All About the Step-Up {Open WOD 13.2 – Attempt #2}

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I was all about the “step-up” for my second attempt at Open WOD 13.2. (Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions, by the way!) I did it right from the beginning of the workout, and it definitely proved to be a smart strategy for me.

step up 13.2 (429x640)


Open WOD 13.2Photo credit: Sean Burns

During 13.2, I learned a couple of “interesting” things about myself.

CF Open 13.2 (640x429)

The first: I make a lot of weird faces when I work out.

shoulder to overhead CrossFit Open (429x640)

What is that lip thing?!?

shoulder to overhead CF Open (429x640)

deadlifts 13.2 (640x429)


shoulder to overhead 13.2 (429x640)

As Mal says: “No one looks good when they work out.” Clearly.

step up (640x429)

P.S. Those “step-ups” were so much easier than the box jumps, but they still sucked, yo! My quads burned so bad at the end!

The second thing I learned: CrossFit gets me really fired up! I’m typically super easygoing, and it takes a lot to get me riled up, but CrossFit definitely brings out a different side of me””a crazy, competitive side”” and I guess I was especially in the zone with 13.2!

CrossFit 13.2 (429x640)

Growing up, I played all sorts of sports and never got fired up like I do at CrossFit””even when my team lost a big soccer game or I missed an important shot in tennis. Even running and racing over the past few years never really got me super riled up, but, apparently, I’ve found something I’m passionate about in CrossFit. (Maybe it’s because I’m getting older?)

During the WOD yesterday, I got a tad… ok, a lot riled up over a no-rep call by my husband, who was judging me during 13.2. My little outburst actually happened after the second time of being no-reped on the Shoulder to overheads. On the previous round, Mal no-reped me for not getting my head all the way through on the final rep. No big deal. I picked up the bar and did another one.

On the next round, I was being super deliberate with each of the Shoulder to overheads because I didn’t want to get no-reped again, but, apparently, I didn’t get my head all the way through once again on the last yep. I was exhausted and obviously fired up, so I didn’t agree with Mal and, um, let him know that. I may have used the word “bullshit” to express my dissatisfaction.

no rep

My head was through, damnit! Haha!

head through (429x640)

Thankfully, Mal didn’t care at all about my choice of words directed at him. He does CrossFit; he gets it, so we had a good laugh about it after the fact. He was a great judge and coach, and he definitely pushed me to get through that WOD. I couldn’t have done it without him, so I’m especially appreciative of him keeping his cool when I got all riled up. I improved my score my 34 reps (263) on 13.2 yesterday, so it was worth it!

I’m not sure if you noticed my new kicks in the photos above, but they’re the Women’s SubLite Train 1.0 from Reebok. Reebok sent them to me (as part of a blogger program with Fitfluential) at the end of last week, so I was excited to wear them for 13.2 yesterday. These sneakers actually remind me a lot of the Nanos because they’re lightweight with a firm, stable sole, and they’re awesome for CrossFit workouts””sturdy and supportive while being responsive and flexible at the same time. I also liked that the soles had a good “grip” on them, so I didn’t have to worry about slipping on the box during the step-ups. And, obviously, I love the colors of these sneakers. Black + bright, happy colors = love.

Reebok SubLite Train 1.0

A huge THANKS to Mama Donnie for taking these photos and getting my CrossFit “passion” on camera! Haha!

Question of the Day

What gets you fired up?

P.S. Check out my springtime smoothie recipe over on My Way Home! It includes strawberries and coconut milk!

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  1. Woohoo! I went with step ups, made a huge difference for me too! PS your new box looks AMAZING! Jealous. I feel ya on the crossfit fire, I feel it too! Way to get after it with 13.2, you’re so inspiring.

  2. Step ups totally saved me – even those were tougher than I would have ever expected! And I think we all make funny faces during wods 🙂

  3. That last picture of you… over head….amazing!! You’ve inspired me in so many ways. I love your blog & hope to some day gain the courage & time (3 kiddos & a part time job make it tough) to give cross fit a try! You got me running, and I’ve never looked back. Thank You!!

  4. Looking at all your Crossfit photos reallllly has me thinking about trying it out.

    Also, I love those Reeboks! I love shoes with bright colors and it just so happens that it’s time to replace my current workout shoes. I may end up with some Reebok SubLites!

  5. So last week we had to judge each other for 13.2, there was 4 of us and 1 of the other people was my sister. I looked at her and said, “sorry but we can’t judge each other!” haha, I KNOW that if I no-repped, I would have felt bad, if there was a questionable rep, I would have given it to her and if I hadn’t, she may have been pissed at me. Sisters are GREAT for most things, but judging is SO not one of them 🙂
    When I saw Mal in one of the pictures above I thought, “oh, I hope he is just cheering and not judging her!” I’m happy you guys could laugh it off at the end, but maybe for 13.3 you can send your “bullshits” to someone you don’t have to go home with, hahaha!

    And by the way, AWESOME SCORE!!!! You totally kicked some major butt 🙂

  6. Ha! Too funny. My husband judged 13.2 for me, too and I also got a no rep. Fortunately it was “just” on a box jump (didn’t open those darn hips all the way). I would have been much more upset about a push press.

  7. That’s very impressive… and very inspiring. I just started to do weights with my husband. I feel discouraged sometimes but this really inspired me to keep going.
    Thanks!!! 🙂

    BTW, you look fantastic even with the weird faces… :))

  8. I think other people get me riled up, if I see that they are passionate and competitive then I get the same way 🙂

    Workout faces were priceless! Made me smile on the dreary day!

  9. Nice pics! I mean this in the most complementary way…you don’t even look like yourself! Who does when their sweaty and lifting heavy objects. LOL! You look totally awesome and strong – weird faces and all.

    I’m not sure I want to admit this but what the hell… When I’m running and I’m into this zen state, really running strong and confidently and a great song comes on my iPod – say, Beautiful Day by U2 – I’ve been known to tear up/get a lil’ lump in my throat. I guess that’s my fired up!

  10. CrossFit gets me fired up too 🙂 But soccer gets me even more riled up! I become a crazy person…no joke. Profanity all over the place, elbowing, sliding, you name it. I think it is because I’m more familiar with the sport still than CF…once I’ve earned my keep I’m sure I’ll start doing it there too!

  11. Love the sneakers! CrossFit gets me fired up too, especially because there is one girl who just started at my box and has been beating me at every workout using the same weight as me. Very frustrating. But its fun pushing myself to keep up with her. Other things that get me “fired up”- people who diss New England sports (just because we win a lot 🙂 ) and people with no manners!

  12. Kinda full of yourself these days aren’t you?? Use to love your blog but it seems you love having pictures taken of yourself and showing us all how wonderful you think you look. You are in great shape, don’t get me wrong, but geez enough all ready.

    1. @Jessica Actually, I’m pretty pumped about the Open so I was blogging about my experience and score improvement from my previous attempt at the workout. Sorry if you think it’s “showing us all how wonderful you think you look.” That wasn’t my intention at all. It actually didn’t even cross my mind to tell you the truth.

    2. @Ellen: Wow Ellen, that’s a bit harsh isn’t it? My take on it is that it’s Tina’s blog and she can put whatever she wants on it. I realise everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but if you’re not into Tina’s posts maybe just don’t look at carrotsncake anymore? Then problem solved. I don’t think posting mean-ish comments benefit anyone.

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