A New Day In The Life VII

Good morning, friends!

I haven’t done one of these A New Day in the Life posts in a little awhile. I had planned to write one per month as a way to remember Quinn’s early days, but I missed December. Boo. Fail. But, I want to get back on track, so here is another one to add to the collection. As always, this day is just one of many and all times listed are just estimates.

4:00 AM: I hear “goo goo ga ga” (babies really say this!) coming from the baby monitor. Quinn is awake, but I stay in bed and hope that he goes back to sleep. He does! Hooray!

5:25 AM: Mal’s alarm goes off. I wake up and check the baby monitor. Quinn is still snoozing. I lay in bed, check email, Instagram, etc. Murphy comes back to bed after he finishes eating breakfast, so I cuddle with him for a little bit.

5:35 AM: I get out of bed, pour myself an iced coffee, and hang out with Mal.

6:00 AM: Mal hops in the shower and gets ready for school, so I finish up a blog post and then buy Quinn some socks from Kohls.

6:45 AM: I hear “goo-ing” and “ga-ing” coming from Quinn’s room, so I head in to say good morning to him. He’s the happiest baby ever and gives me the biggest smile. We say hello to Dad and Murphy and then I change his diaper and get him dressed for the day.

6:55 AM: Breakfast time for Quinn!

7:15 AM: Breakfast time for Mom! I made a big batch of steel cut oats in the crock pot on Sunday and then portioned them into containers, so I just reheated one and added sliced banana and Teddie peanut butter.  While I eat, Quinn plays “Gravity” from his highchair.


7:30 AM: Quinn gets bored with “Gravity,” so we move onto the floor to play. I finish eating breakfast.


7:40 AM: I pour myself a second iced coffee, play with Quinn some more, and then change poopy diaper #2 of the day. (I jumped the gun with the first one.)

8:00 AM: Quinn plays in his ExerSaucer while I put away laundry.



8:15 AM: Quinn starts to get tired, so I put him down for a nap. Meanwhile, I get dressed for KFIT and brush my teeth. I pick up the living room, check my email, and watch the news.

9:05 AM: Quinn wakes up, and I get him ready to leave for KFIT. We stop by the dry cleaners on the way.

9:30 AM: We arrive at KFIT, but, unfortunately, I forgot to sign up for daycare (it totally slipped my mind) and no other kids were there, so I couldn’t work out. Bummer. But I think it was a sign that I should give my knee another day to rest!

photo 1 (26) (600x800)photo 2 (22) (600x800)

9:45 AM: Quinn and I leave KFIT and stop by Marylou’s for a Vanilla Birthday Cake iced coffee. (I use a gift card from my mom!)

photo 3 (27) (800x600)

10:00 AM: We arrive home. Quinn falls asleep on the drive home, so I hop in the shower and get dressed for the day.

10:20 AM: I make and eat second breakfast (eggs + buffalo sauce).

photo 4 (17) (800x600)

10:30 AM: Quinn wakes up. I feed him second breakfast.

11:00 AM: Quinn plays while I pack up and get us ready to go. I change his diaper and then we are off to the Derby Street Shoppes to run some errands.

photo 4 (8) (800x600)

12:00 PM: We meet Lauren and her son Grayson for lunch at Rustic Kitchen. It was so nice to catch up, and I am going to miss her so much when she moves!

photo 2 (22) (800x800)

We both order the Harvest Salad, which is one of the specials of the day. It was really tasty. I also eat a couple of pieces of bread dipped into my salad dressing.

photo 3 (9) (800x600)

1:45 PM: We arrive home. I change Quinn’s diaper and then we sit on the couch. He plays with the remote.

2:00 PM: Quinn gets hungry, so I feed him.

2:30 PM: We play, read books, stand on the couch and yell “ga ga ga” (Quinn not me).

3:15 PM: Quinn seems tired, so we attempt a nap, but have no luck. He’s not at all interested in sleeping, so we play with some measuring cups and read a few more books.

3:45 PM: Mal comes home and then takes Murphy to the vet.

4:00 PM: Quinn and I play with tissue paper (from Lauren’s gift). It’s SO FUN!

photo (13) (800x800)

4:30 PM: Quinn starts to get cranky, so we walk around the house… we bounce, sing, look in the mirror at the “handsome baby.” My usual tricks don’t seem to work and he just keeps crying, so I feed him. He usually goes 3-4 hours between feedings, but this little boy is hungry! Food does the trick and Quinn is happy again.

5:15 PM: Mal comes home with Murphy. The poor pug has an ear infection. I feel terrible for the little guy and give him so many hugs.

5:45 PM: We give Quinn a bath, dress him in his PJs, feed him again, and then put him to bed.

6:45 PM: I eat leftovers for dinner (Cheeseburger Casserole – soooo good) while working on this post and icing my knee.

7:30 PM: I break into some barkTHINS that Lauren gave me. Mmm! Love them!

photo 1 (26) (800x600)

7:45 PM: I get ready for bed and then watch an episode of New Girl with Mal.

8:45 PM: I climb into bed, finish this post from my iPhone, and then go to sleep.

The end.


  1. Wow – busy day and you certainly get an early start. Too bad about your workout, but there are so many little details to remember as a mom (and life in general) that some things are bound to slip through the cracks. Yay to yummy lunches out with friends!

  2. I have a three month old and can totally relate! Hello iced coffee for the win! One thing we have found and love lately is a nighttime routine. It helps so much with getting the little one to make it through the night.

  3. I need to get my schedule adjusted so I’m going to bed earlier and getting up earlier in the morning. I am so much more productive if I start early rather than try doing stuff late at night!

  4. Glad Quinn is getting great use from the tissue paper! And so sorry another one of your babies has an ear infection. The worst! So good to see you lady! Take care!

  5. Hope your knee starts feeling better. I was supposed to do one final long run for my race coming up but my feet were throbbing. I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis the last year so I am taking it easy today. It amazes me how much you get done in a day!

  6. Sounds like a great day!! How do you make your steel cut oats in the crock pot? I would love to know how to do this so they’re not a big sticky icky mess the next day!

  7. Wow, does he typically only nap once a day? Ouch, that’s rough. My babe went down to one nap around a year, and it was a tough transition for us all!

  8. I read “barkTHINS” before I saw the picture and at first thought you were eating pug treats 🙂 Clearly my Day in the Life needs more sleep in it 🙂

  9. I am anticipating these days soon. Our baby girl is due any day now, and I’m eager to see what my hours shall change into…thanks for the sneak peek!

  10. I tried the waiting it out this morning around 2 with my 4 month old and when she didn’t stop I picked her up and she was soaked. She wasn’t crying but she was definitely trying to get my attention. I felt so bad. So what is the “gravity” game? Just dropping as much on the floor as possible?

  11. Two thoughts:

    1. I can’t believe you drink ice coffee when it’s this cold!!!
    2. I’m so impressed that you can finish and publish a post from your iPhone. I’m always nervous that something weird is going to happen. I’m attached to my laptop when it comes to blogging. 😉

  12. My kids always used to poop when they were in the exersauser! At least the seat helped keep the diaper in place 🙂

  13. When did Quinn start going to bed at 545? My 9 week old seems to get fussy around 5ish and I’ve been trying to keep him up until a 7-8 bedtime (he sleeps awful and gets up 2-3 times a night) But today I went with his fussiness, gave him a bath, a small bottle and he was down by 545. I’m afraid to see how this evening/night goes but I’m also hoping that with an earlier bedtime he’ll sleep better! Oy, who knows.

  14. hope your knee gets better soon. I honestly think it’s marathon training that injures people. Everyone I know who trains for one gets injured. 🙁 Tell Murphy I hope he feels better soon too!

  15. Love day in the life posts!! Sounds like a good day. I was going to ask how you were able to get up so early, but the awesome bedtime explained that! I want to really get in the habit of waking up earlier. That Marylou’s iced coffee sounds SO good! now I want one!

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