A New Day In the Life IX {Snow Day}

Good morning!

We had another snow day and Mal was home from school yesterday, so I thought it would be fun to give you guys a little peak into our day. Here’s another edition of A New Day In The Life!

5:25 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. He’s on and off crying. Maybe he’ll go back to sleep? Mal let me sleep in until 8:00 AM (!!!!!) on Sunday morning, so it’s definitely my turn to wake up with the peanut.

5:35 AM: I pick up Quinn. Even though he was just crying, he’s still sort of asleep. He puts his head on my shoulder and I rock him back and forth. It seems like he wants to go back to sleep, but as soon as I think this, he pops his head up, enthusiastically reaches for the overhead light, and says “da.” Ok then, he’s up for the day.

5:40 AM: I change Quinn’s diaper and get him dressed for the day since his pajamas were a little wet. (On weekends and snow days, he typically stays in his “jams” a little longer.) He wears overnight diapers, which usually work just fine, but we’ve recently had a few overnight leaks. I heard if you size-up to the next diaper, it usually helps. I just ordered these diapers in a size 4 on Saturday, so they should be here any day now. I hope they work! Side note: We’ve been using Boxed (my review here) to order everything lately, but, sadly, they don’t sell overnight diapers. (If you think shopping for bulk items is a hassle, you should definitely check out Boxed. And you can save $5 off your order with code B8TGW.)

5:45 AM: I put Quinn in his highchair, make a bottle for him and grab some solids from the fridge. On the menu this morning: homemade asparagus and sweet potato. (I seriously love making baby food for Quinn! I have this baby food maker and it is SO EASY to use!) Quinn loves playing with the jar lids, so, in between bites, I pour myself a glass of iced coffee and feed Murphy (Quinn loves watching him eat).

6:25 AM: Breakfast intermission for a diaper change.

6:30 AM: Quinn eats a few more bites (we’re onto a banana-apple-oatmeal mixture) and then it’s time to play. While Quinn plays, I grab a bag of Gluten Free Chex Granola Mix and chow down. So hungry. It’s a brand new bag, so I eat all of the cereal clusters out of it before I put it away. (I have zero control around granola.)

photo (18) (800x600)

7:00 AM: Quinn starts to get tired, so I pick him up, rock him, and he’s sound asleep for nap #1 of the day. Face down, butt up. It’s always pretty easy to get him down for his first nap,  but the other ones”¦ well, they can go either way.

7:01 AM: I immediately start working. It’s a snow day, so Mal is off from school, which means we keep Quinn home from daycare. I take advantage of the quiet time.

7:30 AM: Mal wakes up. He immediately picks up the living room since Quinn and I left it a mess. He makes himself an egg sandwich.

7:45 AM: The smell of Mal’s egg sandwich makes me crave one too, so I cook one up and refill my iced coffee.

photo 5 (10) (800x600)

8:20 AM: I finally finish Monday’s post and then ”˜play’ email. Truthfully, my heart sinks as I look at my inbox. (Oooh, so dramatic!) I like to keep my inbox at 50 messages or less, but right now it’s at 231. *Sigh*

8:45 AM: Quinn wakes up. He’s having a blast in his crib (he’s so talkative – like Dad), so I watch him play on the monitor while I finish up an email.

8:50 AM: I pick up Quinn from his crib and take him to the couch to cuddle while we watch the news. HOLY SNOW.

9:00 AM:  I change Quinn’s diaper and then hand him off to Dad while I go back to work.

9:40 AM: Quinn starts to get hungry, so I steam some asparagus (I give him the tops) and spread some peanut butter on an English muffin. Mal takes over mealtime, so I can get back to work.

photo 2 (19) (800x600)

10:00 AM: I’m hungry again, so I toast up an English muffin and spread some Teddie peanut butter on it. I eat it while I work: More email fun, coordinating giveaway prizes, printing LLC paperwork to sign, scanning a confidentially agreement, preparing and sending invoices, tracking earnings, replying to pitches, negotiating budgets, updating links in a post for next week, answering reader questions, starting five different drafts of blog posts”¦ basically, I try to do a million things at once and somehow it is how I work best.

photo 3 (30) (800x600)

11:00 AM: Baby break! Mal takes a shower, so I hang out with Quinn.

photo 1 (26) (800x600)

11:15 AM: Back to work.

11:30 AM: Quinn goes down for nap #2.

12:00 PM: Time for lunch! I reheat some leftovers from the fridge (Beef Bourguignon + Bang Bang Buffalo Cauliflower). I eat while finishing up a post for later this week.

12:30 PM: I make a mug of tea and eat a dark chocolate truffle. Then, I schedule some social shares via CoSchedule, which, my friend Gina told me about. Blogger friends: CoSchedule is the BEST THING EVER. It makes sharing your blog posts so incredibly easy. Try it out. I promise you: It is life-changing.

12:55 PM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. I change him and then get him dressed to take his 8 month picture with Murphy. I can’t believe our little guy is already 8 months. Look at him in his jeans and hooded sweater (both are from ThredUp). He’s a little boy.



1:15 PM: I reheat my tea and then I am back to work.

1:25 PM: Mal makes himself lunch, so I play with Quinn, who also starts to get hungry. I set him up in his highchair and then give him some bites of butternut squash and a few hunks of English muffin with peanut butter, which he loves. He is smiling and kicking his feet as he eats them. (Yup, definitely my kid.) Meanwhile, I throw some apple and mango chunks in the baby food maker to make a purée for later on.

1:35 PM: I sit down to work again.

2:35 PM: Mal needs to start chipping away at the snow outside, so I stop working to hang out with Quinn. I toast the other half of my English muffin from the morning and slather it with peanut butter.

photo 4 (8) (800x600)

2:40 PM: I put Quinn in his highchair, give him some toys and then roll him into bathroom, so I can take a shower. Then, I get dressed.

3:00 PM: Quinn and I play for awhile on the floor in the living room and then I put him in his ExerSaucer, so I can unload the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen. The dishes piled up quickly with all three of us snowed in and snacking all day!

3:30 PM: Quinn is sleepy again, so I put him down for nap #3 of the day. (Yay! This nap is always a struggle for us, but he didn’t put up much of a fight. It’s like he knew it was a snow day and that’s what you do!) I make another mug of tea, eat some honey roasted almonds, and pick up the house.

4:00 PM: I sit down to do some work with a 30-pound pug on my lap.

photo 1 (7) (800x600)

4:15 PM: Quinn wakes up. I change his diaper and then we read books with Murphy.

photo 2 (20) (800x600)

photo 3 (9) (800x600)

4:30 PM:  I feed Quinn a snack.

5:15 PM: We check on Dad outside. Yikes.

photo 1 (28) (800x600)

photo 4 (6) (800x600)

5:30 PM: I change Quinn into PJs, make him a bottle, and get his dinner ready.

5:40 PM: Dinnertime for Quinn!

photo 1 (3) (800x600)

photo 2 (10) (800x600)

6:15 PM: Quinn seems tired, but he has no interest going to bed quite yet. We play and hang out with Dad, who is finally done with the snow-blowing and shoveling after 3 hours. My gosh, there is a lot of snow out there!

6:35 PM: Quinn finishes his bottle and goes right to sleep about 10 minutes later.

6:45 PM: I eat dinner, pour myself a glass of wine (because, well, we are snowed in), and work on this blog post.

7:30 PM: I finish this blog post and watch American Ninja Warrior with Mal.

7:45 PM: I eat a bowl of French Toast Crunch.

8:30 PM: I get ready for bed and then hit the hay.

The end.


      1. Kate, I don’t think she meant it in a bad way. I took it like : any hobbies you want to take up, different work projects etc. I have a friend w/ 2 kids and I asked her the same thing. what will you do when they go to college? SO much free time? its not a bad question. my friend was like, I dunno I’m so used to being w/ the kids! Before you jump on peoples back, maybe ask the commenter what she meant. I mean we KNOW Tina has things to do in the house. WE ALL DO! lol w/kids or no kids.

        1. @Stacy: I chuckled because Quinn is a newborn and Tina is a new mom. It seemed like an out in left field comment to me, seeing as though she is just learning to balance her new normal. It also appears to me as both Tina and Nikki seemed to not take the question so seriously either with their responses. I’m not entirely sure a chuckle constitutes jumping on people’s backs either, but I apologize that you perceived it as such.

  1. Oh my gosh-all that snow! I don’t even know how you deal with it. Those pictures with Mal left me shocked.
    Q is so cute! Great pictures.

  2. After reading about boxed on your site I tried it…twice. I love it and I save money. I am now permanently hooked.

  3. I love Coschedule, such a great blogging tool. Your DITL posts are the best. My little one is four months so it’s fun to see what Q is up to and how you balance everything. I’d love a post that shares how you optimize time with a little one and working from home.

  4. Adorable photos of Quinn! I have a 3 month old boy. And, I was just wondering when Quinn started sleeping through the night (or having long stretches)? I know every baby is different, but do you have any advice on this? I’m sooooo sleep deprived haha :/

  5. I am SO tired of all the snow! I live in Upstate NY (30 minutes from Utica) and it seems like we’ve gotten more snow in the past few weeks than we have the last couple months. I so over it already … our roof has at least 2 feet of snow on it that needs to be shoveled. Snow removal in the Northeast just takes up so much of our time … people in the South don’t know how lucky they are!

  6. Love these posts! Are you an Amazon Prime subscriber? They just started doing Prime Pantry which might have overnight diapers. Its how I order my diapers, lunchbox staples, snacks, toilet paper, etc. It really is super handy and the prices are on par with Cosco.

  7. I love these kinds of posts, thanks!

    I’m so curious about the work life of a blogger. Would you ever consider breaking down your 10AM entry above into a more detailed post?

  8. Q is so cute! I have an 8 month old too, and love making baby food. She’s loving baked potatoes lately. But my pediatrician said no peanut butter until she’s two!!! I know I could give it to her anyway. But I would be horrified if she was allergic and then I had to tell her ped that I didn’t listen :/

  9. Ok- I’m curious about giving Quinn peanut butter? I have a 10 month old who I think would love PB but our pediatrician said to wait til 1 year…. We dont have any allergies so I think he’d be fine but still a little nervous! Did you guys just wing it and see how he did?

    1. Our pediatrician told us the longer we wait with giving peanut butter, eggs, etc. to Quinn, the more likely he could develop any allergy, so we started giving him small portions of these foods. (Neither Mal or I have an allergy.) He lovvveeesss peanut butter! 😄

      1. I actually gave my son peanut butter for the first time in the parking lot of my son’s pediatrician, which is attached to the hospital. I was never worried about him trying new foods… except PB. But no reaction, and he loves eating it.@Tina:

      2. Alright! Thanks! i have heard lots of parents say the belief is shifting, and we have no allergies either but still a little nervous about PB. We may have to give it a whirl, although I may do it in the parking lot of the hospital, hah!@Tina:

    2. @Kaleigh:

      The opinion is definitely shifting to give these things earlier, the drawback though it that if they do have an allergic reaction it can be more dangerous because they are so small. Another option too is to try a small but on your child’s skin. My friend did this and her daughter immediately got blisters there. Which lead to a bunch of testing and allergy diagnosis without having her digest it.

    3. We started our younger two on peanut butter around 7 months. Our allergist thinks we actually desensitized my middle son to a mild peanut allergy. ( based on some mild reactions he had around 11 months) We give him peanut butter every day to prevent a stronger reaction. I have always been a big proponent for early introduction of allergens unless your family has severe allergies/ doctor tells you to wait.

  10. Hahaha, poor Mal….you could hardly see him. Lovely post. Quinn and Murphy look like they are going to be great friends (brothers). So Adorable!!!

  11. Holy snow! I’m not going to complain about our Michigan winter anymore! Okay, yes I will, but dang, you poor folks! That is a crazy amount of snow!

    We love watching American Ninja Warrior around here. I would love to just try it out for fun… that or Wipeout. (That’s not even on anymore, is it?)

  12. THE SNOW!
    we don’t have kids, so my husband and I can tackle the snow together. He has the blower, I clear off the cars, the stairs (we have 3 sets -back for the dogs, front and breezeway). This morning we were doing the final clearing before work and he says “I don’t know how people with kids do this!” because he knows it would be a one man show, and with 2 of us, its ALOT of work .
    So god bless you both!

  13. It seems like Quinn eats a lot of food, and you only prepare one bottle during the day before bedtime. Does he get other bottles? Just wondering because typically formula/breast milk is supposed to provide the majority of nutritional needs until age one..”food before one is just for fun” is typically the adage used to remember this. Can you clarify?

  14. Is there anything cuter than baby jeans?
    And I love Sandra Boyton books. I always buy Moo Baa La La La for baby showers. And Goodnight Gorilla. So much cute. And babies need books.

    1. It depends on the day. He goes through little phases when he’s really into his bottle and then really into food and not so much his bottle. I’d say anywhere from 24-36 ounces per day.

  15. I have a 5 month old and we were having problems with peeing through the diaper at night. He’s only in size 2 so I couldn’t find any overnights small enough for him. I ordered some of these and we haven’t had an accident since! They bulk up the diaper some when they are full but they have worked like a charm for us 🙂


  16. I love reading the DITL posts bc I like to see how everyone manages their time. I have been focusing more on my blog since I am in the process of becoming a personal trainer and am only working part time right now. I always liked a set schedule before more from a productivity standpoint, so I am learning how to get things done while having so much home time and no one to tell me what to do haha.

  17. I love that book you are holding. I always read it “say oink oink oink all day aand night” tho because I think it needs 3 “oinks”. LOL. Quinn is adorable!

  18. The snow in Boston seems so crazy! Not to brag but it was in the 60s here in Idaho and I’m loving it. I hope you are still able to get some Boston training in sometime 🙂

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