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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning, friends!

I hope your day is off to a better start than Murphy‘s. Poor pug. His life is so hard.

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I started my morning with a humongous batch of overnight oats. I used up the last bit of yogurt from one of those big containers and then just got carried away adding ingredients. And, of course, by morning they doubled in size! Obviously, I ate the entire portion, no problem, but my stomach was so full! Haha! In the mix: plain yogurt, rolled oats, fresh blueberries, sliced almonds, chia seeds, cinnamon, and almond milk.

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Over the weekend, I started flipping through a book called Always Have Popsicles: How to be the Best Grandparent and Really Enjoy Your Grandchildren that my mother-in-law received as a gift. It was an adorable book and filled with all kinds of advice as well as ideas and thoughts about how to have a great relationship with your grandchildren. It got me thinking about my own time as a kid with my grandparents, so here are some of my favorites from the book:

  • Feed the birds
  • Let them play in the rain in a bathing suit
  • Always have dessert
  • Teach them to set a proper table
  • Always let them lick the bowl or beaters when making something good
  • Buy anything they are selling to raise money for their church, school, soccer team, etc.
  • Save your old clothes and accessories for dress up
  • Take them to church
  • Give them money to put into the collection plate
  • Always have popsicles (At my Grammie’s house, it was JELL-O Pudding Pops. Those things were frickin’ delicious!!)

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Speaking of my grandparents, they were on the cover of my hometown newspaper last week! How adorable are they?! This photo is from 1951.

Question of the Day

What are some of your favorite grandparent memories?

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  1. favorite grandparent memories? gosh i have so many – i’ve been lucky to have all my grandparents (besides one grandma who i never met) as an important part of my life forever! plus we all live super close which is awesome! needless to say, they all love their new baby grandson!!

  2. How sweet are your grandparents?!! I loved going to my grandma’s to bake snickers doodles and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She taught me all about baking, measuring and the pride of making something from scratch.

  3. I remember sleepovers at my Grandma’s apartment. She would give me milk with a splash of coffee in it. After dinner she would make Ice Coffee and we would go sit outside and relax. That was over 40 years ago! Boy would she LOVE all the coffee shops of today.

  4. That picture of your grandparents is so sweet! I love looking back at old photos like that.
    We played a lot of card games at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid, so every time I play certain games I always think of her. At my other grandparents’ house, there was always a homemade baked good from my grandma and we spent a lot of time singing together.

  5. I loved getting together with all of my cousins (I have 17 on my mom’s side!) at my grandparents’ house each summer. We would all cram into the pool and have the best time! And then my grandma would order pizza. It’s great to have such fond memories with your grandparents 🙂

  6. Your grandparents are the cutest! My favorite memory with mine was cooking them valentines day dinner long ago while I visited them on my spring break. They had never had fajitas!!!!

  7. Your grandparents are adorable! Makes me miss my grandmother, who passed away 10 years ago. But all my memories are happy ones with her. She loved to shop and knew all the people who worked at both of The Limited stores she frequented. My fondest memory, though, is of her teaching me to bake sugar cookies, and I still make them by her recipe to this day 🙂 Thanks for bringing back those good times for me this morning!

  8. We’ve never lived close to any grandparents (Dad was in the military) so every time we did get to visit, my Grammy would always take us out for ice cream. She still does. I’m 28 years old now, and my Grammy always buys me ice cream. I also still eat Captain Crunch with crunch berries in honor of my Grandpa (he passed when I was 5).

  9. We spent nearly every summer day at the beach with my Grammie. I remember digging out an ashtray for her so she could put her cigarettes out in it. 🙂 She was super tan and rocked a bikini well into her 70s (and had the body for it)! She’d always make us lunch (PB&J and potato chips) and make us wait 30 minutes before going back in the water after eating. I was lucky to have her around until a few years ago.

  10. My fave memory was throwing a blanket in the backyard on nice days and reading books or playing games. super relaxing

    Congrats on the Top 25!

  11. When I was little, my grandpa would let me play beautician and I would grease his hair with that pomade stuff and give a splash of aftershave. He’d dig through his rubber “lip” coin holder (anyone remember those?) and tip me a quarter for a job well done. The same as his dad did for his girls when they were little. 🙂

  12. What a sweet blog post! My grandmother was a lovely person, and I have so many great memories of her. She lived on a lake in Texas, and my brother and I would visit every summer. I remember her brushing my hair and telling me old stories. I remember eating chicken nuggets and mounds of ketchup for dinner with no judgment. I remember laying on the floor and watching afternoon talk shows with her when it was too hot to be outside in the sun. I remember her neighbor’s little boy coming up to the back porch nearly every afternoon, wearing nothing more than his pull-up, yelling “Popsicle!” at her. And she never let him down 🙂

  13. My grandma has a pool with this dingy garage where she kept a freezer full of Fudgsicles and Popsicle. I remember spending all day in the pool only getting out to eat treats. What a cute book idea. I might look that up for ideas with my nieces.

  14. My grandparents always had push pops. We would eat so many and I am sure it drove my parents crazy!!

    My other grandmother would always let me help in the kitchen and lick the spoon, beaters, bowl, etc. I also got to play in the rain in my swim suit. The city also had terrible drainage systems, so I would splash around in the flooded streets.

  15. So many great memories with both sets of grandparents. With my dad’s parents it was chips ahoy cookies with milk to enjoy before going to bed, and on my mom’s side, enjoying ice cream cones (not the sugar cones, the cardboard-y flavored ones) with them on the dock at their cottage in Maine. 🙂

    And instead of popsicles, it was freezer pops.

  16. That picture of your grandparents is wonderful! I love looking through old pictures of my relatives. I remember Grandma always having a canister of Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on any veggies she made for us, and she would let us use as much as we want. Kind of a weird memory, and it’s funny that cheese went with stir fry, too, but I still remember.

  17. What an adorable book! I love the advice in there. My parents always say that when I have kids they are going to hop them up on sugar and then give them back to me. I must have done a number on them! ha.

  18. That pic of your grandparents is adorable! How special. I love your “favorites” list from the book. Some of my fave memories of my grandparents house: drinking chocolate milk out of the Chippettes glasses, Velveeta Shells & Cheese, the trampoline and taking rides on my Papa’s riding lawnmower.

  19. This is coming at the perfect time as we just visited my grandfather-in-law this past weekend to say our final goodbye. It was so emotional but also reminded me of how incredibly special grandparents are! I have spent many moments these last few days remembering my favorite times with my own grandparents, and I will never forget taking bread to the pond to feed the ducks. Such a simple thing, but seriously so special. I never see a duck without thinking of them! I miss them so much every day.

  20. Jello Pudding Pops were the BEST! I used to love when the outside got icy and almost created a shell, yum!

    One of my grandparents lived downstairs from us growing up, and the other one lived right next door, so I saw both every single day. One of my best memories is going downstairs and having my grandmother boil me and my sister hot dogs for a snack, she would dance around the kitchen singing “they’re boiling, they’re boiling”, it was the cutest thing ever!

  21. Your grandparents look so cute! What a great tribute to them! My last surviving grandparent passed away when I was 5, but I fondly remember being little and standing on a step stool at the kitchen counter so I could cook with my grandpa. He would speak to me in Italian (he had moved to the US when he was 17), and I wore an awesome Cookie Monster apron that he got for me. I loved those moments with him in the kitchen!

  22. My Grandpa always made “kiddy cocktails” when my parents were over having their adult bevs. He always put extra cherries in ours which made us feel more special. My Grandma would always let us help with whatever she was making in the kitchen – my favorite was helping with the homemade apple pie – I can’t eat apple pie from anywhere else. Hers is the best! And the dress-up clothes is a definite must! I can’t tell you how many fashion shows my cousins and I had at their house. Grandparents really are the BEST!

  23. I have great memories when I was a little kid of my grandparents. I just wish I had grown out of my surly teenager stage to appreciate what I had before they passed away.

  24. My pug sits with his legs just like that! Wonder if it’s a pug thing. That is such a cute picture of you’re grandparents!

  25. Your grandparents are so cute!! Not to mention your pug!

    That’s a bummer that you have McDonald’s advertisements on your site. The more I’ve gone toward a vegan diet, the more and more I’ve learned how hurtful killing animals is for our bodies and the planet.

  26. I loved visiting my great-grandparents house when I was little. They had this huge 2 story house with all these neat rooms. It was a perfect hide and go seek house! I loved that my great-grandmother introduced me to lots of the vegetables (asparagus, okra, Brussels sprouts, beets) many kids wouldn’t dream of eating today. I always think of her when I am eating those things. She lived to be 87 and she never went a day without full makeup and a dress on. I loved that about her. I am still close with my grandmother and make it a point to either see her and talk with her on the phone weekly. She always took care of me when I was little, now its time for me to take care of her.

  27. That’s so sweet! I used to love figure skating when I was younger, and my grandmother (when she was alive) knew this. So whenever she saw figure skating was on TV, she called me to tell me. It was so sweet. I miss that!

  28. What a great post!! I would say on the list of things you put in the post…my grandparents did more than half of those things. They lived in south Jersey and every summer my sis and I would spend a month up there (from florida). They lived on a golf course so we would collect golf balls and sell them to the players at the 10th hole…right across the street from mimi’s…so fun! We also had endless ice cream, church outings, pizza on the boardwalk, and batter to lick up! Nostalgia!

  29. Love this post! I had grandparents who lived close by and grandparents that lived a 16-hour car ride away. Best memories – spending summer vacations at my far away grandparents, eating my grandma’s chocolate chip cookies and my grandpa’s stove top made popcorn, and getting to watch cable TV while we were there (such a treat since we didn’t have cable!). My grandparents who lived close by always had family dinner on Sundays with all the cousins. We’re all girls so we had a ton of fun and made a lot of messes. I still think of Sundays as a family day!

  30. My nana would take out her sewing box and give me scraps of martial and some old dolls and I would sew them clothes. she also taught me how to make pot holders with old face cloths. My nana is Italian so she was always cooking homemade food, and made Italian dressing. we went to hilltop one time for dinner and the waitress asked what kind of dressing I wanted and I said nana’s, she was so proud. also there house was surrounded by wet land on one side so my brother and I would catch frogs and feed them water from old snapple caps!

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