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I woke up yesterday morning and didn’t stop moving until my head hit my pillow late last night. I guess you could say my Saturday was filled will all-day action!


My morning started with a yoga class at Lululemon with my friend Kim. We heard there was a free class on Saturday morning, and neither of us had ever been to a Lululemon yoga class before, so we decided to check it out.


It was a “yoga for runners” class, so it focused on the hips, legs, and core. My quads were still sore from 13.3, so it definitely “hurt so good.”

003 (600x450)

After yoga, I said goodbye to Kim and then headed to 781 to watch our beasts do 13.3.

On the drive, I popped into Marylou’s for an iced coffee. Hawaiian Chocolate Nut was the decaf flavor of the day, so I ordered one with milk.

006 (600x450)


007 (450x600)

I watched the last heat of the day at 781, and then headed to Bob’s Muffin Shop with Mal and bunch of other CrossFit friends.


Bob’s is literally right down the street from where we live, but I had never heard of it until yesterday. (I know, sometimes I live under a rock.) It’s a great little breakfast spot, and the muffins look incredible. Unfortunately, we got there late in the day, and Bob’s didn’t have too many flavors left to choose from, but I have plans to get there bright and early one morning to try their French Toast muffin. Oh, yes, I do.

008 (450x600)

I ended up getting a grilled egg and cheese sandwich, which was quite tasty. Buttery, grilled English muffin = heaven.

011 (600x450)

After lunch, I went to get a manicure. I actually bought one of those home UV nail lamps with the shellac nail polishes, so I could give myself manicures at home. But, unfortunately, the machine that I bought just didn’t work””the polish was still wet and sticky after multiple cycles””so my nails were a complete mess from trying to do my own manicure. Long story short, my nails needed help, so I went to a salon to get them done.

manicure and new purse


When I got home, I made myself a couple of rice cakes with The Laughing Cow French onion cheese spread on top. Love this snack lately.

012 (600x450)

After I ate my snack, I planned to bake a batch of Morning Glory Muffins for our box’s Paleo potluck on Sunday, but I realized we were out of shredded coconut. I almost made the muffins without, but then I decided to quickly meal plan and just get our grocery shopping out of the way for the week. I meal planned, drove to the grocery shore, shopped, drove home, and put away the groceries in about an hour. No dillydallying!

grocery shopping for the week

Once I had my shredded coconut, I baked a huge batch of Morning Glory Muffins and let the pug lick the bowl of leftover mashed sweet potato.

015 (600x450)

He was psyched and really got into it!

018 (600x450)

While the muffins cooked, I quickly showered and got ready to go to our friend Mike’s birthday party. Hi, Ping!

023 (450x600)

I <3 Ping.

028 (450x600)

024 (600x450)

We celebrated Mike’s birthday with pizza.

029 (600x450)

030 (450x600)


025 (450x600)

And lots of laughs!

036 (600x450)

Mal and I (and Murphy) didn’t get home until almost midnight, so we headed straight to bed. It was quite an action-packed and fun-filled day!

Question of the Day

How was your Saturday? What’d you do?

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  1. Tina–in case you’re looking for another option–I bought the Red Carpet brand of DIY shellac-like nails from Ulta . . . and I love it. Works perfectly. I think they sell two different lights, and I bought the more expensive one ($50 versus $20), but like I said, it’s worked really well for me. I’ve been using it for about a year and half now. 🙂

  2. That looks like one productive day! I spent the day cooking and cleaning. Nothing too exciting. It is a work weekend so I can’t get away from the computer. Noticing your Fage yogurt (LOVE) but wanted to check to see if you had tried the new (at least to me) Chobani banana or the pear yogurts? Just had the pear one this week for breakfast one day and I adored it.

  3. I got a 5 mile run in (was supposed to be 10 but lack of carbs made my too dizzy. Need to fuel properly.) THEN I made the most amazing steaks with grass-fed garlic and herb butter on top. This was after forgetting my big huge pizza I bought at the checkout in the store. When you have a crazy child… you want in and out.

  4. That is a busy day! I spent yesterday morning in Cape Cod (went for a 3 day mini vacation), drove to Boston to visit friends and then drove home to CT. I finally went to Mary Lou’s (aka iced coffee heaven) yesterday! I got a Milky Wey iced coffee and it was so good!

  5. The first time I used my gel kit at home I was not happy! But if you follow all the steps and your nails are sticky at the end, you just need to wipe them off with some rubbing alcohol and you should be good to go!

  6. The polish will stay sticky until you wipe it with alcohol! Give that a try. Also, the polish you use has to be gel polish. Hope it works!

      1. I was going to comment about the stickiness. I use these alcohol wipes, but I’m sure a bottle and some cotton pads would work too. It’ll take the sticky right off. Also make sure to check your brand, some you’ll need a base coat, the color and a top coat. If you buff your nails a little before it seems to stay better too. It’s a bit of a learning curve but once you get it, it’s a piece of cake!

  7. Wow! Way to go on meal planning, grocery shopping and putting away groceries in an hour! Those three things are like all day events for me with a toddler! Going to the grocery store takes SO much longer when you have an almost 2 year old chatting your ear off the entire time. Entertaining though 🙂
    I would love to try Marylou’s someday! Yum!

  8. My Saturday included: 2 ingredient pancakes, crazy HIIT workout that kicked my butt, meal planning, recipe finding, dinner, and blogging.
    The first thing I’m doing when I go to Boston is to go to marylous!!!! Yum:)

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend so far! We went to see Oz yesterday, which I thought was really good. Afterwards we explored Ikea because I had a gift card to spend. Overall, it was a wonderful day!

  10. Hahahahahah that picture of Ping is HILARIOUS. I love pictures of dogs sitting up. It’s so unnatural looking! 🙂 Props to getting all that accomplished in an hour- I can barely get out of the store in an hour!

  11. We went to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens and enjoyed the sunshine, and then headed down to the river walk to wander around. Afterwards we had an amazing dinner at Boudro’s and then went home to finally watch Les Miserables! 🙂

  12. My morning fitness class was cancelled so I went for a brisk 90 minute walk instead, got meat from the butcher, walked to the shops and scored some Calvin Klein undies on sale (they do great bras), walked home, blogged, cooked dinner (gingery broccoli and beef!) and had a DVD fest with my man. Good times.

  13. I just love lululemon yoga. The store that hosts it by me always switches instructors and styles of yoga so it’s nice to get a good mix.

  14. I would love to try a Lulu yoga class!
    I have days like that where we are moving non stop. Luckily this weekend has had a lot more down time for basketball and relaxation!

  15. Looks like a fun day! I use the Sensationail UV kit and Red Carpet colors; both are awesome, though I would stray away from the colors with sparkles in them because they are pretty sheer and runny. I think you also need to wipe your nails with a bottle of cleanser (I think Red Carpet brand sells one) when you are done to remove the sticky feeling.

  16. Omgoodness how much do you love Cards Against Humanity?? I have legitimately almost peed my pants from laughing so hard during that game 🙂

  17. Tina! Thanks so much for the suggestion of the laughing cow cheese wedge with a rice cake for a snack. I have been trying to find healthier snacks lately, but could NEVER find something to replace my cheese craving, but this snack does the trick! I didn’t see the French Onion variety at my grocery store, so I got garden vegetable instead, and it was seriously delicious! The husband loves it too! Thanks so much. 🙂

  18. Looks like an awesome day! I started out with some yoga too, watched the cuse game (go orange!) and finished off with one of the strangest nights ever. Action packed Saturdays are exhausting but fun!

  19. I like to take my boys swimming on a saturday morning and then we like to and visit their grandpa in the afternoon. Nothing too strenuous.

  20. Glad you liked the Lululemon class! I’m always debating about whether to buy some of their famous apparel, but haven’t taken the plunge yet 🙂

  21. We had a relaxed Saturday, which was a nice change of pace. We’re expecting our first child in just a couple of weeks, so we’ve been doing lots of planning and preparing the last several weeks. So it was nice to have a down day! 🙂

  22. Love, love, love your nail color! You’ve inspired me to paint my nails tonight while watching the Duke game 🙂
    I’m a big fan of Laughing Cow on rice cakes too–my favorite is the light swiss flavor with raspberry jam on a plain rice cake. Yum!

  23. The sun was shining (shocker) so I did a 2 mile run + 40 minute at home workout; food shopping; work on the computer; mellow night at home. I went out to dinner with a friend on Friday and didn’t sleep so well, so Saturday was just getting through the to do list, which I did. I was dead asleep before 10:30 PM. HA! And I’m totally okay with that. 😉

  24. My daughter and I ran the Sandy Hook 5K here in Connecticut, it was cold but so glad we did it. We went home and had lunch and did some chores and then went out for dinner later

  25. My Saturday wasn’t too crazy. I had a softball game in the morning and afterwards I drove down to San Diego to pick up my bib number and goodie bag for today’s Hot Chocolate 5k/15k race. Instead of a medal at the end, finishers received a mug with hot chocolate, fondue, and stuff to dip in the fondue (pretzels, banana, marshmallow, rice krispy treat, and a little wafer) It was sooo good, just really rich.

  26. A French toast muffin sounds like something worth waiting for and returning for. Yum! I went to body pump followed by the beach on Saturday. I miss Mary Lou’s!

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