A New Day in the Life II

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

You guys seemed to enjoy my last A New Day In The Life post, so I decided to do another one. Here is a recap of yesterday! Quick reminder: All times are approximate and, of course, this is just one of many days.

3:09 AM: Wake up. Pump a bottle. Eat granola. Chug water. Play Instagram.

3:25 AM: Go back to bed.

5:05 AM: Hear Q starting to fuss. Wake up. Feed him.

5:35 AM: Burp/bounce/walk around the house with Q. Make breakfast with one hand.

5:45 AM: Put Q in his lounger in the living room. Eat breakfast. Watch Full House.

photo 1 (2) (800x800)

6:00 AM: Play with Q. Get so many smiles from him! He’s always so happy in the morning. Change 3 dirty diapers. #poopingmachine

6:45 AM: Q falls asleep. I work on my Health post for the week.

7:15 AM: Mal wakes up. I take Murphy for a walk.

7:35 AM: I get dressed for CrossFit.

7:45 AM: Q wakes up. Feed him. Burp him. Play.

8:35 AM: Drive to CrossFit. Stop and deposit some checks on the way.

9:00 AM: CrossFit

photo 2 (8) (800x800)

10:15 AM: Swing by the post office to mail a package.

10:30 AM: Arrive home. Feed Q. Burp him. Play.

11:35 AM: Shove some crackers in my mouth.

photo 3 (2) (600x800)

11:40 AM: Mal takes over baby duty. I run 2 miles.

photo 5 (1) (600x800)

12:00 PM: Return home. Take a shower.

12:10 PM: Make lunch for Mal and me. Brew coffee for iced coffee. Wash bottles. Eat some grapes. Feed Murphy some cheese. Clean up the kitchen.

photo 5 (2) (800x600)

12:30 PM: Eat lunch.

photo 2 (9) (800x600)

12:45 PM: Attempt to put Q in the Ergo. He’s not happy about it and freaks out. (He usually loves it and falls right to asleep, but not yesterday!) I try to calm him down.

photo 1 (5) (600x800)
[See, Q usually loves the Ergo!]

12:55 PM: Q is still crying so Mal offers to “Dad whisper” him.

photo 4 (4) (800x600)
[Murphy doesn’t like it when Q cries.]

1:00 PM: Q is snoozing on Mal’s shoulder, so I bring in the trashcans from outside and then vacuum the house and living room couch. (Q sleeps through all the noise.)

1:45 PM: Watch Big Brother with Mal while catching up on emails. Eat some more grapes.

photo 3 (3) (600x800)

2:30 PM: Feed Q. Burp him. Change him. He’s on and off fussy, so I try to calm him down.

3:45 PM: Q eventually calms down and snoozes in his lounger, so I start working on this blog post and make a snack (Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack from The Laughing Cow on a rice cake with a slice of tomato and freshly ground pepper).


4:15 PM: Mal leaves for CrossFit.

4:30 PM: Make another snack (dark chocolate chips + almonds and a small glass of iced coffee with almond milk).

photo (2) (800x600)

4:45 PM: Q wakes up. He’s hungry, so I feed him. Burp him. He spits up all over me and himself, so I change his onesie. I lay him down on his changing table and when I pick him up, he freaks out. I assume laying him down gave him gas and/or an upset stomach because he cries and cries and cries for the next 30 minutes or so. It was awful. I felt so bad for the little guy.

5:55 PM: Q finally falls asleep on my shoulder. I pour myself a glass of wine.

6:00 PM: Mal gets home from CrossFit. I ask him for a hug. (I hate seeing Q so upset. It breaks my heart, and I feel like such a failure as a mother, so I needed some love and reassurance in a major way.)

6:05 PM: I decide that I want these for dinner and make a batch. I figure wine and chocolate will make me feel better.

6:40 PM: Eat brownies for dinner.

7:00 PM: Q is hungry. Mal offers to feed him a bottle, so I get ready for bed.

7:15 PM: Go to bed.

11:15 PM: Wake up. Pump a bottle. Eat granola. Chug water.

12:05 AM: Finish this post. Go back to bed.

The end.



  1. It’s such a relief to hear that other mothers experience the same feelings when it comes to a child crying and not being able to make them stop. I used to feel similar with my son when he was a baby. He would cry and cry and I seriously felt like a failure, like my magic mother powers weren’t working and that maybe I just didn’t have what it takes to be a mother. But I obviously came to my senses and realized that babies cry.. that’s what they do. And hugs always help. 🙂

  2. New babies are sooo hard to please. Luckily those early morning smiles make up for it. Apparently the vacuum cleaner sounds like the “swooshing” of your womb so it can actually comfort them and calm them down. It worked for my screaming babies when little else did…

  3. I love these posts especially since my due date is coming up soon. I would love to see a spin off and see a Mal version of a Day in the Life.

  4. I think every Mom can relate to that ‘I feel like a failure’ thought. You’re doing awesome, it’s a hard job. Wine and brownies make everything better, I like your style!

  5. I love “day in the life” posts! That is awesome that he is sleeping so much at night! I would have done anything for a 6-9 stretch of sleep at night when my kids were that young. I know everyone offering advice gets old fast, so feel free to just ignore me, I just feel like you’re really missing out on something by not taking advantage of those long sleep stretches!

    If you pump at the same time during the day (an hour after the first morning nursing for instance) you will build up to making enough milk at that time and then you won’t have to wake up at night. Your first morning feeding is at 5 and then you don’t feed him again until 7:45, so in between those two is ideal for pumping. Get some sleep! 🙂

  6. Tina,
    Kudos to you, what a whirlwind of emotions for you. Love to hear you have breaks to get out, get some fresh air and rejuvenate yourself. Brownies and wine…that dinner combo sounds amazing to me!

  7. brownie for dinner, my kind of dinner! I love these posts and think you are doing a wonderful job. I am not a mum but both my sisters have children and i lived with one of them when she had her first and it is tough. Don’t be hard on yourself it is clear you are doing a fantastic job. Your fitness routine is putting me to shame and i don’t even have a baby!!

  8. Last night, 1:00am – 3 year old wakes up crying (like every night). She wakes up her brother who has to pee and can’t function w/o me at that time. I get him settled and lean into her bunk bed to see if I can help her stop crying (because it keeps going), and she slaps me in the face. Sweet, time for ME to go back to sleep. I wake up Daddy to deal with that crap. She instantly stops crying. It has been like that with her since birth, she only wants daddy

    Oh, and by the way, during my excursion, I am being super careful not to take over 250 steps so that my Jawbone UP doesn’t think I am actually awake and switch to awake mode and screw up my sleep tracking HAHAHA

  9. Our little guy cried for 30 minutes last night because of what we think was gas. It was a painful cry and was so hard to hear. We gave him a gas drop, which friends of ours swore by, but it want until I tried to feed him (for the 10th) time that he finally latched on and ate vigorously. I felt like a terrible mother that my baby was so upset and then so hungry. He was taking deep breaths as he ate. Reading your post made me feel better…I guess these things just come on suddenly and need to work themselves out, literally.

  10. You are doing an incredible job, and I really appreciate your honesty. It is really wonderful to see someone who is accepting (not liking, per say, but accepting!) of the hard parts and the fact that sometimes you just need to run 2 miles and then eat brownies for dinner. It’s a great lesson in balance for all of us. Keep it up, lady!

  11. You are doing an amazing job! Sounds like you did everything in your power to comfort baby Q. I’m sure he was so grateful for all you did. You totally earned wine and brownies for dinner. (especially after going to Crossfit AND a run?! Impressive!)

  12. I love the brownies for dinner. I have 14-week old twins and when they cry (and cry and cry) I usually just eat fistfuls of chocolate once I calm them down. Mommies need chocolate!

  13. Wine and brownies for dinner! I love it!
    And you are doing fantastic. Babies cry. I can’t imagine how frustrating it will be when mine gets here and is doing the same thing. I won’t know what to do. Thanks for showing how your day goes, for real, and how you and Mal share the duties and both get time to workout.

  14. I loved the honesty of this post! You’re doing a great job as a mom. It inspires me to see you back into a workout routine so quickly after having a baby…my first baby is due next week and I’m afraid my schedule will be too crazy to workout (which would make me very, very sad). But you’ve shown it can be done! Thank you!

  15. You are doing a great job! Having a newborn is tough, no matter how you cut it – it gets easier (my daughter is 15 months and I breast fed (no formula ) until a month ago. I pumped at work but also wanted an extra supply so I could go out on a weekend night etc and would pump right before bed. Have also heard of SAHM pumping after first am feeding which would be ideal because of oversupply then . I don’t think you need to be pumping at night — I think that makes your life unnecessarily hard now. You will have to wean yourself from it bc your body is used to it, but just cut your pumping time in half and then stop te next night . You need the sleep

  16. Sounds like a typical day with a new baby! You are so lucky to have Mal helping you 🙂 At least that means you get exercise breaks which helps so much.

  17. Whew! I just read your post and I’m already tired – goodness gracious girl, lol! I love how you and your husband take shifts so that the other one can go to Crossfit. A family that sweats together stays together right? ;-). Have a beautiful day!

  18. with 4 kiddos under the age of 6, I can empathize with a cuckoo day! especially while marathon training, crazy!!

  19. I don’t have kids and I am always impressed by a day in any parents life. I like how after the whole days events at 5:55pm you had a glass of wine. I am certain you are awesome parents and that baby is so darn cute! Keep up the good work!

  20. that mommy guilt is somethin’ else, right? you ARE doing an amazing job though… and sometimes you do need to hear it. our days are so similar! i just don’t ever finish the dang blog post!!!!

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