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Good morning!!!

Here’s another edition of A New Day In The Life! I really enjoy writing these posts as a way to document our new life with a baby, so here is a little snapshot into yesterday.

2:00 AM – Quinn wakes up. He’s making noises and kicking the crib, but he falls back to sleep. Thank goodness!

5:00 AM – Quinn wakes up again, but falls back to sleep. YESSSSS!

5:15 AM – Mal’s alarm goes off. He takes the baby monitor into the kitchen while he makes breakfast. I cuddle in bed with Murphy. Sleeping late, baby!

6:15 AM – I hear Mal say: “Let’s wake up Mom” and seconds later, there’s a baby inches away from my face. Goooooood morning, Quinn! Quinn and I cuddle in bed while Mal takes Murphy for a walk.

6:30 AM – We get out of bed. I make Quinn and myself breakfast. I eat while I feed him.

photo 1 (18) (800x800)

6:45 AM – Mal leaves for school.

7:00 AM – We finish eating and then we walk around the house, so Quinn can burp. I do random things with one hand.

7:15 AM – We play “butterflies” and “Magic Baby” (aka peekaboo with a ridiculous song that we made up). I check email, blog comments, and Instagram from my phone.

7:35 AM – I put Quinn in his “spaceship” and then get dressed/brush my teeth/make myself look presentable.

photo 3 (24) (800x600)

7:45 AM – Quinn starts rubbing his eyes and looking pretty tired, so I move him into his crib to see if he’ll nap. He gets nice and relaxed, but fights going to sleep. This nap is a no-go, but I’m not giving up quite yet. I pick him up and we walk around the house. I rub his back and sing to him. His body gets heavy and he rubs his face on my shoulder. He’s definitely tired, so I put him in his crib again and he falls right to sleep. Success!

photo 4 (14) (800x600)

8:00 AM – Quinn naps, so I clean up the kitchen, fold laundry, vacuum the couch, eat a spoonful of Justin’s maple almond butter, and then start this post.

8:55 AM – Quinn wakes up. I change his diaper and get him ready to go to KFIT.

photo 5 (5) (800x600)

9:10 AM – Drive to KFIT and drop Quinn off at daycare. He spits up as soon as we get there, so I change him into a new onesie. (I’ll never forget a change of clothes after the Hingham Beer Works poop explosion!)

photo 1 (2) (800x600)photo 2 (6) (800x600)

9:30 AM – I get my butt kicked at KFIT.

photo 3 (23) (800x600)

10:45 AM – I drive home. I debate stopping for an iced coffee, but then remember I just brewed a new pot of Marylou’s white chocolate chip, so I head straight home instead.

11:00 AM – Arrive home. Quinn falls asleep on the ride home, so I let him sleep in his car seat (in the house). I make myself a protein shake with SFH vanilla Recovery, iced coffee, SO Delicious nog coconut milk, and water. I turn on Live with Kelly and Michael and drink my protein shake while checking email.

photo 4 (13) (800x800)

11:15 AM – Quinn wakes up. We hang out on the couch and play with toys and the remote control (he’s obsessed). I finish my protein shake.

11:25 AM – Quinn starts to get a little fussy, which means it’s time to eat.

11:45 AM – Quinn is totally relaxed after eating, so I put him in his lounger and then bring it into the bathroom so I can take a shower.

12:00 PM – Time for lunch! I’m starving and so thankful that I did some Sunday food prep this week. In a bowl, I throw together some roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed kale, and leftover Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken, pop it in the microwave, pour on some more buffalo sauce, and eat. A healthy lunch in just minutes!

photo 4 (7) (800x600)

12:05 PM – While I am eating, I hear Murphy whining in the other room. Somehow, he knows there are dog bones (from Grandma) on the dining room table. I assume his squished pug nose smelled them, and I know he’s not going to stop whining until he gets one, so I get up and give him one. #spoiled

photo 3 (21) (800x600)

12:20 PM – I finish eating lunch. Quinn is playing in his bouncer and having a blast, so I move him into the kitchen while I unload the dishwasher and then make a 1/2 batch of Pick-Your-Flavor Pancake Cookies. (This batch: SO Delicious nog coconut milk + Justin’s maple almond butter + butterscotch chip cookies.)

12:55 PM – I attempt to get Quinn down for a nap in his crib. He’s super relaxed and almost asleep, so I leave his room and hope he drifts off.

1:00 PM – I make myself a mug of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea and grab a couple of cookies to go with it. I hear Quinn crying, which means our first attempt at a nap was unsuccessful. I pick him up, walk around the house, and try again. This time, the nap was a success!

photo 1 (3) (800x600)

1:10 PM – Quinn is sound asleep, so I reheat my tea and eat my cookies while working on this post and tackling my inbox, which is an absolute nightmare.

2:00 PM – Quinn wakes up. We hang out on the couch with Murphy. Quinn starts to get a little fussy, so I assume it is time to eat again. (He was definitely hungry!)

photo 1 (5) (800x600)

2:45 PM – I make another mug of tea and eat a few (hundred) handfuls of trail mix. I play with Quinn and we practice sitting up.


3:15 PM – I put Quinn in his bouncer and lay on the couch. It makes no sense, but now that I am getting more sleep, I am sooooo tired. Maybe all of those sleepless nights finally caught up with me?

3:20 PM – Quinn starts to cry. We walk around the house. We pet Murphy. We play “Who’s That Baby?”

3:30 PM – Quinn starts rubbing his eyes, so I put him in his crib, but there is no way he is going to sleep. He is wiiiidddddee awake, so I put him in his swing to see if it will chill him out.

3:35 PM – Mal gets home. Everyone is happy to see him!

photo 1 (6) (800x600)

3:45 PM – I take Murphy for a walk.

4:1o PM – Murphy and I get home from our walk. Mal leaves for CrossFit. Quinn, Murphy, and I relax on the couch.

photo 2 (2) (800x600)

4:20 PM – I try to put Quinn down for a nap. No luck, so we walk around the house. He gets really upset and his crying eventually turns into screaming, so I take him for a drive in the car to calm him down. Poor Peanut.

5:15 PM – We return home. Quinn is sound asleep. I reheat some American Chop Suey and roasted broccoli for dinner. I chow down. I do some work. I eat a cookie.

5:30 PM – Quinn wakes up. We hang out for a bit and then I get things ready for his evening bath.

5:45 PM – I give Quinn a bath, put him in his PJs, feed him, burp him.

6:40 PM – I put Quinn to bed. I eat chocolate-covered potato chips (they are incredible) with Mal while watching TV.


6:50 PM – I get ready for bed.

7:00 PM – I climb into bed, read for awhile.

7:55 PM – Lights out.

The end.



  1. Precious picture of him napping! I love the “baby sleeping” pictures 🙂 Also that crockpot buffalo chicken sounds delicious. Baby years are pretty far behind be now and reading this makes me realize there’s a part of me that really misses it!

  2. It amazes me how much babies change day to day. Last week Mitch was taking one hour naps and now he’s going down for three. I’m sure it will change again! The one thing I’m debating is a swing/ space ship. We don’t have one but it seems to be quite the hit with babies. Sounds like Q likes it?

      1. I always wonder if I got a dud box because I can use 2 or 3 bags of that tea and it BARELY has any flavor at all. I do like really flavorful tea and coffee though so maybe that is it? For example…Earl Grey is one of my favorite teas.

        1. @Ellen Renee: You’re not alone. I thought it had no flavor at all. I had to put so much sweetener in it to get it to taste like anything that all it tasted like was sweet warm water. I was disappointed because I had heard so much about it.

  3. Is he sleeping through the night now?! My 7.5 month old is still waking up a few times a night despite having slept through the night 4 times around 4 months old. It’s hard with big brother sleeping in the other room to let him cry it out since he’ll wake him up. And no one wants that. Are you still nursing? He’s getting sooooo big and cute. I hate when people give unsolicited advice so please don’t see this as a know it all thing or anything of the sort. Our youngest had a hard time sleeping and napping so I started putting him down anytime he’d rub his eyes or his face on me (if he’d been up at least 1.5 hours). I’d sing him the same “twinkle twinkle” song, turn on he sound machine and put him down. At first he’d cry for awhile but he soon learned to settle himself and now naps like a champ (until I post this comment and then of course everything will change cause that’s karma for you). But if you haven’t tried that and wanted to try to help him nap, just a suggestion. And if he is sleeping through the night, help us!!! We could use suggestions cause last week we had 4 wake ups a night (growth spurt) and this week were down to two which isn’t as painful but still sucky. Anyway, you’re doing a great job so keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. @Regina: My 17 month olds room is next to our six year old…and we are going through a sleep regression and as much as he screams, he has never woken my other child up. I dont know, our doctor said that kids sleep more soundly than adults….we are having to cry it out again…and still no waking sissy….

      its crazy.

      1. @Jessica: that’s awesome! Unfortunately we live in a fairly old house with extremely thin walls and our toddler is an extremely light sleeper despite his sound machine. On the nights our youngest is up a lot you can hear him wake up and start moaning and rocking in his bed. He’s very easily woken. He doesn’t want to miss out on a moment of fun 😉 our youngest also screams like he’s being tortured when he wakes up in the night. No gentle waking and elevation of cries but full blown screaming from the get go which obviously doesn’t help.

  4. i’ve had that sugar cookie tea before and i was very sadly disappointed as i thought it had so much potential! that being said.. i do like my tea (and coffee) super sweet, so i added lots of nunaturals vanilla and vanilla almond milk and it was great lol

  5. I’m definitely going to try that buffalo chicken recipe!! I love all your eats…and those Lays chips…OMG.

    You go to bed early! Is it still because once baby is down, you’re doing the smart thing and going to bed when he does? 😉 I’ve always known to do that in the back of my mind, but unless I’m beyond exhausted, I go to bed around 10-11. But we watch lots of movies and I sometimes fall asleep watching them around 8-9pm on the couch, then go up to bed.

    Glad you’re getting more sleep tho!!

  6. haha I LOVE when hubby gets home from work! It’s like such a relief. I never felt like that before but now with the baby it helps to have him home to switch off every now and then.

    I am going to have to get some of those Wavy chips after this post.

  7. I love these “day in the life” posts, Q is such a sweetie. Oh, nap time! I work outside the house and my MIL watches my 7-mo-old twins, and she is the only person who can get them down for naps. I wish I knew her secrets, because Saturdays and Sundays there is always a nap strike in my house!!

  8. I just recently found your blog, and I love it! I love “Day in the Life” posts because it’s always so interesting to see how others spend their days. Also, as a fellow pug owner, I love Murphy updates and pictures, especially the ones of he and Quinn. And, with Christmas approaching, I must know, where did you get Murphy’s personalized food mat? My sweet pug Maggie would love one for Christmas!

  9. Q is sooo adorable! What a cutie! And YES, I was totally more exhausted once my daughter started sleeping through the night (although, for us, it took her 19 months to get there!). I think I was living off of adrenaline for the first year and a half 🙂 and then I crashed HARD once she started sleeping better. I think it’s normal.

    And yay for better naps! We didn’t start getting superlong naps until our daughter was down to one a day, around 14/15 months. Even now at three she’ll take some monster naps – yesterday she slept for almost 3 and a 1/2 hours!

    And I can’t believe that Q only eats four times a day – that’s amazing! I’m assuming he’s exclusively on formula now? I know that my breastfed daughter was still nursing 7-10 times in a 24 hour period at that age, but breastmilk is digested so much quicker than formula. I can’t imagine not being chained to the pump or the baby at only 6 months old. It must feel pretty freeing to not worry about having to be there to feed him every few hours!

  10. Good job Tina! It’s amazing how these early days can be so monotonous, yet so incredibly exhausting. You’re doing great!

  11. Curious to know how old Quinn was when you started to put him down awake but sleepy and he would fall asleep? My 3 month old will cry cry cry. Did you sleep train at all?

  12. My son loves the remove control too, and now that he is a year old, he is pretty demanding about it, so we gave him some old random remotes (batteries removed!) from our junk drawer that we don’t remember what they go to. He is happy, and I’m happy that he won’t accidentally order pay-per-view!

  13. Love reading your posts like this. I’m expecting my first in January and its nice to see just whats in store for me on a typical day 😉 Thank you!

  14. I laughed the other day when I read your weekly meal plan and spotted American Chop Suey. When I moved to NYC for college, I figured my family made up the dish (and the name), since none of my new friends had ever heard of it! I grew up in Swansea, MA… maybe it’s a Mass thing? 😉

  15. we are making the buffalo chicken today to have on hand for quick meals.

    funny how you learn to bring clothes from and incident like that. we did something similar when my now 7 month old was about a month old. we weren’t anywhere where we could buy clothes though! she wore her blanket home (thankfully we had just walked so there was no straps to worry about!)

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