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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

After yesterday’s WOD, a couple of my CrossFit friends and I drove to Northborough to visit the Wegmans. It was about an hour away, so we hit up Cumberland Farm for some post-WOD beverages. I added coconut and chocolate syrup and milk to my iced coffee. Mmm!

iced coffee cumberland farms

The three of us had lots to talk about on the drive, so the time passed quickly and, before we knew it, we were pulling into the parking lot of Wegmans. Hooray! We were pumped.


The produce section greeted us as we walked through the front door of Wegmans. The space was bright, open, and colorful with a good mix of both organic and conventional produce.


For the most part, the produce prices were cheaper than Stop & Shop. Just to give you an idea: bananas were $0.49/pound, sweet potatoes were $0.99/pound, and 4 avocados were $5.99.


After shopping the produce section, we found our way to the Mediterranean Bar (olive, hummus, and other deliciousness) and bakery.


There were so many amazing options at the bakery. I wanted to try them all! It took me a little while to decide what I wanted (cupcake with tie-dye frosting? mini chocolate dome cake?), but I eventually decided on cookies and bought a couple of them for Mal and me.

wegmans cookies

Other highlights from our trip:

Bulk bins!


Freshly ground nut butter.


Candy! So much candy!


The warehouse of booze!


Holy moly, the booze warehouse was massive and it had everything, including a zillion kinds of flavored vodka and my very favorite pumpkin beer.

imperial pumpkin beer

And $6 bottles of wine! Yes, please!


We spent about an hour wandering around the store and oooh-ing and awww-ing about things we saw. If I had to describe Wegmans, I’d say it was a cross between Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, and Target. It had all of your usual grocery products along with specialty items and prepared foods, but with some home goods and cooking/entertaining pieces mixed it. I think I even saw some exercise equipment? Anyway, once we finished shopping, we paid for our groceries, put them in the car, and then went back inside to the Market Café for lunch.


The Market Café was quite an experience. There were so many food options! There were sandwiches, pizza, and all that jazz, but what I really loved was all of the different salad and hot bars. Everything was the same price per pound, so I helped myself to a little bit of everything.


Lunch highlights: curried chicken salad, pulled pork, mac & cheese, roasted veggies, roasted Brussels sprouts and apple salad, General Tso’s chicken, spaghetti squash gratin, baked tofu, and roasted butternut squash. It was a fabulous lunch!


And here’s what I bought!


Fun stuff:

Tuscan Gorgonzola Dip


Garlic Simmer Sauce – going to try it with stir fry!


Ground dark chocolate peanut butter


Wine + beer


Cookie Monster cookie!


When I got home, I wanted to try some of my purchases, so I dug into the honey roasted almonds.


And then took a couple of bites of the dark chocolate peanut butter, which wasn’t super chocolaty, but still delicious!



A little while later, I snacked on some raw veggies with some leftover basil guacamole (recipe will be on Health tomorrow).



When dinnertime rolled around, I cooked up some frozen veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and Brussels sprouts), added some roasted chickpeas, and then topped it all with a big scoop of Tuscan Gorgonzola Dip, which was the bomb! I give it an A+.


I also ate some roasted sweet potatoes with dinner.


For dessert, I devoured Cookie Monster’s face.


And then ate a couple of rectangles of Hershey’s chocolate with almonds. Once I start eating sugar, I can’t stop!


Health News & Views

When I’m out with my friends at a bar or restaurant, sometimes I just don’t feel like drinking alcohol. Maybe I’m watching my calories or I have plans to work out early the next morning. In this type of setting, I always feel a little awkward if I don’t have a drink in my hand though.

At home or a house party, I usually have plenty of ingredients to make a tasty “mocktail” (an alcohol-free beverage that looks just like a cocktail), but when I’m out with my friends, I don’t readily have coconut water and cherry juice at my disposal.

Of course, I don’t want to miss out on having fun with my friends, so I started to get creative with my drink orders. Here are some of my go-to “mocktails” that you might like too! (I swear, no one will know the difference, but you, and your body will thank you later!)

5 Great Alcohol-Free “Mocktails” to Sip

Question of the Day

What new delicious food(s) have you recently discovered?

P.S. Just wanted to share this article that a friend of mine sent me the other day: The Now of CrossFit. The author talks about finding “inner peace through an ass-kicking workout.” I can definitey relate!



  1. I need to go to Wegman’s. I’d go for the hot bar and the cookies. That is all I’d need. I’m sure I’d come home with a full cart, though. I’m thinking I’ll need to make a trip there this weekend. I’m running low on some staples.

  2. Dark Chocolate Pomegranates from Sam’s Club. My vice. I recently fell in love with Publix, even though I’ve been there a few times before, but Friday really solidified my love for it. I guess I was always just going through the motions of grocery stores and not really enjoying my experience. I’m trying to take more time to enjoy everything in life, so I guess that’s why I now enjoy going to the grocery store?

    A food that I didn’t just discover but I’ve been on a kick with lately is avocado. cannot get enough. and hominy beans. Yummmmmm

  3. AHHHH. A girl after my own heart. Wegman’s is a Sunday afternoon treat for us every week. We go right after church! (: You need to try the meatless meatballs in the spicy thai sauce. They are BOMB… So is the chicken & broccoli… the purple cabbage… the wokery seared veggies…. the marinated mushrooms…. ahh I could go on and on! 🙂

    So glad you enjoyed it!


  4. I’m a Wegmans fanatic. My boyfriend works there, and we’re both from central NY, which is basically the Wegmans motherland. I’m so glad you discovered the bulk foods! Maybe it’s just the layout of my store, but a lot of people don’t realize that section exists. The honey roasted almonds are a fave, but definitely try the Tamari Almonds. They’re dry roasted with some kind of soy-sauce-like spice. Delicious.

  5. I LOVE WEGMANS! I went to school in upstate NY and used to shop there all the time and I’ve missed it terribly ever since. I honestly think it’d be worth the even longer drive for me to visit the one in Northborough. Nut butter stations?? Seriously that’s amazing. Wegmans is a way of life.

  6. Wegmans looks like a good time!! I recently discovered the blue cheese & pecan dip from TJ’s and OMG is it good!!!!

  7. I love Wegmans!! My Western-New Yorker boyfriend is obsessed with the place, and we drive out from Boston/Cambridge to Northborough pretty frequently to stock up, especially on wine and meat!

    A recent Friday date night found us eating in the market cafe, stocking up on the fixing for a Sunday football grill-out, and dancing to Toto in the aisles (okay, that part was mostly, or entirely, me). I’m pretty okay with that.

  8. oh my gosh, I need to go to Wegmans! I’ve heard great things about the store but the freshly ground almond butter and candy bins are making this a required trip.

  9. I’m originally from Syracuse… and I can tell you, the thing I miss most (besides my family) is Wegmans!

    And most New Yorkers will tell you the same thing!

  10. Wegmans is my local grocery store, and I always forget how lucky I am until a post like this one reminds me! Living in PA, I can’t buy wine in the grocery store, but the rest of it is the same! I love Wegmans!

  11. I’m really into all the mocktails lately! My dad has UC and Crohns and I have Celiac, so my family is all super aware of the ins and outs of those kind of diseases (pun…not intended, but appreciated). But even with my friends now I think I’ve just come to the realization that for me, sometimes the alcoholic beverage is just not worth it. I will definitely be trying some of these!

  12. haha…that’s so funny because when I saw you write about going to Wegman’s…I was going to tell you you’re going to love it because it’s like Whole Foods and Stop and Shop combined! I love Weggies – my Mom has one 5 minutes from her house so I always stop when I visit her. They have $5.99 / lb. grass-fed beef (oh, and sprinkles by the pound)! I always stock up and freeze.

  13. I can’t drink these days due to medication and my favorite mocktail as of late is a ginger beer mojito. Mint and lime muddled together mixed with a good quality ginger beer. So good and looks fancy too!

  14. i love wegmans.. you described it pretty well. my biggest weakness is jalapeno poppers and they don’t sell them at wegmans, so it definitely has the health factor, but not as healthy as whole foods. you should try their pistachiu or cranberry nut muffins.. OMG! heavenly!

  15. I wrote about trying new foods recently!

    Anyway, I try to sample new things as often as I can. I recently tried grapefruits, which I always swore I did not like and I’ve eaten two whole ones this week! I also tried sunflower seed butter, which I loved. I also tried beets and turnips, neither of which I cared for. I definitely think it’s important in order to make sure you are getting a great variety so you don’t get bored with healthy eating and also to get that rainbow of nutrients.

    I wish we had a Wegmans! We did just get a WinCo nearby but it’s still about a 30 minute drive (Whole Foods and Trader Joes, also 30 minutes.. at least I have a Sprouts!).

    And btw- I just decided before reading this that I wanted to have the brussel sprouts I just picked up yesterday for dinner tonight with some black beans on tostadas!

  16. I love Wegmans! I think it will blow alot of grocery stores out of the water when it spreads more. I am originally from upstate NY where the chain originated and not a shopping experience goes by where I wish I was at Weggies 🙂 They have great produce, meats and fresh tasting to-go meals (I def. recommend the chinese food). Glad to hear that someone is giving the store a fighting chance to make it in the sometimes overwhelming world of grocery stores.

  17. Like everyone who hails from Upstate NY going to Wegmans is like a trip to Mecca. I’m excited they are in Central Mass now, just wish it was close enough to be my everyday store…but then I would likely buy their amazing Coconut Cake way too often.

  18. I have never even heard of Wegmans but now I feel the need to go find one!

    I’ve recently been obsessed with the recipe for hummus quinoa cakes. They are so, so tasty and easy! Also totally in love with cherry M&Ms. The quinoa balances the chocolate, right? 🙂

  19. Wegmans looks so good! Sort of like a Whole Foods but more candy? There’s a local chain here in Minnesota that seems like it might be fairly similar. It’s called Kowalski’s and their prepared foods section is to die for. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, definitely check it out. 🙂

  20. Roasted veggie fries of various types! More specifically right now I’m really into carrot and zucchini. Just cut them into “fry” shapes as best you can, mix them up with olive oil and seasonings of your choice (I like mine spicy), and bake them at 425 for 20-25 minutes and like wow… wow.

    Also edamame with parmesan cheese, olive oil, and garlic powder roasted at 425 for about 20 minutes.

  21. I WISH I had your problem of not feeling like drinking when I’m out with my friends at a restaurant or bar! Haha! My newest food favorite is greek yogurt, Wheat Chex, and ‘Polvihlo Doce’ aka Brazilian tapioca flour. OH how I LOVE to make Brazilian cheese bread with the tapioca flour – it’s AMAZING! (and gluten free, too, which I’m not gluten free, but I know a lot of people are these days)

  22. Thanks for the mocktails ideas. I recently have cut back on drinking and found my go to to be a club soda mixed with a little cranberry juice. It is actually quite refreshing and most assume I am drinking a vodka and cranberry. What they don’t know won’t hurt them 🙂

  23. Wegman’s is THE BEST! I am a Buffalo native, and when I go home for a visit Wegman’s is pretty much the first stop I make when I get there, and the last spot I hit before leaving…and often a stop or two will happen in-between (like many, I am seriously obsessed). And I get oddly excited when other people love it too! So happy its making the rounds throughout the northeast! Glad you enjoyed the trip, and props on hitting up the cheese spreads, next time try the asiago/cheddar! 🙂

  24. I feel like the west coast is missin out! No Publix or Wegmans…at least we have Trader Joes. My new favorite thing is TJ’s pizza dough, so cheap and so good!

  25. There is a Wegman’s opening a few miles from me by the summer, I think. I CAN’T WAIT – especially after reading your post!

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