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Well, hello, new coffeemaker!


Since we bought the exact same coffeemaker as we had before, we kept the “glass carafe” from the old coffeemaker and designated it the “decaf” pot, so now we can have both caffeinated and decaf iced coffee in the fridge at once.


Mal and I are just a tad excited about this.


I’m still lovin’ the Dandy Blend, but I’m all about switching it up with decaf Milk Way from Marylou’s!


This morning’s breakfast was a French Toast Breakfast Scramble with blueberries and almond butter and a glass of Dandy Blend with almond milk. (Sadly, my Marylou’s wasn’t cold yet.)


Over breakfast, Mal triggered the most random memory from high school. Maybe it was a Littleton thing or just being teenagers and not having any money, but do you remember calling your parents collect after practice, rehearsal, or hanging out with your friends, and when the automated message asked for your name, you’d say something like: “Mom, pick me up at the gym” as fast as you could and then hang up, so you didn’t have to pay $0.25 for the call? It was such a random memory and something I haven’t thought about in years (probably more than a decade now), so I had a good laugh about it this morning.


Did anyone else do this? When was the last time you used or even saw a payphone?

I can’t even remember the last time I used or saw one!

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I’m off to clean the house and get ready for a special visitor!



  1. i have never done that but i think its hilarious I honestly cant remember the last time i used a pay phone of if i ever have. Cell phones were pretty popular by the time i got into high school.

  2. Tina
    I dont have alot of time to cook breakfast in the morning and I was wondering if you have ever made your breakfast scramble the night before and then warmed it up the next morning. Do you think it would dry out too much?

  3. It’s funny because I always point out pay phones when I see them. I live in LA, so there are actually quite a few still around. I don’t remember doing that, but I remember being a little kid and trying to figure out all of the sex hot line phone numbers and giggling because we knew we weren’t supposed to do it. Please tell me I’m not alone on this!! Haha

  4. Remember when most payphones would take incoming calls so if you had the number, you could talk as long as you wanted- for free? LOL

  5. Sometimes I pin things but then fail to ever look back at it again. A few months ago, I got a little “pin-happy.” I created this board called “For the Mind” and pinned inspirational quotes not just for fitness, but emotional well-being as well. I had never looked back at it until the other day when I was feeling a little blue (which tends to happen to me this time of year) and it immediately lifted my spirits. I swear it works!

  6. YES! I absolutely did the collect call trick with my parents. I recently got locked out of my apartment in Boston with no coat, no cell phone, no money and needed to call my landlord. I ran around looking for a payphone to call someone collect and it was $15 to place the call! Although I was freezing, I couldn’t justify the $15 and hung up. Thankfully, a police officer took pity on me and handed me his cell phone!

  7. I have used payphones but not for quite awhile. The last time I saw one was this past weekend when I was walking thru Central Park.

  8. We have the same coffee maker – got it for our wedding! It still works, well, except that it only will turn on when the timer goes off. The on/off switch doesn’t work anymore. Random, right?

  9. Funny you mentioned payphones actually.. I’m 18 years old and have never had to use a pay phone before in my life. I live in downtown NYC and when hurricane Sandy hit last month all the cell power was out for days… it was so chaotic, I didn’t know how to reach my family in Jersey! I had to figure out the pay phone for the first time to call home… what an experience. The irony is that my mom had insisted on teaching me how to use a pay phone in case of emergencies and I barely listened…

  10. There are 2 pay phones at the long wharf / aquarium in Boston right across from Legals, i noticed them today…I have the same coffee maker, also love it!

  11. I went to Littleton and did the EXACT same thing in Middle school- used to be the high school- forgot all about it!

  12. Totally made that “collect” call from the gym after swim practice. My mom and I thought we were SO clever when we figured that system out…

  13. I definitely used to do that with the collect calling. In fact we had a “code.” They would ask for my name and I would say “Emily South” and that meant pick up Emily at South high school. Of course my mom would then not accept the charges and come pick me up. Oh pay phones…

  14. That’s a great one! My dad and I had it arranged so that when I called him, he wouldn’t accept charges, but he’d call me right back.

  15. Yes!!!! My high school was actually “long distance” so the calls were 95 cents, so I definitely did the collect thing!

  16. We absolutely used to call collect and hang up before anyone had a chance to accept the call. My Mom always knew what it meant but sometimes Dad would forget and accept the charge – oops!

    If you like that Angry Orchard cider look for the one by Angry Orchard that has ginger in it. I don’t like ciders that are two sweet and that one was perfect.

  17. OMG – I totally forgot about that!! I absolutely used to do that!!

    The other day, hubs was supposed to meet me for a drink and the place I picked was closed so I went across the street. His phone was broken and I couldn’t call or text him so I just sat there waiting. When I got a call from an unknown number, I answered it and it was him from a payphone!! I couldn’t believe he even found one!

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