, you know that you can accomplish anything over the course of the day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I feel the same exact way as you about bagels. I have been trying to find the hemp bagels so I can eat my fav bagel combos. I feel like the hemp bagels are legit and healthy enough. My fav is cream cheese, tomato, basil, and cracked black pepper. Or smoked salmon and cream cheese.

    I just ordered some Alternative bagels from Western Bakery and they are only 110 calories, but have 8 grams fiber and 7 grams protein. They also have the Perfect 10 bagel which is only 140 calories and has 9 grams fiber and 19 grams protein!!! Kinda like the hemp bagels, but I don’t know how much calories the hemp ones are.

    Enjoy this lovely sunny Boston Day!

  10. Love bagels because of they are so easy but hard to convince myself to have them on a regular basis because of the calorie count. I do tend to always have a bag of Weight Watchers bagels which is a good balance for me and lower on the calorie range.

  11. Great article on working out in the mornings!

    I’m with you on bagels – like ’em, but not enough return on the calories. However, every now & then I’ll splurge on a bagel with hazelnut cream cheese from Panera!

  12. ah, I needed your morning exercise post today ๐Ÿ™‚

    I LIKE bagels, but they normally don’t fill me up either. I can’t wait to see how long this one holds you! They sound great.

  13. LOVE bagels. I remember in junior high every morning I would get a warm fresh baked cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese that melted into deliciousness. And never gained an ounce — gotta love being 12! Those hemp bagels sound great.

  14. These bagels look really good!

    I am personally a fan of the occasional bagel. But like you, most of the time – they aren’t worth the calories to eat them on a regular basis.

  15. I enjoy bagels, but I agree with you, that don’t keep me very full! Maybe it’s a psychological thing but I like to save them for a splurge once and awhile with some veggie cream cheese!! Mmm! That hemp bagel looks awesome though, especially with the PB!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day Tina!

  16. MM I love bagels. There is a place near me that sells a whole wheat variety of my favorite – an everything bagel! I tend to save bagels for weekend brunches though, because it’s more like a hybrid meal and if I get hungry in a few hours I’ll be ok!

  17. Congrats on the new gig! I actually just had a bagel this morning too. I don’t usually eat them, for the same reason – too many calories, but actually, I’m pretty full and I was starving before! I think it may hold me until lunch time.

  18. I don’t eat bagels that often, but I’m heading to New York tomorrow so you can bet your butt I’ll have a couple NY style bagels while I’m there, they’re the best!

    The ones you’re eating look very, very tasty. I agree, though, for the amount of calories and lack of satiety they don’t usually seem worth it.

  19. Definitely LOVE whole wheat bagels, but I gotta pair them with nut butter+banana for some TRUE staying power! Thos bagels sound great, especially with all the protein! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Great breakfast, PB and banana is one of my favorite treats. Congrats on the new gig. I read your article, well done! I got my workout done this morning. We are on vacation in Palm Beach. I am so glad our resort has a nice fitness center!

  21. I love bagels and usually splurge on a toasted sesame one with light cream cheese every once in awhile, but they have too many carbs and calories and not enough protein and fiber for my diet. I’d be tempted to try the hemp ones–they look delicious and nutty, but at 280 calories a pop, that consumes my breakfast calorie budget!

    Your Health post was perfect timing! I had no problems getting out of bed for a morning workout Monday, but the rest of this week has been a struggle for me. Bribing myself out of bed was a good tip. I haven’t been doing that. I DO set my TV alarm 10-20 minutes before my real alarm. The sound of the TV gradually wakes me, so it’s less painful when the real alarm goes off!

  22. I love bagels, especially bagel sandwiches with roasted veggies, hummus, and avocado! Haven’t tried this kind, but their hempseed bread is awesome and so filling!

  23. I love bagels. I eat them twice a week! Of course, I really try to eat the different ones now like multigrain, oat bran and whole wheat – but I will never give up my bagels! I actually find them very filling.

  24. I’ve seen those bagels at the store, they look so good and healthy! Your breakfast combo looks really yummy.
    I’m not much of a bagel person either, I usually only want a fun cereal combo in the morning and there isn’t much room for bagels later on in the day. At least not a whole one!

  25. I LOVE bagels!! Rudi’s bagels are the perfect size to enjoy day in and day out! I’ve been trying to find those bagels but can’t – hopefully I’ll be able to test them out soon!!

  26. I admire you for being able to get up in the morning and working out. I am NOT a morning person and I try to sleep as much as I can before work! I wish I could get up a little earlier and just do 20-30 minutes of running or cardio. I agree with you on Bagels, although I am a fan of them. I don’t eat them a lot because of the carbs, but those bagels look delicious! You made it extra yummy with PB and Banana!

  27. I love bagels, but I don’t typically eat them. Even though they’re sooo big, they rarely fill me up for more than an hour. The hemp bagels sound yummy though. I love that they have so much protein. I saw them at the store though and they were almost $6 a bag. Ouch!

  28. I loveee bagels. Those hemp bagels sounds like a great alternative! Love your article on early morning workouts too! I really need to get back into that routine! It is so much better than getting home at 8:30 at night from the gym!

  29. I try to stay away from bagels usually..just because I am trying for weightloss…if I do have one..I lean towards 100 percent wholewheat and flax..and eat a half at a time ๐Ÿ™‚ iv never seen hemp ones before tho! dang canada.

  30. I LOVE bagels!! I could eat them for all three meals! (I don’t though haha)

    Hemp one looks great! I am curious to know if it held you over!

    I am going to go check out your articles now! You’re an excellent writer!

    Have a great day!

  31. I have a love/hate relationship with bagels. I love them because they are carby and yummy and wonderful. I hate them because they count as 4 bread servings and like you said, generally don’t keep me full long enough for amount of calories that come with them!

  32. I love bagels, but entire bagel is too filling for me, I will have half bagel occassionaly with vegetable cream cheese. My fav. kind of bagel, everything bagel!

  33. Those bagels look delicious!! I love everything bagels since they have so many tasty seeds and I spread labne or peanut butter on them.

    I don’t usually eat them, except for special occasions or before a long run, since I haven’t found one that fills me up. Hopefully the hemp bagel does the trick for you. I’ll definitely be checking back for your update! ๐Ÿ™‚

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