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Hi, friends! Happy Sunday!

I love that my only plans for today involved CrossFit. This morning started with some competition prep at Open Gym and then I ended my afternoon by cheering on the lady beasts of CrossFit 781 at the Garage Games. All-day CrossFit!


After breakfast, I headed to CrossFit to practice a couple of the workouts for next week’s competition with my teammates. The first WOD (rowing + Burpees) went great, and I think we have a good chance of doing really well on it. The second workout we did, however, was a different story. The weight is heavy for both guys (#115) and gals (#75), and there’s a ton of volume: 150 Double Unders + 150 Hang Power Snatches + 150 Pull-ups + 150 Thrusters””broken up however we want between the three of us, but it’s still a tough workout. Even still, I’m glad we had a chance to practice because it definitely gave me some confidence for next weekend. Before today, I don’t think I had ever done a Hang Power Snatch at 75 pounds, so I’m happy to know that I can actually do it!

CrossFit 781

For this morning’s CrossFit session, I wore my new (purple) Nanos from my friends at Reebok. When they came in the mail last week, I literally said out loud: “Oh, no, they didn’t” because I was so, so, so excited and couldn’t believe what I was seeing inside the box.

IMG_1103 (600x450)

I absolutely love the Reebok Nanos for CrossFit. I rave about them all the time to random people in person as well as on CNC as seen here, here, and here. They’re just an all-around awesome shoe. They’re lightweight and flexible, but stable at the same time (the sole is flat and firm), so they’re great for everything from box jumps to Olympics lifts. Oh, and they come in TONS of fun colors! I <3 them.

IMG_1106 (450x600)


After Open Gym, I came home, quickly showered, and threw together the fastest lunch ever, which was made with leftovers from the fridge: ground turkey + carrots and onions. It was super random, but I was starving!

IMG_1241 (600x450)

Mal also took his lunch to go: peanut butter sandwich and a banana. We chomped away while we drove.

IMG_1243 (600x450)

A short while later, we arrived at CrossFit Homebase for the Garage Games.

IMG_1244 (600x450)

We arrived just in time for the final women’s Rx workout, and we had lots of lady beasts from our box competing, so it was really exciting!

IMG_1249 (600x450)

IMG_1263 (600x450)

(Did you notice the “Morning WOD, Always Hard!!” t-shirt? Haha!)

We also had quite the cheering section from CrossFit 781.

IMG_1260 (600x450)

Everyone was going crazy yelling, screaming, and encouraging our athletes. It was awesome!

photo (600x450)

The lady beasts who competed today!

IMG_1273 (600x450)

The whole Crossfit 781 family!

IMG_1275 (600x450)

M & T!

IMG_1251 (450x600)


Between workouts, I snacked on a delicious Paleo chocolate chunk cookie made by Linda’s Cookies. Yum!

IMG_1277 (450x600)


After the Garage Games, I came home and immediately wanted dinner. I guess watching people exercise worked up an appetite? Haha! I made some homemade soup with cauliflower, leeks, ginger, garlic, chicken stock, sea salt, and pepper. It turned out so well (I actually told Mal I’d pay money for this soup), but, sadly, I didn’t write down a recipe for it. I just winged it and added ingredients based on taste. Ugh, such a rookie move. Anyway, I loved it so much, I ended up eating three bowls of it for dinner.

IMG_1285 (600x450)

I finished off my evening with some melted vanilla cake batter coconut butter. Mmmmm!

nikki's coconut butter

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite brand/kind of sneakers?

P.S. A reader sent me this article the other day, and I thought it was really interesting. Just wanted to share: The Power of the Placebo: How Your Mind Can Treat””and Prevent””Disease.

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