A Rest Day, A Birthday, and Two Cute Dog Dads

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Dude, seriously. My blog titles are the worst. Although, I hope they make you laugh sometimes! Maybe I need to hire someone to help me with them? Ha!

I was planning to do a long-ish run outside this morning, but it’s snowing/raining, and I’m a big wuss (and a little sore from last night’s CrossFit class), so I decided to take a rest day today. Of course, I could hit the treadmill for a run, but I’m just not feeling it. I’d rather be lazy today.

IMG_0013 (800x600)

I remember the days when I’d run in just about any type of weather, but now I prefer nearly ideal conditions for my runs. Ooh, how things have changed.


I woke up craving something cold and creamy, so Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and chia seeds were on the menu.

IMG_0008 (800x600)

I also ate half of a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese.

IMG_0004 (800x600)

And a glass of iced coffee with soy milk.

IMG_0003 (800x600)

IMG_0012 (800x600)

A Special Birthday

Happy birthday to blog buddy (and now real life friend), Theodora! She enters the final year of her 20’s today, so be sure to wish her a happy day! (I plan to make her do birthday shots when I see her next week!)


Question of the Day

Who is the cuter dog dad?


Obviously, this is a very important question on this Saturday morning. I’m sure you know who I’d pick.



  1. I wouldn’t say NO to either of the Ryans. But, darn, that’s tough to decide between the two of them. I think I gotta go with Gosling. But I can’t get over how adorable Ryan Reynolds was in Definitely, Maybe.

  2. Tina,

    I’ve been reading your blog for 4 years and I feel like it’s taken a turn for the worse in the past few months. You post sporadically and the majority of your posts feature endorsements… I get that I don’t need to read your blog if I don’t like it – but I really loved your blog a few years ago and I hope you’ll return to the old format! Sorry if there is something going on that I don’t know about which makes this post totally ridiculous, but I really felt that it was worthwhile posting.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, and I’m sorry you don’t enjoy my blog anymore. I’m confused, however, about your comment about sporadic posts and endorsements. I post two to three times a day nearly every day of the week, and I rarely endorse products in sponsored posts. (I assume that’s what you mean.) When I do, the relationship is always immediately disclosed and the featured product is one I stand behind 100%. Otherwise, I wouldn’t promote it. Plus, those posts happen only a few times a year.

      Hopefully, you’ll come back this post and see my response to your comment. For a reader of 4 years, it’s a bummer that you couldn’t leave your real name or email.

  3. If I saw both of them at a dog park with their pooches, I’m pretty sure I’d have to say Ryan Reynolds….no Gosling…no Reynolds!

    Can they just combine and be Reisling (reynolds/gosling)? Then it sounds like a nice wine, which I love even more….


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