A New Day In The Life XII

Good morning!

Here’s the last A New Day In The Life post! I’ve written one of these every month since Quinn was born as a way to remember his first year. Now that he’s a year old, I decided to “officially” end the series. I’m sure I’ll do another “day in the life” post again at some point, but, for now, I’ll stop the monthly ones. Ok, that said, here we go with a look inside our day yesterday!

6:35 AM: Quinn wakes up. He’s standing in his crib and ready to start the day.

6:40 AM: I change his diaper and set him loose. The kid is a maniac.

6:45 AM: I empty the dishwasher while keeping Quinn entertained with random items from around the kitchen. He is fascinated by the metal protein shaker ball.

7:00 AM: It’s breakfast time for Quinn. He eats mango, Rice Chex with milk, and a bottle (with milk).

IMG_4086 (800x800)

While we eats, I make my breakfast.

IMG_4090 (800x800)

7:35 AM: Breakfast time is over, so Quinn plays while I clean up.

IMG_4092 (800x800)

7:45 AM: Diaper change intermission.

8:00 AM: I take Quinn and Murphy for a walk around the neighborhood.

IMG_4125 (800x800)

I make sure to grab my iced coffee!

IMG_4106 (800x800)

8:30 AM: We return home. I pour myself iced coffee #2.

8:45 AM: Quinn eats an apple + carrot “Crusher” from Trader Joe’s.

IMG_4133 (800x800)

He shares a little with Murphy.

IMG_4129 (800x800)

I snack on a few chocolate-covered cashews. I bought them on a whim at CVS the other day, and I can’t keep my hand out of the bag!

IMG_4134 (800x800)

9:00 AM: We attempt Quinn’s morning nap, but it’s a no-go, so we wreak havoc around the house.

IMG_4127 (800x800)

IMG_4122 (800x800)

9:15 AM: We attempt Quinn’s morning nap again. No-go. More havoc.

IMG_4101 (800x800)

9:35 AM: We attempt his morning nap a third time and we finally have success. Hooray! (This one is actually quite a bit later than usual, but it seems like he is moving his nap later and later in the morning.)

9:40 AM: I throw dinner in the crockpot, which is a Cabernet Pot Roast and tri-color potatoes from Trader Joe’s.

IMG_4137 (800x600)

9:50 AM: I make Mal a pot of coffee for iced coffee since he’s out.

9:55 AM: I sit down to work on this post. I check my email. I work on Friday’s Stroller Summer Shape-Up post, which includes the final workouts of the series + a sweeeeeeeeeet GIVEAWAY.

11:45 AM: I keep sneaking 2-3 chocolate-covered cashews at a time from the bag, and I’ve done it about a half dozen times, so I finally make myself some “real” food for lunch. On the menu: Scrambled eggs with cheddar, sautéed summer squash and zucchini, kale, and buffalo sauce.

IMG_4138 (800x800)

12:40 PM: Quinn wakes up from his morning nap. I change his diaper and then feed him lunch. While he eats, I get us ready to meet a friend and her son for a walk at the park.

1:15 PM: We swing by Marylou’s for a couple of iced coffees.

1:30 PM: We walk and talk at the park.

IMG_4140 (800x600)

2:45 PM: Quinn and I arrive home. He plays in the backyard while I take a quick call related to an upcoming blog opportunity.

IMG_4146 (800x600)

3:00 PM: Our outdoor playing moves inside.

IMG_4160 (800x800)

IMG_4161 (600x800)

3:30 PM: We take a break to have a snack. We eat veggie chips + guac. Quinn also sucks down another “Crusher.”

IMG_4157 (800x600)

3:35 PM: Dad comes home. Once he gets settled, we all head out for a family walk/workout.

IMG_4164 (800x800)

On our walk, I test out a stroller workout with Quinn while Mal snaps photos for CNC.

IMG_4209 (800x800)

Murphy also enjoys some “lawn surfing,” which is so nice to see. He’s back to his old (goofy) pug self!

IMG_4205 (800x600)

He eventually stops to bark at Jeff. Yup, he’s definitely back to his old self.

IMG_4207 (800x600)

4:45 PM: We return home. Quinn and I play while Mal makes some phone calls.

5:30 PM: Quinn starts to get hungry, so I feed him dinner. While he eats, I prepare dinner for Mal and me. Our pot roast + potatoes turned out wonderfully!

6:15 PM: It’s bath time for Quinn. I start bathing him and then Mal takes over while I clean up after dinner. Once everything is clean, I eat about a million more dark chocolate-covered cashews. Someone take them away from me!

IMG_4220 (800x800)

6:45 PM: We start Quinn’s nighttime routine, which typically includes a bottle + books, but, this time, we add in some “Air Buddies” (aka one of Matthew’s favorite movies and highly recommended) to help him wind down. He loved it so much and laughed every time he saw a dog.

IMG_4233 (800x600)

Murphy liked the movie too and growled every time he saw a dog. Haha!

IMG_4226 (800x600)

7:30 PM: Quinn goes to bed.

7:35 PM: I clean up the house and then work on this blog post.

8:45 PM: I finish this post and then get ready for bed.

9:00 PM: I watch TV with Mal and Murphy. (Yay, Big Brother is back on!)

9:30 PM: I climb into bed and lights out.

The end.

Question of the Day

Moms and Dads, did your little one start switching things up with their naps/sleep patterns around this age? 

The last couple of nights were tough getting Quinn to sleep. It’s usually a piece of cake. He’ll even sometimes put himself to bed by grabbing his blanket and putting his head on our shoulder when we pick him up, but Monday and Tuesday night were rough. We think it’s related to him transitioning from two naps to one, so we’re just doing the best we can. A couple of Mal’s co-workers said their kids did the exact same thing at this age and suggested letting him stay up at bedtime, so he’ll take a longer nap in the morning. That way, he’ll be able to power-through the afternoon and allow his body to adjust to one nap. Of course, we know every kid is different, so we’re feeling him out. Last night went much better than the previous two nights (maybe because he skipped his afternoon nap?), but we still don’t know what’s the best move for us. Man, we thought we had the bedtime routine down and now the little guy is switching things up!


  1. The two to one nap transition isn’t easy. It’s counter intuitive but I would try to move his nap closer to midday. It sounds like he is overtired at night which is why he is fighting bedtime. Have lots of
    Morning activity to prevent crankiness and then You want to aim for a start time of about 12:30-1 (it may be more like 11:30 when you start ). Your body’s circadian rhythms prefer afternoon sleep once you are past the infant 2 nap stage. Good luck!

  2. LOL at that pic of Mal and Q watching the movie. You need to have a caption contest for that! Sounds like Q is moving toward one nap a day, eek! I both loved and hated that. The transition was hard!

  3. I think he is probably overtired at night and that makes them have trouble falling asleep. If he is truly switching to one nap a day, then I would try and move his nap a little later in the day (12:30/1) or put him to bed a bit earlier! Good luck!

  4. My daughter is almost 18 months and we recently transitioned to one nap. Like the other posters say, it’s not an easy transition. She didn’t need 2 naps but needed more than 1 because she was only sleeping 1-1.5 hours during the one nap. What worked for us was moving up her morning nap 30 minutes at a day for a few days at a time and giving her a 2nd quickie later afternoon nap around 4. We did this until her nap got to around 11 and then dropped the 2nd nap. Now she’s napping at noon every day, for an hour 45 minutes to 2 hours. I’d like to get her to 3! Best of luck in the transition. I think every baby is different so hopefully you’ll find what works best for you guys.

  5. When you make your own iced coffee, do you make a big batch and put it in a pitcher? Also, do you double the coffee to make it stronger since it will be watered down? Let me know!

  6. My baby is 9 months and she has started staying awake for longer periods at a time, so her morning name went from 2.5 hours of awake time to 3-3.5 hours of awake time. It also depends on how early she wakes up/if she got enough sleep the night before.

  7. Regarding naps, at his age he probably could still use a second nap. Being up from 12:30-7:30 is a looong time for a one year old.

    I would guess he’s overtired by bedtime and that’s why it’s difficult. Can you sneak another nap around 1 with an earlier morning nap? Or, if he is ready for just one nap, DEFINITLEY push it later so he’s only up 4-5 hours before bed. Sleep issues are so hard, good luck!!

  8. nap question…bleck….
    all my kids took two naps a day until they were around 18 months old. Q could be transitioning early or he could just have a couple of weird days. Mom-ing never seems to have any answers.

  9. This is random question but I remember in the past you’ve done a post on your favorite Crossfit blogs. What are your favorite Boston blogs? I’m moving to Boston in August and I’d love some recommendations on other local bloggers to check out.

  10. Going from 2 to 1 nap is tough. My son made the transition around 10 months and now at 18 months he still takes one afternoon nap from 12:30-3ish and goes to bed easily at 7.

  11. My son is almost 1 and he is transitioning from two naps to one. he used to take his morning nap consistently at 9:00 or so, and on the days he does two naps, the first one is still around 9:00 for an hour or so. But lately he has been wanting to nap later, staying awake until 11, and then taking a longer 2 hour nap. If he naps at 11, he doesn’t usually take a second nap. But if he naps at 9, he needs a second nap in the afternoon. I would suggest that if you are changing to one nap to push the nap time later. I don’t think my son could take a nap at 9:30 and then stay awake until bedtime without getting really cranky and miserable.

  12. I want those choc cashews now!!!!! Yum!!!! Also, baby sleeping just sucks. It constantly changes. You are doing great! Hang in there. He will find his groove (and then change it again). 🙂 Love your blog!!

  13. I used to work with infants as a child development specialist for my undergrad, and as they reached that 12-18 month mark, babies seemed to transition to a after lunch nap as they approached toddlerhood that was 1-2 hrs. max.
    Your baby’s cute personality really shines through in your posts. He would be a fun “student” to have.
    Best wishes!

  14. My son is 15 months old, since he turned one, his sleep schedule has changed. We are up at 6, morning nap 10am to 1230ish, back down at 4pm to 6pm and then in bed by 9. So many changes!

  15. Your little boy is adorable! Quesion: What is bufallo sauce?

    I have a 2 and 1/2 year old. Sounds like Quinn is dropping his morning nap. Try putting him to nap anywhere from 10:30 to as late as 12. It happens. What will happen is he will sleep longer. Good luck!

  16. All of my boys around a year old transitioned to 1 one nap but it was a process. I believe they would go down not long after lunch time (with a story first). Looks like Q is getting to that point

  17. Quinn is so cute and he reminds so much of my boy who is 17 months old now! My son only started the 1 nap around 15 months, and we only did it bc he was waking EARLY. We are dealing with other sleep issues (haha when are we not?) but I think the longer Quinn can stay on 2 naps the better for everybody! I think Quinn is overtired at bedtime which leads to the bedtime troubles. Also, sleep experts always recommend staying away from screens 1 hour plus before bedtime for kids and adults alike as something about the light emitted by the screens cause our brains to be stimulated, so maybe nixing the movie/screen time right before bed will help?

  18. Well since you asked 🙂 He may be a little young for one nap so if he’s up from his first nap close to 1 pm and won’t take a second nap then he may be so over tired come bedtime he’s giving you a tough time. You may need to put him to bed earlier. What I like to do is shorten their morning nap to preserve their second nap so I put my 11 month old down around 9 am and wake her by 10:30 am to make sure that she’s tired enough for the second nap around 1:30 pm. Once she’s over a year I’ll only let her sleep about 30/45 minutes in the morning and then little by little push that morning nap to closer to 12:45/1 pm which is a more normal nap time around my house. This is what I did for my older two. It takes take to adjust though but once you decide to do it just keep moving forward and he’ll adjust. So that’s my two cents 🙂 Good luck!

  19. 3 hours nap! I wish… My 12 months old does only one nap a day and it’s in between 1 and 2 hours max. And getting him dressed and changing diaper is also a challenge! It’s incredible how much it changes quickly they were sleepy baby and -before you know it- you can’t raise up your eyes from them : they are everywhere, moving fast and touching everything!

  20. I’m surprised you get two naps!

    All three of my kids dropped their morning naps around 9 months! My youngest is 17 months and takes one long nap in the afternoon… that’s it.

  21. At this age my daughter went to one afternoon nap. Makes sense to me since she had just woken from a full night’s sleep so she had lots of energy in the morning and could stay up until lunch. The nap moved to around 1, shortly after lunch, and usually lasted 2-3 hours. Her pediatrician always said not to skip naps or keep them up in hopes they would sleep longer. She used to say “sleep begets sleep” and the routine totally worked for my daughter. I do remember that adjustment was difficult down to one nap a day. Hang in there, you are doing such a great job with his routine!

  22. My son is 15 months and still does 2 naps. Typically he is up at 6:30/7. Down again from 10-11:30, down again from 3-4:30 and then to bed at 7 pm. I know at his daycare all the one a day nappers sleep after lunch, usually from noon to 3. So he could either still need 2 naps or need to nap later in the day. We do baby led stuff. So we are just waiting until he starts to naturally take a later morning nap to do one a day naps. What a cutie! My son just recently starting showing interest in shows as well. He will sit rapt for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for a few minutes of all things! Haha.

  23. Tina, Quinn is such a beautiful little boy!! I’m curious how he does with some cereal and milk with the spoon? Claire is almost 16 months old and the fork and spoon are still pretty iffy. She LOVES rice chex cereal, though! The girl loves to eat with those fingers!

    1. He’ll usually play around with the cereal using his spoon, but he mostly eats it with his hands. He likes to wait until the Chex are super soggy too! 🙂

  24. Hi Tina,
    Love your blog! I also am sad to see your day in the life posts end. They are actually some of my favorites. I have a 20 month old, for her naps I kept pushing back her am nap (9:30) by 20 minutes every couple days, and would shorten the length of the am. Then eventually turned afternoon (2:30) nap and morning into one at 12:30, right after lunch. Hope it helps. Xoxo

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