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A few weeks ago, the PR company for AlterG contacted me about trying their Anit-Gravity Treadmill. Of course, I was immediately intrigued.

As you probably remember, I’ve suffered a number of running-related injuries in the past, so I know that the recovery process can often be long and frustrating, especially when the doctors tell you not to run, which is the one thing you want to do so badly.

I can only imagine how helpful an Anti-Gravity Treadmill would have been when I was struggling with my injuries. With this type of treadmill, I probably could have run without pain, and I bet it would have bettered the outcome of my physical therapy treatments.

IMG_0013 (500x375)

Originally created for NASA’s astronauts, the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is used for:

  • Rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries
  • Treatment of neurological conditions
  • Weight reduction
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • General training to combat the diseases of aging

IMG_0008 (375x500)

AlterG takes pressure off the joints by using a pressure-controlled chamber to gently lift the user, which helps to normalize the gait (i.e. no limping) while still protecting healing tissue, which leads to a quicker recovery from injuries. Additionally, using AlterG can improve aerobic conditioning without increasing the risk of stress-related injury, so users can return to activities like walking and running sooner.

We are keeping our runners running (most of them) while rehabilitating them, we are getting them better faster, we are allowing them to return after injury at the levels they were before injury (no loss in fitness), we are increasing strength and tolerance to activity in a quantifiable way”¦

Mike Silva, PT, President & Founder
Foundation Performance

IMG_0003 (500x375)

In order to try the AlterG treadmill myself, I put on a pair of funky shorts with a hoop and a zipper around them. The shorts create a seal that is necessary to maintain the pressure in the AlterG.

IMG_0004 (500x375)

The pressure-controlled chamber then filled with air, and I was gently lifted”” enough to take pressure off of my joints, but my feet still touched the treadmill, so I could run normally. It was so cool! I can definitely see how this type of treadmill would be perfect for injured runners or those coming back from surgery. You can still run without hindering your recovery.

IMG_0009 (500x375)

There are only three AlterG treadmills in Massachusetts. I tried this one at the Life Care Center in West Bridgewater, where they use it mainly for the rehabilitation of their aging population.

I know how frustrating injuries can be, especially for normally active folks, so I just wanted to let you guys know that this option is out there. It seems like anti-gravity treadmills are becoming more and more popular, so, hopefully, people will have access to them in the future. As a runner, I would definitely seek this out if I were to get injured again.


When I got home from testing out the anti-gravity treadmill, I was more than ready for lunch. Thankfully, we have a refrigerator full of leftovers, so I made myself a plate with sausage, potato salad, and watermelon.

IMG_0021 (500x375)


After lunch, Mal and I had some errands to run at the Derby Street Shoppes, so once we finished them, we popped into Pinkberry for a quick snack. We shared a small Salted Caramel with yogurt chips, nuts, and Health Bar pieces on top. It was heavenly. Salted Caramel is now my new favorite Pinkberry flavor.

IMG_0027 (500x375)

Is it dinnertime yet? I’m hungry!



  1. Wow I never knew there was such a thing as an anti gravity treadmill! So cool and such a good option for injured runners. I must try the salted caramel flavor, I love Pink Berry!

  2. Wow it looks so cool! I’d be freaking out about only having that little hole to peak out of though. This would have been so nice during PT after my ankle surgery.

  3. My dad is trying to lose weight, but he has an arthritic hip (he’s actually having surgery tomorrow), which makes it difficult for him to walk without pain, let alone exercise. He’s found that he really likes running in the pool–it takes the pressure off of his hips enough, and he gets to run. I wonder if this machine would work for someone like him? There are a lot of people I know that want to get healthier, but have joint or other pain that makes it difficult. Maybe this is one (crazy looking) solution?

  4. My physical therapy location in the DC area has one of these and I am sooooo looking forward to getting to the point in my recovery that I get to try it out!!! It looks so cool…and after 9 weeks, I am itching to run! Also, I’m incredibly jealous of the salted caramel froyo. That’s one of my favorite ice cream flavors from Jeni’s in Columbus, but I have yet to see it in froyo down in DC!!

  5. Neat treadmill! but do you get as good of a work out in comparison to to normal run though? Because a main part if the work out is lifting your own body weight off the ground with your muscles

    1. @Tiffany: The treadmill is really meant for those who are recovering from surgery or injury, so you don’t get the same type of workout as a regular treadmill since AlterG takes pressure off the joints and body.

  6. Wow that’s so cool!! And is it bad that I’m more interested in your yogurt than the treadmill, holy yum! 🙂 And I didn’t know Pinkberry now has salted caramel?! It’s on my to-do list now to go there and get that asap! 🙂

  7. A bunch of the local professional Oregon Track Club Elite athletes use an Alter G when they are recovering from an injury or stress fracture. It always sounds pretty cool and a great way to ease back into training. Now only if the normal running population had regular access to these things. I think they are miiiighty spendy.

  8. Oh my gosh – I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!! I slipped two discs in my back in January which I was told was a direct result of my “active lifestyle” (aka running) and that I shouldn’t run pretty much ever again. That is so cool.

    Also? I want that Pinkberry. 🙂

  9. Hi Tina! I saw your post and was like, I know AlterG! In my full time job I’m in supply chain management and I actually ship the AlterG treadmills around the US as well as some of their parts, etc. So it was so awesome to see that you were able to try it out!

  10. What an awesome trial! I battle with plantar fasciiitis so this would be awesome to have during those times it flares up.
    I agree, Pinkberry Salted Caramel is incredible. I tried it with that melted crunch bar topping and it was glorious. Mmmm…

  11. First off, antigravity treadmills are one of the funniest looking machines to me. If I was to use them I feel like the first few minutes would be me laughing at myself:)

    But it’s really fascinating how they can create something like that, and it sounds like it would be really helpful for people with injuries. That’s really cool you got to try it!
    Just out of curiosity, how far did you run on it? Was it easier than running outside?

  12. I would love to have an Alter-G. They are a great way to up your mileage without risk of injuring yourself. Since I am a high mileage runner, it would enable me to (continue to be) healthy.

  13. My favorite toppings to go with the Salted Caramel Pinkberry are the crispy crepe pieces and the sea salt – omigosh, seriously heaven in a bowl. I get the mini size serving – diabetes, have to watch my carbs – and it’s still enough to satisfy any craving for sweets that I have.

  14. Did you feel like you were wearing a treadmill sized hula hoop, haha? That’s all I could think of when I saw the pictures.

    My favorite ice cream shop in Maine started making salted caramel ONE day after my last visit. Depressing.

  15. Bahahaha! That treadmill is crazypants!!

    I’ve never had salted caramel froyo, but you’ve brought back memories of rich salted caramel Berthillon ice cream in Paris…

  16. I was going to ask you how far you ran on it and what type of work out you got but I guess everyone had the same questions haha The AlterG treadmills sounds fun, though kinda silly feeling at first? It’s great to see there are options availablenforbthose recovering from injury. I know if I wasn’t able to run (and I run no where near are far as you but I do run every day) I would go absolutely insane. I think I would eat my own hand off.

    Pinkberry is the bomb diggity. And so are the Derby Street Shoppes!!

  17. That treadmill looks awesome! I’ve been dying to try one. I read that Kara Goucher ran on an anti-gravity treadmill during most of her pregnancy.

  18. That treadmill is crazy!! I have never seen one of those before.. I’m surprised I never noticed a feature in Runner’s World or anything.

    Mmmm, that fro-yo looks yummy! I still remember when Pinkberry only had one flavor!

  19. The Alter G is sooooo cool! Several professional runners use it to log miles without the wear and tear. On a different note, I’m so glad that it seems you are feeling better. Did you get on a program with your doctor? I know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect balance. At any rate, yay for real food again!

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