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Good morning!

So, you guys know that we are die-hard iced coffee lovers in our house. We’re also big fans of almond milk. Mal uses it in his iced coffee every morning, and it’s my go-to milk of choice when it comes to cooking, baking, or cereal-eating. I recently had the opportunity to partner with Elmhurst, and I am so, so, so impressed with their line of plant-based (nut and grain) milks, especially their unsweetened almond milk (aka “milked almonds”) and chocolate peanut milk, which combines two of my favorite foods in life: chocolate and peanuts. Helllooooo! It’s so incredibly delicious in iced coffee! 🙂

Now, let me explain just how “excited” I am about Elmhurst’s unsweetened almond milk. (You can also see why I am such a goober.)

The other morning, when Mal opened the fridge to make his morning iced coffee, he noticed Elmhurst’s unsweetened almond milk and asked me what it was. Apparently, I got really excited about the new product in our fridge and enthusiastically replied: “It’s almond milk with just two ingredients!!!” (I hadn’t even had my iced coffee yet, but I was pumped to tell him about it. Haha!)

After hearing my reply (and seeing my goofy expression), Mal just stared at me (probably with secondhand embarrassment) and then replied: “Wow. You’re really excited about this almond milk.”


Elmhurst’s unsweetened milked almonds is made with just two ingredients: almond and water. No sugar, no salt, no natural flavors, and it has 5g of protein per serving. It’s also GMO-free (hooray!) and free of carrageen, a common ingredient in many almond milks on the market right now. Never heard of Carrageen? Here’s what Carrageen is all about and why it’s a potential problem.

You can purchase Elmhurst products online and they even have a subscription option for the unsweetened almond milk, which means you can have it shipped right to your house every 2 weeks (save 20%) or every month (10%). We’re ALWAYS buying almond milk, so I especially love this option! And the chocolate peanut milk might just become a staple in the morning iced coffee! 🙂

Once my iced coffee was ready to go, it was time for breakfast, which was super simple and quick! The morning got away from me and, before I knew it, it was just about time for CrossFit. I spread some peanut butter on a rice cake and topped it with banana slices and cinnamon. Boom. Breakfast done.

At short awhile later, I arrived at CrossFit.

Thankfully, it was a low-key workout – stretching, row, and some ab work. I was happy to just break a sweat.

On the way home, I stopped by Cafe 53 at Rosa Farms for an iced coffee. (I also bought Quinn a vanilla macaroon because he loves them so much.)

As soon as I got home, I popped some One-Pan Roasted Kielbasa & Veggies into the oven for lunch and then hopped on 1 of 5 phone calls for the day. Murphy kept me company.

After my call, I dug into lunch, which is one of my favorite “recipes” lately!

Yum! I went back for seconds! 🙂

Calls 2-4 took up most of the afternoon, but I took a quick break to shower before hopping on my final call of the day.

After that call, I rewarded myself with a couple of cranberry almond shortbread cookies. (The owner of Rosa Farms sent me home with a bag, so I just had to see what they were all about. Verdict: Delicious! And they’re made by a local company!)

After that, I took Murphy for a walk, replied to a few time-sensitive emails, and then packed up for the day, so I could get Quinn from school. It was quite the busy and productive day!

Question of the Day

How do you take your coffee?



  1. I recently switched to almond milk creamer and an extra splash of unsweetened vanilla almond cashew milk. I don’t like *too* much stuff in my coffee, but just enough that it’s not eroding my stomach, haha. The chocolate peanut milk sounds amazing!

  2. Hi Tina, I’m all for people using a dairy alternative if they have an intolerance or ethical issue with milk products but if not, please consider supporting America’s dairy farmers. We are at a critical time with milk prices being at a 30 year low and many farmers are having to re-evaluate whether they can continue on. Without our farmers (many dairy farmers also grow corn, soybeans, etc to diversify their business), we don’t have food.
    Love your blog and support you no matter what your choices are! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  3. I recently starting putting a spoonful of coconut oil in my coffee, then a splash of half & half. I practice intermittent fasting (and have for years) and this helps keeps my stomach from eating itself during those morning hours. I am trying to transition away from half & half and just do coconut oil, but it’s a struggle. I have a little hand-held frother that I use to mix it all together and it makes it really smooth.

  4. So excited to hear about a new to me almond milk with protein. My daughter would live off of milk if I let her but I’m always worried she’s not getting enough protein since the brand we use only has 1 gram per serving. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Tina! I’m impressed by the protein content. Only concern for myself would be no calcium or vitamin D. Milk, mostly non dairy, is an important source for me. How much protein is in the peanut one? Even though it was unsweetened, it wasn’t bitter? Sounds amazing!

  6. Where are the tits on the almonds to make milk?
    It’s not milk it’s juice or liquid
    Call it nut juice
    But not milk

  7. Would you mind posting a link to the gray sweater you’re wearing in the pic with Murphy?? I’ve been on the lookout for a cozy cowl neck that doesn’t have a hood hanging off the back!

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