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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Husband + pug + beer + grilling on the back porch = a winning combination! :mrgreen:

Mal, Murphy, and I had a nice time hanging out and enjoying the evening last night. The unseasonably warm weather puts me in the BEST mood””it actually puts us all in a great mood. There were lots of laughs on the porch last night!


While Mal and I sipped beers, chatted, and grilled-up the chicken for dinner, Murphy enjoyed a Peanut Butter Kong. We add peanut butter to his Kong toy and then freeze it, so it takes him quite awhile to lick it all out. He loves it.

IMG_1444 (900x675)

Check out that pug talon! Murphy has huge paws for a pug. Actually, he’s just huge, in general, for a pug.

IMG_1440 (900x675)

Ha! Love the face, Murph.

IMG_1448 (900x655)


When we realized the weather was going to be so gorgeous last night, Mal and I nixed our plans for Balsamic-Ginger Lettuce Cups and did our own thing. We still had lettuce wraps for dinner, but we used grilled chicken, brown rice, scallions, and tomatoes in the mix.

IMG_1454 (900x675)

I also added Caramelized Onion Dip to my lettuce wraps (I ate four), and Mal added soy sauce to his. They were so delicious, and we decided that we need to eat them more often. Lettuce wraps are such an easy meal””pretty much any ingredient works in them!

IMG_1458 (900x675)

After dinner, I enjoyed a Butterscotch Oatmeal Bar. Love.

IMG_1461 (900x675)

Be back soon with a fun post””it involves an interview and a giveaway!

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  1. wow, Murphy is huge! he looks like a tiny dog in the pictures of him by himself but then next to you he looks like a monster. LOL! so cute!

  2. oh wow I really like lettuce wraps too! and those in particular look delicious!
    I love the picture of murphys paw! I have a tea cup yorkie who weighs about three pounds but I swear at least a pound of it is his ginormous paws! he looks a bit weird but hes my baby and I love him haha

  3. Murphy is one of the cutest pugs I’ve seen! Not that I don’t love all dogs and think they are cute.. but sometimes pugs can be kind of goofy looking- which is why they are cute I suppose! But seriously though- he is adorable! Looks like a perfect way to spend a Sunday 🙂

  4. Do you like your Master Forge grill? We were just looking at them at Lowed yesterday. Would love to get your opinion.

  5. It is GORGEOUS out. I am loving it!

    I am going to check out that carmelized onion dip – I made a fantastic dip this weekend with avocado and greek yogurt. My husband used it to make tuna salad today for lunch.

    I love dips!

  6. I’m in NY, it was so nice here yesterday too! I wish I would have grilled out but the grill didn’t have it’s cover on during last weeks blizzard so it needs a little cleaning!!!

  7. Even here in ND the weather has been amazing! It feels like we’re usually in the middle of a blizzard in March, but this weekend it was in the 70’s–perfect since my sister was visiting from dental school, so we could all enjoy the day outside together. And we definitely fired up the grill for some corn on the cob!

  8. those lettuce wraps look so good and healthy. you’re so right, they are so good for dinner when you want to eat fewer carbs and then finish it off with dessert. can’t give up dessert! 🙂

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