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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I could get used to this! πŸ˜‰


I had a nice little afternoon enjoying a number of the amenities at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch.

After unpacking, I headed over to the fitness center for a 4-mile run on the treadmill. The gym was really nice– all new equipment, clean, and very spa-like.



There were headphones, towels (even cold towels), and water with fresh lemon and orange slices. It was pretty fancy!


After the working out at the gym, I wandered around the resort and took photos of cacti and palm trees like a true Northerner would. You don’t see these things in Boston!





I also snapped a few outside of the resort itself and the pool area.


Oh my goodness… the pool!!! I felt like I died and gone to heaven!






While working on my tan by the pool, I drank a fruity pineapple cocktail.


A little while later, I came inside, showered-up, and snacked on an apple before heading to the spa for a “polish change.” The manicures were a fortune, but my nails looked terrible, so I went with the cheaper option. (Personally, I think a polish change looks just as good as a manicure sometimes!)



I arrived at the spa about 10 minutes early, so I chilled in the “relaxation room” with Body + Soul magazine, which is one of my favorites.




I was happy to see that there were complimentary snacks in the room! πŸ˜€


I helped myself to a Carrot Currant Cookie and grabbed a copy of the recipe to bake later! πŸ˜‰


When it was time for my “polish change,” I picked a great color called “Between the Sheets” by Deborah Lippmann. Isn’t it such a fun color!? I’m obsessed.


I’m starving, but dinner is still a couple of hours away. It’s way past my dinnertime on the East coast! I might need to search out another snack.

See ya later! 😎



  1. What a gorgeous colour! I love your pool… and your gym!! Are those privacy separators next to some of the machines?! That’s crazy awesome!


  2. I kept reading “polish” as “Polish” and wondered how different a “Polish change” was to a “French manicure”…yikes. I must need more coffee.

    I’m supremely jealous of that pool right now. It is hot and humid where I live (not all that different from Boston) and I wish I had a pool.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day. Love the cactus photos. You got all three kinds ”” the barrel, prickly pear and saguaro. (Did you know the saguaro, the one with arms that looks like all the cacti you ever saw in cartoons, only grows in AZ?)

    I remember the first time I saw a cactus. When I drove out for my move to AZ, I came I-40 (which parallelled Route 66 part of the way), through the northern part of the state. The only cacti we have up in Flagstaff are the prickly pear (and darn few of those). On my first visit to Sedona, a little further south, I took TONS of pix of the darn things. And it wasn’t until I drove to the airport in Phoenix for a trip back to Chicago for my brother’s wedding that I saw any classic saguaro, standing along the road like silent sentinels. I STILL enjoy looking at those, probably because they’re still novel enough to be a thrill.

    Hmm … me waxing poetic about cacti means I’m up WAY too early! At least I’ve already eaten my OOIAJ. Now, back home to take care of the dogs. With my roommate and her husband out of town, they were alone overnight while I visited the Boyfriend.

  4. What an awesome resort! So jealous!
    I live in the desert so all the cacti is not unusual… but your pictures really bring out the beauty of it… maybe I should stop and look at the cacti every once in a while.

    Love the nail color.. its gorgeous!

    Have fun!!!

  5. I love the fact that you make time to workout while you’re away from home but I have one question- what do you do with your sweaty gym clothes? Do you pay for laundry at your hotels? I just find that when I’m away I dont always have enough dirty clothes to put in the washing machine but obviously if I have worked out then those clothes need to be washed.. ?

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