A Very Happy Weekend (Part II)

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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And here’s Part II of a very happy weekend!

After CrossFit, Mal and I came home and dillydallied around the house for a few hours and then headed into Boston to meet Elizabeth and Nick for an early dinner at Eastern Standard.


I hadn’t been to Eastern Standard since bunch after the run I did with TMIRCE, so I was excited to have dinner there.


I had the grilled salmon, which came with potatoes, fennel, and a Dijon-bacon dressing. It was awesome.

IMG_3172 (750x563)

I also had a couple bites of Mal’s cheesy potatoes””also delicious.

IMG_3175 (750x563)

After dinner, the four of headed to the House of Blues to see Who’s Bad, a Michael Jackson tribute band. After blogging about Madonna and my Life’s To Do List, Meghan told me that Who’s Bad was coming to Boston in a few weeks, and I immediately bought tickets.


At the concert, I ordered a seltzer with a splash of pineapple. Yay, mocktails!

IMG_3177 (750x563)

Check out the photo-bomber behind Nick! LOL!

20120929_202822 (750x563)

20120929_201430 (750x563)

Who’s Band was absolutely amazing! The lead singer looked, danced, and sang almost exactly like the real Michael Jackson.

IMG_3184 (750x563)

And it was quite a performance with a full band, lights, dancers, and multiple costume changes.

IMG_3186 (750x563)

IMG_3190 (750x563)

IMG_3196 (750x563)

They played a ton of my favorites (Thriller was a highlight – loved seeing the dance), so I had a blast singing along and dancing like a freak.

IMG_3199 (750x563)

It’s sad I won’t ever get to see the real Michael Jackson in concert, but this show was definitely a great substitute. I’d totally see Who’s Bad again too. It was such a fun time!

IMG_3206 (750x563)


On Sunday morning, Mal and I woke up early to drive out to our hometown to attend a special memorial Mass for my grandfather. It was also my grandfather’s birthday yesterday, so my grandmother hosted a brunch at her house after. I brought some Paleo Morning Glory Muffins to contribute, and they were a huge hit””all of them got eaten and a bunch of people asked for the recipe!

PaleoMorningGloryMuffins (606x606)

Brunch eats: spinach quiche, potatoes, fresh fruit, Paleo Morning Glory Muffin, and apple cider.

IMG_3213 (563x750)

After brunch, Mal and I hung out with my mom, sister, and brother-in-law for a little while before heading home. On the drive, we stopped to pick up the pieces I recently got framed.


And then hung them up. I love how they turned out.

Hey, George! Looking sharp!


Mal and I spent the rest of the evening cleaning, doing laundry, and getting ourselves organized for the start of the week. I love having a clean house on Sunday night. It’s the best feeling.

All in all, a very happy weekend!



  1. I love starting the week with a clean house too…great feeling! I’m making those paleo muffins ASAP. I had actually bookmarked the recipe a few weeks ago and then forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me! Have a great week!

  2. Oooh what a fun weekend! I love a good brunch with family–and yours looks delicious! I gotta try those muffins-mmmm!

    I too love starting the week feeling ‘caught up’ <–so nice! I made sure to clean the kitchen spotless 🙂

  3. I love a clean house on Sunday night…… And Sunday laundry! It’s nice to start the week off right with all of that out of the way.

    Those cheesy potatoes look awesome…….

  4. I saw Who’s Bad a few weeks ago in upstate NY! I liked the trumpet players the best. They know how to get down.

  5. Perfectly balanced weekend! I was a huge Jackson fan as a kid, the only music I listened to really, that band looks awesome! On the pull up thing form part one…got up on the bars the other day…I gave up after a few seconds! Now on a mission to do one!

  6. I’ve seen Who’s Bad a few times before and loved it! It took me a long time to figure out that the costume changes were so fast because there were 2 Michael Jackson lead singers. Did you notice that?

  7. Ah, I would love to see a Michael Jackson tribute band! You look awesome.. your arms are killer! Paleo muffins seem to taste way better than regular muffins to me. I always have some type of paleo muffins in our kitchen and my roomate has nicknamed me “Muff” haha!

  8. Ohmygoodness — I would have been ALLLL over that dancefloor!! And singing at the top of my very off-key voice. 🙂 I’m SO glad you got to enjoy it.
    Dinner looked awesome too! Very, very classy.
    I’m sorry to hear of your grandfather, but a memorial is always a time to bond and share what we loved most about our loved ones — I hope it brought back memories of some good times for you.

  9. What a lovely weekend. We have jut had a long weekend and finally the weather was acting more like summer is coming (although it’s raining again today!). Sorry that you are still not 100% and missing cross fit. I’ve only been doing it for 3 weeks and I now understand how addictive it is. I’ve had to take this morning off as I have hurt my neck (not crossfit related) and I’m already sad!!

  10. Dijon-bacon dressing?! Holy-yum! I love seeing shows at the House of Blues, it’s a really fun venue and the acts are always great. That Michael Jackson impersonator looks prettttty believable! Love the framed posters, too.

  11. I am obsessed with Michael and want to see the cover band! I have seen Janet in concert multiple times and their mannerisms, dancing, and singing style is so similar that I know that she is the closest thing to him.

    PS. You and Mal are so ridiculously cute!!!

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