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Hi, guys! Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a (peanut butter) wonderful start!


I had a nearly-empty jar of almond butter, so I made Almond Joy-flavored Overnight Oats in a Jar last night for breakfast this morning. In the mix: rolled oats, chia seeds, cottage cheese, sliced almonds, almond milk, shredded coconut, and coconut extract. De-lic-ious!



After breakfast, I headed out for a 4-mile run. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait because it ended up pouring all morning long. I’m glad I ran when I did!

  • Mile 1: 8:17
  • Mile 2: 8:15
  • Mile 3: 7:58
  • Mile 4: 7:47

Total: 32:21 (8:05 pace)

I have no idea where this sudden speed is coming from, but I’m gonna go with it. I honestly can’t believe I’m running miles in the 7:00’s. I’ve come a long way in the past two years!

IMG_6910 (750x563)

Those speedy miles were definitely a highlight of this morning’s run, but even more so was wearing a single sports bra for it. That’s right, I wore just ONE sports bra during my run. I actually don’t think I’ve ever run without doubling up on them. If you’re a long-time reader of CNC, you know this is a huge deal because I’m SUPER picky when it comes to sports bras because I can never find ones that fit properly. I also like a lot of support when I run, so for as long as I can remember, I’ve worn a Tata-Tamer + Old Navy sports bra for my runs, which works great, but, of course, is two sports bras and not one, so I am really excited about this new sports bra.

Introducing: The Champion Shape Scoop Sports Bra! This baby really works and it’s not ugly!


Awhile back, the folks from Champion sent me a link to their new Sports Bra Website, which included a “Bra Finder” that allows you to search for a sports bra based on your own personal preferences (style & bra size) and activity level (medium, high, maximum). I had never seen anything like this for sports bras, so I tried it out.


I ended up being matched with the Champion Shape Scoop Sports Bra. It had underwire cups (something I’ve never tried in a sports bra before) and adjustable straps, so it definitely had potential, so I asked the Champion people if I could try it out, and last week I received one in the mail for free to test.

As soon as I put on the Shape Scoop Sports Bra, I knew it was a winner. My tatas weren’t going anywhere and it didn’t give me a uniboob, which is something I absolutely hate about sports bras. Uniboobs are the worst. They look weird and feel incredibly uncomfortable, especially when running. I avoid them at all costs.


The Champion Shape Scoop Sports Bra was super comfortable and held everything in place during my run today. It didn’t move around or chafe either. I’m a huge fan of this sports bra, and I’m still amazed I could wear it by itself on a run””first one ever!


After my run, I did some errands and then headed home for lunch. On the menu: turkey, red onion, and mustard wrap with roasted Brussels sprouts on the side.



A little while later, I whipped up a smoothie with a frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, and almond milk. It was quite delicious!

IMG_6969 (563x750)

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite brand/kind of sports bra?



  1. Even though there are already 100+ compliments regarding your KILLER abs, I have to add another – HOLY moly, you should be so proud of that pack. Seriously, you could be on the front of any health/fitness mag with that toned, FLAT stomach (no Photoshop needed!).

    Have you seen a big difference in your abs with x-fit? You’ve always had a nice stomach, but now — WOW!!!

  2. Bummer…. I was totally excited about the sports bras, but as usual, they dont have the Maximum strength ones in my size. 🙁

  3. Holy abs, indeed! Very inspirational!

    I am pretty surprised to read about (from more than just you) bloggers using more than one sports bra – I am not small nor big but it never crossed my mind to use more than one. In any case, I am definitely going to try a few more Champion bras on my next trip out – the underwire in a sports bra intrigues me in this version, too…

  4. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I haven’t been able to find a bra that works! I seriously wear three or four bras when I run, and I can barely breath because they are so constricting. I will definitely have to try this one!!

  5. ThaNks for the recommendation! I’m planning to try the champion one out. Do you have any recommendations for regular bras? Seems like we might. similar sizes and I always have trouble finding a good one.

    1. @DMD: I buy my bras at Intimacy (there are locations around the country) and my favorite bra ever is the PrimaDonna Plunge Bra. They’re so comfortable and super flattering!

  6. PLEASE! write a post about what you think you’re doing that’s given you those abs!! As in, what do you think are the x-fit exercises that are contributing to that tummy!

    Also- it appears like you’ve really cut back on how much you’re eating. Seems like you’re not ‘indulging’ at all…no cookie Friday anymore? Are you focusing on your looks these days more so than before? Do you think its a focus on your tummy that’s given you the results?

    Thanks for any insight!

  7. Wow great abs! If those came with the bra I’d never take it off 🙂 I wear ones from Old Navy that I like but I’m going to check out that bra finder…

  8. That bra finder thing is such a great idea! I tend to have a hard time finding good sports bras too, and pretty much just accepted the whole uniboob thing… But I am definitely going to have to check this bra out – it seems like it is both stylish and functional!

  9. That bra is pretty cute for a sports bra! And I’m kicking myself for not thinking of making overnight oats in almost-empty nut butter jars. I always just rinse and recycle when I could’ve been using the last little bits in breakfast!

    Anyway, sports bras: love, Love, LOVE my Panache sports bra (I don’t even think it has a style name, it’s just their only sports bra). I would seriously pay hundreds of dollars for it. It’s comfy, relatively cute (shape and style), and my boobs barely move. (I have Freya’s underwire sports bra too and while it definitely keeps things immobile, it gives a terrible pointy shape that I just can’t get past. So I only use it when my Panache ones are in the laundry, or when it’s so cold out I have shape-hiding layers on anyway.)

  10. Hi! I’m new to your blog. I quite enjoy the mix of crossfit, food provisions and of course Murphy. I recently got into Crossfit. I’ve been going to Crossfit for about 8 months now. I’ve gone through and read a few of your posts regarding sports bras. I was very happy to see that you tried Champion. I’ve been wearing and praising Champion sports bras for about 15 years now. I’ve been a size DD or DDD ever since I developed. I also played soccer and volleyball most of my life. Champion was the only brand that did any justice. I never doubled up but then again, I never found a need to either with Champion. Thanks for sharing your ventures. Buying and testing sports bras isn’t exactly a cheap practice. It is nice to get some insight.

  11. What size bra do you wear. I usually wear a 38C or 38D cup….usually the 38D cup works, and practically no sports bra works for me as a runner……..who is designing these???? men??????????? What size are you normally, that makes all the difference. The bigger you are, the harder it is to find something that works. I want to buy it all right, but want to consider your size in this observation.

  12. Bra finder didn’t work for me…32A, and I play volleyball, but that wasn’t an option in my size. ;_;

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