A New Day in the Life III

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning! Thanks for all of your hair dryer recommendations. You guys rule!

Here’s another peek into our new day in the life!

1:30 AM: Mal comes home from his softball game and hanging out with the guys. Murphy, our guard dog, hears him. He doesn’t bark, but he jumps off the bed and annoyingly whines and scratches at the bedroom door, so I wake up. Mal and I hangout and chat for a bit.

2:00 AM: We go to bed.

2:11 AM: Q wakes up and wants to eat.

2:12 AM: Q chows down.

3:00 AM: We go back to bed. Q is smiling and wiggling when I put him in his Pack N Play, so I don’t think he’s going back to sleep, but I shut off the lights anyway, climb into bed myself, and hope for the best. He makes a few noises, but then falls asleep. Yessss! I’m a paranoid freak, so I get out of bed and use the light from my iPhone to check on him. He’s fine.

5:50 AM: I hear Q starting to wake up. My stomach is growling and I REALLY want an iced coffee, so I sneak off to the kitchen before I pick him up. Murphy follows me out of the bedroom, so I feed him breakfast.

6:00 AM: I put my snack in the living room and then say “good morning” to Q. I get LOTS of smiles.

6:02 AM: I feed Q, eat my waffle, and drink my iced coffee. Calories in, calories out.

photo 1 (800x600) (2)

6:10 AM: I hear Murphy scratch at the back door. He wants to go out. I’m in the middle of feeding Q, so he has to wait. Poor Murphy.

6:17 AM: Q eats, but he doesn’t seem super hungry. He’s putting forth a subpar effort, so I give him his WubbaNub and we cuddle on the couch. I watch the news.

photo 2 (8) (800x800)

6:33 AM: Q is sound asleep. I put him in his lounger and let Murphy out. I fold the laundry.

6:40 AM: I break out my laptop and do some work.

6:55 AM: Mal wakes up. We chat for a bit. He goes back to bed. Murphy does too.

photo 4 (3) (800x600)

7:00 AM: I pour myself another iced coffee and get some dark chocolate chunks and almonds to snack on. I notice the chocolate bag is almost empty, which means I’ve eaten almost the entire thing myself in just 4 days. #allthechocolate

7:02 AM: I remember there’s more laundry in the dryer. I run downstairs to get it. Fold it.

7:15 AM: I take my meds. I dropped down to 2.5 mg of Prednisone for the first time. (I’m currently on a super slow wean.) I pray my body doesn’t freak out.

7:16 AM: Back to work.

7:25 AM: Q wakes up. He’s wiggling and smiling. We play, talk, and laugh. He screeches with happiness at times! So cute.

photo 5 (2) (800x800)

7:40 AM: Diaper change. Clean baby eye boogers.

7:47 AM: I put Q in his lounger while I pair socks together.

7:50 AM: Q gets fussy, so I pick him up and we walk, bounce, and sing songs around the house. He burps a few times and then spits up. He’s mostly calm, so we go outside in the backyard and talk about nature. He picks his head up a bunch of times and looks at things. Q eventually falls asleep on my shoulder. He’s so sweet and cuddly, I just hold him.

8:30 AM: Q gets fussy. It’s time to eat again!

8:40 AM: I instagram a photo of the delicious cereal that I ate after dinner the night before.

photo 1 (8) (800x800)

8:45 AM: Mal wakes up, pours himself an iced coffee, and empties the dishwasher.

9:00 AM: Q finishes eating. We hang out on the couch and watch Kelly and Michael on TV. More smiling. More talking. Some pooping (him, not me).

9:10 AM: Mal offers to make me breakfast.

9:20 AM: Mal takes over baby duty while I shower/brush my teeth/get ready for the day.

photo 4 (4) (800x600)

9:40 AM: Mal walks Murphy. I’m on baby duty. I eat breakfast while Q lounges.

photo 2 (9) (800x600)

9:47 AM: Mal goes to school for a few hours. Q and I read Moo, Baa, LaLaLa.

photo 3 (2) (800x800)

10:00 AM: Playtime on the floor. We do “tummy time” and then I let Q whack butterflies. Meanwhile, I pick up the living room, dust, and de-fur things.

10:25 AM: Q gets fussy. I pick him up. We walk, talk, and bounce around the house. He burps. He spits up. He falls asleep on my shoulder.

10:40 AM: I put Q in his bed. I do some work, which includes starting this post.

photo 5 (3) (800x800)

11:30 AM: I feel a little hungry, so I eat some cantaloupe and then some Rosemary & Black Pepper almonds.

11:55 AM: Q wakes up. He is hungry! Time to eat again!

12:20 PM: My mom, sister, and Matthew arrive at our house for a visit. We eat lunch and hangout.

photo 5 (3) (800x600) (800x600)

Cappuccino Lay’s = no bueno. I’m glad that I tried them, but I’d never buy a bag. The initial taste is pretty good, but then it goes away and you’re just eating a potato chip. Eh, not a fan.

photo 3 (1) (800x800) (800x800)

Brownie Brittle = DELICIOUS! They’re like edges of brownies in cracker form. My sister bought them at Costco, and they’re so good!

photo 4 (2) (800x800) (800x800)

photo 2 (7) (800x450)

3:30 PM: My family says goodbye and heads home. The timing actually works out great because they beat rush hour traffic and Q is hungry again, so I feed him. Mal is home now, so he walks Murphy and then takes over baby duty.

4:15 PM: I eat two bowls of Berry Fruitful cereal and work on this post.

photo 1 (800x600) (2)

4:45 PM: I get dressed for CrossFit. Put away laundry. Water plants outside. Pick up around the house. Hangout with my boys.

5:10 PM: I stop by CVS to pick up a prescription and buy some diapers. I drive to CrossFit.

5:30 PM: CrossFit

6:45 PM: I get home from CrossFit. Feed Q. (Mal already gave him half a bottle.)

7:15 PM: Put Q to bed. He is so tired. Take a shower. Mal cooks dinner.

7:30 PM: Eat dinner (taco salads). Watch TV.

7:45 PM: Clean up kitchen.

7:55 PM: Work on this post. Eat dark chocolate chunks and almonds.

8:33 PM: Get ready for bed.

8:39 PM: Go to bed.

The end.



  1. I am due in January and like this realistic look into what my life shall be soon;) You are doing a wonderful job, Mama. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! I love day in the life posts.
    3:00am – Q falls asleep on his own… Impressive!!!
    8:39pm – You went to bed… Awesome!!! I always get sucked in to FB, Blogs, TV etc.

  3. I love reading these posts. Sure, they exhaust me from just thinking about your day, but as a momma to be, I love to see how you handle everything. Especially including moments of spending time outside looking at nature. So sweet.

      1. Me too – unfortunately! My son is 19 years old and as soon as I noticed it sitting on the end table (before you featured it) I was reciting the book from memory. Certain ones he would ask for soooooo many times….left foot left foot left foot right…feet in the morning.. feet at night….goes through my head quite a bit. :o)

  4. I have said it once and I will say it again: YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN! I have to ask my mom what her days used to be like when I was born, because my dad was often travelling on business and she had 4 horses… I really hope women morph into superwomen when they have babies, because I could not imagine pulling all that off! 🙂 you go, mama!

  5. HOW do you do all all of that on such little sleep is the million dollar question?!? Super Mama would be a very fitting Halloween costume for you this year.

  6. Truly amazing how much you manage to get done in a day. I had this thought when I was halfway through the post and then I realized I was only on 8:45AM!

  7. My boy is about a week younger than yours. I don’t get to bed until 11:30 but I get up at 5. Did you write that all down or memorized it?

  8. I can’t even imagine trying to go back to work and have a baby that little – it seems like your day is centered around Q’s schedule (which I would expect!!!). Haha half of it seems scary to a single, young me, but half of it makes me want a little guy! One day… haha gotta get married first 😉

  9. Such a relaxing day! Q sounds like he’s just about the easiest baby ever! Love those baby squeals of happiness. 🙂

    This post made me nostalgic for those sweet, easy, lazy newborn days of my maternity leave. I know some people get cabin fever during those early months of motherhood, but I really miss the days when all I had to do was relax, nurse, putz around the house, fold some laundry here and there, and go on an outing or two. I started my personal blog during my maternity leave and it’s such a nice way to have a diary of my little girl! Those twelve weeks of maternity leave were the most relaxing time of my adult life, despite having a newborn, and I was so sad when I had to go back to work. You’re so lucky!

  10. Being a mama is so busy!! And isn’t it amazing how much love you can have for someone so little & so needy? My heart just bursts! It reminds me of the quote from Les Mis: “to love another person is to see the face of God.”
    You’re doing great, mama! <3

  11. I’d love to know how you de-fur your living room- what do you use? We have a beagle mix and I feel like our house is never truly de-furred. Help!

    1. Ugh, this is a never-ending battle, especially with our couch. Right now, we have a mini DustBuster thing that works, but not well. I just got a glove thing yesterday and it works ok. My mom told me just a regular wet sponge works well, so I’m going to try that next. I’m determined to find something that really works!! Haha!

  12. Baby cuddles are the best. We loved all Sandra Boyton books. I must have sang Snuggle Puppy a million times. Miss those days.

  13. De-furring! The story of my life with 2 pugs (black & fawn)! I know how you feel. 🙂 I use my vacuum hose and it sucks up pretty well. I would LOVE to find a way to do it in less time, though.

  14. this is such a realistic post of what it’s like to be a mom of a baby – so much just, like, walking around, cleaning up EVERYTHING (the baby, yourself, the house), doing kind of mindless things but never having a break. Ha! Good for you for taking advantage of having Mal home, and also for going to bed early!

  15. I’m not a mom, but as a long time nanny and big sister, I think those Sandra Boynton books are the BEST! They’re so funny, the illustrations are whimsical and fun, and babies and toddlers just love holding little board books. Love that you read them to Q!

  16. You have probably posted this before, but how do you make your iced coffee.
    Your day sounds hectic…the joys of being a mom. 🙂

  17. This made me sleepy reading it- what a long day! I forgot how long your days can be with a newborn”¦ I guess I will be remembering in about 2 weeks or less!!!

  18. Wow. I don’t know how you do it. You’re going on virtually no sleep. Mal seems like a wonderful dad, but in true mom form, it seems like you don’t like to be too far from your sweet boy for too long.
    Take a nap! You’re making me tired.

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