A Slow Start to the Weekend

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Good morning! Happy Saturday!

Last night, Mal and I planned to go out to dinner in Boston, but when we checked the traffic report before leaving our house, it said it would take us almost an hour to drive less than 20 miles into the city. Ahh, no thanks. So we came up with a Plan B, which was having dinner closer to home at Stockholders.


Mal and I have been to Stockholders a bunch of times in the past, but when we went there more recently on New Year’s Eve for a drink, we said we wanted to go back again for dinner sometime soon, so our Friday night plan turned out quite well.

Stockholders Weymouth

We ended up going to dinner around 5:30 PM last night (yay, early bird special), so we snagged a couple of seats at the bar, no problem, and ordered some drinks. I went with a Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, which is now my go-to wine at restaurants. I’m so happy when I see it on a wine list. It’s so good!


Then, Mal and I shared an order of Fried Mac & Cheese Balls.


They were so tasty! Cheese + fried = YUM!


For my entrée, I ordered one of the specials, which was risotto with scallops, chorizo, Manchego cheese, asparagus, and tomatoes. It was good, but not amazing. Mal ordered the Sirloin Tips, which were amazing. He shared a bite of them with me, so I had major food envy.


It was a nice, low-key dinner out. Good times.


Mal and I ended up going to bed pretty early last night, so we both woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. Murphy, however, was not as energetic. (I think he stayed up late watching Tosh.0.)

lazy pug (563x750)

Murphy was so stubborn about getting out of bed and going for his walk this morning, so I ended up putting his harness on him while he was still in bed.

super lazy pug (563x750)

Laziest dog ever.

super duper lazy pug (563x750)

He looks so annoyed with me in the photo below! Haha!

lazy lazy pug (750x563)


After I walked the pug, I whipped up a French Toast Breakfast Scramble with peanut butter to give me some energy before CrossFit.

French Toast Breakfast Scramble

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite way to spend a Friday night? Do you tend to be more low-key on Friday nights compared to Saturday?

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  1. Those fried mac & cheese balls look sooo good! Being a college student for me it just depends on what’s going on for the weekend whether Friday or Saturday is more low-key. Typically, I like a low-key Friday night of dinner with friends and Saturday is when things may get wild.

  2. I’m starting to become obsessed with the fried mac’n’cheese balls: great idea. As for your question: my Friday nights are usually to compensate for all the week’s work; I don’t have the energy to do much, even if I wanted. I prefer Saturdays for fun, often including family dinners.

  3. I went to the gym last night, thinking that it would be dead (Who goes to the gym on a Friday night?), but it was PACKED! Crazytown. It was a good workout, though. I like working out on Friday nights.

  4. I went to the gym last night, thinking that it would be dead (Who goes to the gym on a Friday night?), but it was PACKED! Crazytown. It was a good workout, though. I like working out on Friday nights.

  5. Haha, poor Murphy! My rat terrier Eddy is the same way when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. He always wants to snooze until the last possible minute (especially now that it’s cold) and I often have to bully him out of bed. 🙂

    I am all about the laid back, relaxed Friday nights. At the end of the work week I have a hard time finding motivation to go out and do anything!

  6. I am ALWAYS more low key on Friday nights! I rarely want to go and do anything. haha. They usually consist of dinner (takeout?) and a redbox movie with my daughter and boyfriend.

    I wouldn’t have it any other way:-)

  7. Hahaha Murphy looks hilarious in those photos! Fridays are usually pretty low-key for me. I’ll just stay at my boyfriend’s for the night & we’ll watch a movie & maybe drink a little. Saturdays are definitely more upbeat plans-wise.

  8. Oh my, those fried mac & cheese balls look delicious. Our Fridays are typically more low key than Saturday nights just because we’re both pretty worn out from the week. And sometimes both nights are pretty low key, like this weekend! It’s kinda nice when that happens!

  9. It depends on the weekend for me. My boyfriend and I are trying to save money, so we generally pick one night to “go out” and do something. Last night, we went to a low-key bar for 2 drinks, then came home. Tonight we have a birthday party. I am usually ready for bed by midnight even on the weekend. I am a 70 year old stuck in a 24 year old’s body.

  10. Low key all the way! Nothing beats catching up on my fav blogs, a bubble bath, a good dinner, and catching up on TV from during the week or reading a good book and an early night! I’m the “oldest” 24 year old that I know 🙂

  11. Our Friday nights are definitely a lot more low-key than Saturdays. I just don’t have energy to dress up after a long week of work! 🙂 We typically hit up a local pub for a few drinks and an easy dinner and then head to bed early so we can be ready to go on Saturday. Have a great weekend!

  12. I love low-key chill Friday nights! We had a very similar night, went to our fav neighborhood restaurant across the street and then fell asleep to a Netflix movie on the couch. I made your pumpkin protein pancakes this morning and they were delicious ! So filling and my picky husband even loved them. I didn’t have bananas so I just doubled the pumpkin and added a little bit of stevia for added sweetness. Yum!

  13. I am absolutely low-key on Friday nights! I work pretty hard all week and am usually too exhausted to do much, anyway. Last night I did a rec-room workout and ordered a personal-size veggie-loaded pizza because I’ve been craving it for weeks.

    I absolutely adore sleepy-head Murphy and actually laughed out loud at the very first shot of him peeking warily from his cozy spot.

  14. I love Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (grapefruit + mineraly-ness is my favorite flavor profile in a whilte), but I can never find a bottle in wine stores. I get really excited when I see it on a wine list, too. Even if I’m really in the mood for red, I’ll go with KC SB.

  15. Fried mac and cheese is SO good. Now I want some!

    What I want to do on the weekend all depends on what I’ve done that week. If it’s been busy, I like a nice slow night or two, either making dinner or having it delivered if I’m extra lazy. But I always like dinner at a local place followed by a movie, too.

  16. love Murph getting ‘dressed’ in bed! Ha! while I have a bed ‘potato’ (he’s a couch ‘potato’ in the evenings, bed ‘potato’ in the mornings) – all it takes is a shake of the leash (“did you say walk??? Woo Hoo!! Let’s go!!”) to get him running full blast to the door — no matter the weather, he’s my walking partner!

  17. I love low key Friday nights that involve a good movie at home and a lot of snuggling on the couch. It’s also always nice to go out to eat on Fridays – after cooking dinner every other night, I’m just sick of it.

  18. We love low key Friday nights. I’m usually pooped and my husband works early on Saturdays, so Fridays we stay in and watch tv.

    Those fried mac and cheese balls look amazing!

  19. I can’t believe your dog would rather stay in bed than take a walk! That is hilarious. My dog often will wake me up as if she needs to be let out, then when i get up to let them out, only the other dog will go out. the one who woke me up refuses to leave the bed. I really think she just wants the entire bed to herself.

  20. I usually have softball games on Friday nights. The times vary from week to week but if I happen to get home at a decent time, I prefer to stay in and read a book or watch TV. Sometimes I’ll meet up with friends but I’m so busy during the week that I like to stay home on Friday nights.

  21. Trader Joes sells some mac n cheese balls that are delicious as well! I try not to buy them too often because they can’t be that healthy… but they’re a good thing to keep in your freezer for an impromptu get together. 🙂

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