A New Day In The Life VI

Good morning!!!

Here’s another edition of A New Day In The Life! I really enjoy writing these posts as a way to document our new life with a baby, so here is a little snapshot into yesterday.

2:00 AM – Quinn wakes up. He’s making noises and kicking the crib, but he falls back to sleep. Thank goodness!

5:00 AM – Quinn wakes up again, but falls back to sleep. YESSSSS!

5:15 AM – Mal’s alarm goes off. He takes the baby monitor into the kitchen while he makes breakfast. I cuddle in bed with Murphy. Sleeping late, baby!

6:15 AM – I hear Mal say: “Let’s wake up Mom” and seconds later, there’s a baby inches away from my face. Goooooood morning, Quinn! Quinn and I cuddle in bed while Mal takes Murphy for a walk.

6:30 AM – We get out of bed. I make Quinn and myself breakfast. I eat while I feed him.

photo 1 (18) (800x800)

6:45 AM – Mal leaves for school.

7:00 AM – We finish eating and then we walk around the house, so Quinn can burp. I do random things with one hand.

7:15 AM – We play “butterflies” and “Magic Baby” (aka peekaboo with a ridiculous song that we made up). I check email, blog comments, and Instagram from my phone.

7:35 AM – I put Quinn in his “spaceship” and then get dressed/brush my teeth/make myself look presentable.

photo 3 (24) (800x600)

7:45 AM – Quinn starts rubbing his eyes and looking pretty tired, so I move him into his crib to see if he’ll nap. He gets nice and relaxed, but fights going to sleep. This nap is a no-go, but I’m not giving up quite yet. I pick him up and we walk around the house. I rub his back and sing to him. His body gets heavy and he rubs his face on my shoulder. He’s definitely tired, so I put him in his crib again and he falls right to sleep. Success!

photo 4 (14) (800x600)

8:00 AM – Quinn naps, so I clean up the kitchen, fold laundry, vacuum the couch, eat a spoonful of Justin’s maple almond butter, and then start this post.

8:55 AM – Quinn wakes up. I change his diaper and get him ready to go to KFIT.

photo 5 (5) (800x600)

9:10 AM – Drive to KFIT and drop Quinn off at daycare. He spits up as soon as we get there, so I change him into a new onesie. (I’ll never forget a change of clothes after the Hingham Beer Works poop explosion!)

photo 1 (2) (800x600)photo 2 (6) (800x600)

9:30 AM – I get my butt kicked at KFIT.

photo 3 (23) (800x600)

10:45 AM – I drive home. I debate stopping for an iced coffee, but then remember I just brewed a new pot of Marylou’s white chocolate chip, so I head straight home instead.

11:00 AM – Arrive home. Quinn falls asleep on the ride home, so I let him sleep in his car seat (in the house). I make myself a protein shake with SFH vanilla Recovery, iced coffee, SO Delicious nog coconut milk, and water. I turn on Live with Kelly and Michael and drink my protein shake while checking email.

photo 4 (13) (800x800)

11:15 AM – Quinn wakes up. We hang out on the couch and play with toys and the remote control (he’s obsessed). I finish my protein shake.

11:25 AM – Quinn starts to get a little fussy, which means it’s time to eat.

11:45 AM – Quinn is totally relaxed after eating, so I put him in his lounger and then bring it into the bathroom so I can take a shower.

12:00 PM – Time for lunch! I’m starving and so thankful that I did some Sunday food prep this week. In a bowl, I throw together some roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed kale, and leftover Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken, pop it in the microwave, pour on some more buffalo sauce, and eat. A healthy lunch in just minutes!

photo 4 (7) (800x600)

12:05 PM – While I am eating, I hear Murphy whining in the other room. Somehow, he knows there are dog bones (from Grandma) on the dining room table. I assume his squished pug nose smelled them, and I know he’s not going to stop whining until he gets one, so I get up and give him one. #spoiled

photo 3 (21) (800x600)

12:20 PM – I finish eating lunch. Quinn is playing in his bouncer and having a blast, so I move him into the kitchen while I unload the dishwasher and then make a 1/2 batch of Pick-Your-Flavor Pancake Cookies. (This batch: SO Delicious nog coconut milk + Justin’s maple almond butter + butterscotch chip cookies.)

12:55 PM – I attempt to get Quinn down for a nap in his crib. He’s super relaxed and almost asleep, so I leave his room and hope he drifts off.

1:00 PM – I make myself a mug of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea and grab a couple of cookies to go with it. I hear Quinn crying, which means our first attempt at a nap was unsuccessful. I pick him up, walk around the house, and try again. This time, the nap was a success!

photo 1 (3) (800x600)

1:10 PM – Quinn is sound asleep, so I reheat my tea and eat my cookies while working on this post and tackling my inbox, which is an absolute nightmare.

2:00 PM – Quinn wakes up. We hang out on the couch with Murphy. Quinn starts to get a little fussy, so I assume it is time to eat again. (He was definitely hungry!)

photo 1 (5) (800x600)

2:45 PM – I make another mug of tea and eat a few (hundred) handfuls of trail mix. I play with Quinn and we practice sitting up.


3:15 PM – I put Quinn in his bouncer and lay on the couch. It makes no sense, but now that I am getting more sleep, I am sooooo tired. Maybe all of those sleepless nights finally caught up with me?

3:20 PM – Quinn starts to cry. We walk around the house. We pet Murphy. We play “Who’s That Baby?”

3:30 PM – Quinn starts rubbing his eyes, so I put him in his crib, but there is no way he is going to sleep. He is wiiiidddddee awake, so I put him in his swing to see if it will chill him out.

3:35 PM – Mal gets home. Everyone is happy to see him!

photo 1 (6) (800x600)

3:45 PM – I take Murphy for a walk.

4:1o PM – Murphy and I get home from our walk. Mal leaves for CrossFit. Quinn, Murphy, and I relax on the couch.

photo 2 (2) (800x600)

4:20 PM – I try to put Quinn down for a nap. No luck, so we walk around the house. He gets really upset and his crying eventually turns into screaming, so I take him for a drive in the car to calm him down. Poor Peanut.

5:15 PM – We return home. Quinn is sound asleep. I reheat some American Chop Suey and roasted broccoli for dinner. I chow down. I do some work. I eat a cookie.

5:30 PM – Quinn wakes up. We hang out for a bit and then I get things ready for his evening bath.

5:45 PM – I give Quinn a bath, put him in his PJs, feed him, burp him.

6:40 PM – I put Quinn to bed. I eat chocolate-covered potato chips (they are incredible) with Mal while watching TV.


6:50 PM – I get ready for bed.

7:00 PM – I climb into bed, read for awhile.

7:55 PM – Lights out.

The end.


  1. Thank you for sharing!

    I especially appreciate the reality of your posts, you hold nothing back, not even the chocolate covered Lays! You’re blog really makes me take on my nutrition in a calm, relaxed manner, whereas before I was so uptight, I felt like a robot on a cookie cutter diet. I don’t ever want to be that person that says things like “Grapes have too many carbs!!” Are you kidding me?!??


  2. Sounds like a great day! I haven’t done a post like this one since I became a full-time personal trainer and Zumba instructor, but maybe my clients would like a peek into what it takes to get ready for their workouts 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I love these posts! I would imagine one of your favorite parts of the day is cuddling with Quinn first thing in the morning? Those chips sound delicious! I miss chocolate covered pretzels (gluten intolerant), so these are definitely close to that. And I’m a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack flavor.

  4. I loved this post! My kids are a little older now, but I so remember days like that-everything in few minute intervals and trying to get things done with one hand! Also just adore the baby pics-my youngest is also a ginger😊

  5. My friend has 5 month old twin baby boys and she was struggling with bed/nap times. I do not know much about this product, but I know she was skeptical and only bought one. After a few days she had ordered her other twin one and couldn’t wait for it to arrive!


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