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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, friends!

Here’s another A New Day in the Life post””a snapshot from yesterday!

4:27 AM – I hear Quinn on the baby monitor (he’s sleeping in his room now) and then I look at the time on my phone””holy crap, he slept for 8 hours! He usually does stretches of 4-6 hours, so 8 is a victory for us! I feed Quinn.

5:00 AM – I change Quinn’s diaper and plan to put him back to bed so I can sleep a little longer, but he has other plans for the day because he is laughing, kicking, and partying on his changing mat. Well, ok then. We are not going back to bed. I put Q in his lounger and pour myself a glass of iced coffee.

5:05 AM – I Instagram an image for some Monday Motivation for my followers as well as myself. I was pretty bummed about the colitis stuff last week, and I noticed that my negative attitude was drifting into other parts of my life, so I’m really trying to be positive.

photo 1 (14) (500x500)

5:06 AM – I turn on the TV and open my laptop to start some work. Quinn plays in his lounger.

photo 2 (13) (600x800)photo 3 (5) (600x800)photo 1 (15) (600x800)

5:15 AM – Mal’s alarm goes off. Q starts to get fussy (hiccups), so we walk around the house and talk to Mal/Dad and Murphy.

5:25 AM – Quinn’s hiccups finally go away. We sit on the couch together. I reply to emails.

5:27 AM – I can hear Mal talking to Murphy in the kitchen. A couple of minutes later, he comes into the living room and tells me he thinks Murphy has another ulcer on his eye. Poor pug. The little guy is falling apart. I was actually planning to take Murphy to the vet later in the morning because we saw some blood in his urine on Sunday, so I make a mental note to ask the vet about his eye too.

5:35 AM – Quinn is fussy again, so I pick him up and we walk around the house again.

5:45 AM – Mal makes me (first) breakfast.

photo (13) (800x600)

6:00 AM – I put Quinn in his “spaceship” and he finally settles down. I put on some workout clothes (sneakers too!) and then eat a few bites of breakfast.

6:05 AM – Q starts fussing again. His fussing turns into freaking out, so I try feeding him. Apparently, he was hungry again? I actually think his fussiness has something to do with his recent teething. Don’t babies typically nurse more to help with gum pain? Our little guy has two tiny teeth poking through his bottom gums, so maybe he just wanted a little relief/comfort?

6:25 AM – Q falls asleep while eating. I put him in his lounger. I finish eating my breakfast.

6:35 AM – Q wakes up. Cat nap. He wakes up happy and hangs out while I start my Health.com post for the week.

6:55 AM – Mal leaves for school. Q starts to get fussy again. I change his diaper and onesie. We walk, bounce, and sing around the house. We are having a rough morning.

7:25 AM – Quinn’s fussiness once again turns into screaming and freaking out. I’ve tried all my usual tricks to calm him down, so I feed him again. He finally relaxes.

7:40 AM – Q falls asleep, so I scoop him up and put him in his crib. I start this post and then work on my Health.com post again.

8:30 AM – Q wakes up. He wants to eat again. Growth spurt? Teething?

photo 1 (18) (800x600)

9:05 AM – Quinn falls asleep. While he snoozes, I make and eat second breakfast. More eggs!

photo 2 (12) (800x600)

9:15 AM – I brush my teeth and then apply some RapidLash. FYI: This stuff is amazing and really works. Mal actually noticed my eyelashes the other day, and he never notices stuff like that! It’s also really affordable.

photo 1 (17) (800x600)

9:20 AM – Quinn wakes up. He’s in a much better mood. He plays on his playmat while I work on my Health.com post.

9:40 AM – I fill out a Dietary Assessment for an IBD study at MGH.

photo 2 (16) (800x600)

10:00 AM – I make a batch of Espresso Blondies. Recipe on CNC soon!

10:20 AM – Quinn is fussy again. I pick him up and walk around the house. He calms right down, but I know the second I put him in the lounger or on his mat, he’ll start to cry, so I take him outside. We bring in the trashcans and then talk about nature in the backyard. He continues to cry on and off.

10:40 AM – Quinn’s crying eventually turns into freaking out again, so we eat.

11:00 AM – Quinn falls asleep while eating, so I change my shirt, put on mascara, pack up his stuff, dress Murphy in his harness, and get us ready to leave the house.

photo 3 (8) (800x600)

11:15 AM – We arrive at Murph’s vet appointment.

photo 4 (6) (800x600)

After the vet examines Murphy, she tells me he has the start of an eye infection, but, thankfully, no ulcer. As for his pee problem, Murphy has crystals in his urine, which could be related to a UTI or the start of kidney stones, which would require a diet change and life-long monitoring. The vet wants to run more tests, so she sends me home with a cup for a pug urine sample.

photo 2 (14) (600x800)photo 1 (16) (600x800)

12:45 PM – We leave the vet and swing by 1st Stop for a much-needed iced coffee.

1:00 PM – Arrive home. I change Quinn’s diaper and then feed him.

1:30 PM – Quinn finishes eating and then plays on his mat. I’m starving, so I house 3 slices of leftover pizza from a gathering at our house on Sunday.

photo (15) (800x600)

1:40 PM  – I let Quinn play for a bit and then burp him before getting him ready to go to Whole Foods to do our grocery shopping for the week.

2:00 PM – Grocery shopping at Whole Foods. That lip! Haha! I swear, Quinn loves it there!

photo 2 (17) (800x600)

2:30 PM – We return home from Whole Foods. I put away the groceries and load dishwasher with one hand/while holding Quinn, which is a serious core workout! Haha!

2:40 PM – Quinn plays on his mat while I fold laundry and watch Kelly and Michael.

3:00 PM – I freeze some canned pumpkin so I can make Instant Pumpkin Ice Cream.

photo 3 (11) (800x600)

3:05 PM – Quinn is on and off fussy, so we walk around the house and go outside.

3:30 PM – Mal comes home. I fill him in on Murphy. He takes over baby duty. I take Murphy for a walk and collect his pee in one of those sterile cups with the green lid. Yup, that happened. The whole thing actually made me laugh. I felt like such a tool following my dog around with a pee cup! Haha!

4:00 PM – Mal drives Murphy’s pee sample to the vet (teamwork!) and then he heads to CrossFit. Quinn is snoozing in his “spaceship” when I get home, so I finish up my Health.com post and work on this post.

4:30 PM – I eat tortilla chips and hummus. I am loving the Spicy Yellow Lentil Hummus from Eat Well Embrace Life. The company sent me some of their flavors, and I am obsessed. They have so many fun ones, such as Zesty Sriracha Carrot Hummus, Wasabi Edamame Hummus, and Beet Hummus. Yum!

4:45 PM – Quinn wakes up and wants to eat.

5:20 PM – Quinn falls asleep while eating. We cuddle on the couch and watch TV for a little bit.

5:35 PM – When Q wakes up, I put him in his lounger and read him a couple of books. Then, we play on his mat and do tummy time.

6:00 PM – Mal gets home from CrossFit.

6:10 PM – I head out for a 3-mile run.

photo 1 (19) (800x800)

6:40 PM – Return home. Talk to my boys. Stretch.

6:50 PM – Feed Quinn.

7:20 PM – Put Quinn to bed. Take a shower.

7:35 PM – Eat dinner (spinach salad with chicken breast on top) and work on this post.

7:45 PM – Clean up kitchen.

8:00 PM – Eat a big bowl of apple crisp.

8:30 PM – Get ready for bed. Go to bed.

The end.



  1. Oh Tina, you’re doing such a great job! This kind of day is when it is nearly impossible to complete a task. Mine are 2.5 yrs and 11 months, with my third on the way. Tending to their little needs while trying to manage the house and errands is the best you can do! Great work 🙂

  2. Is it possible that Quinn has gas? Have you tried simethicone drops? That was the deal with my youngest. Of course, that was 17 years ago :).

    We also used to lay him on his back and “pump” his legs; basically, we would bend them so his thighs went towards his belly to help the gas move. He obviously has no problem farting on his own these days.

  3. Some things I thought about… my pug has been on a special diet for years and years. It was for the same thing. i just have to get his food from the vet and he gets no treats, like Milkbones, just pieces of his food. Boring but he is the fittest 13 year old pug our vet has ever seen. And Quinn might be growing, sometimes they sleep a long time and then they are “off” the next day, cranky and grumpy. And I know they tell you to put your babies to sleep on their backs and it’s true, that is best. BUT if he is napping and you are up and moving around so you can check on him, you might want to put him on his tummy. I have four kids and I had to do this with all of them right before they started rolling over, it’s like they knew they wanted to sleep that way but couldn’t get there themselves. I always put them on their backs for night time. Just a nap or a bit on their tummy, sometimes relieved the gas better than the drops. You are so smart to take him outside, the fresh air works every time. Something about little boys, they’re like puppies, they need to go out for walks sometimes. You are doing great!

  4. Our pug has the crystals/blood in urine issue as well. He has special food and we have to watch that he gets no people food, but those seem to control it. Often if we have a party here, he’ll have blood in his urine and frequent urination after :/

  5. I really think Q’s starting to look a lot like Mal 🙂
    Isn’t it funny the things you’ll do for your dogs (pets)? Friday night we spent over an hour on the floor combing conditioner and things through one dog’s hair to get all the burs out after a hike… then gave her a bath together. It took an eternity, but we knew she needed to get those out before they irritated her skin. Wild nights at our house 🙂

  6. You are doing a great job! My 5-month-old twin girls are teething and they sometimes have rough days like the one you described when they just want to nurse all day long and have extra snuggle time with Mommy:)

  7. Teeth!!! Already! My guy is the same age (same birthday) as Q. And no teeth yet! You’re doing great, every day is different for babies and with 4 months around the corner and teething Q is probably seeking comfort and food at the same time!

    PS, if you haven’t tried it yet, I nurse my guy around 7/7:30 and then it wake him up at 9 to feed him again and he usually sleeps through the night until 7. If I don’t do that, he wakes at 3 or 4. 😉

  8. I’ve always heard we get teeth as infants for a reason…its incredibly painful. Like adults couldn’t handle it. I’m guessing it must be up there with childbirth! ha!
    And I completely agree with the babywearing comments!

  9. You are super woman and so inspirational.

    P.S. Are you giving Q anything for his possible teething symptoms? Whole Foods has great homeopathic remedies for infants for teething — specifically Hylands and Boiron (brands). Check them out!

  10. My pug has dealt with the same thing. She is now on special food but the crystals have cleared up and she is good to go! Murph will be just fine 🙂

  11. If Q is sleeping a lot at night it makes sense that he’ll need to eat quite often during the day to get enough food. He needs to eat 8-12 times per day so if you knock out 8 hours overnight (Wow! Nice work Q!) then that’s a lot of nursing in the other16 hours but absolutely necessary. It’s the tradeoff for mama and her 8 hours off 🙂 BTW, crying is a baby’s last sign of hunger so popping him on the boob before when he’s fussy instead of waiting till he’s crying will stress him out a lot less.

  12. So, not trying to tell you what is wrong…but is the fussiness a daily thing??? I am a new mom too my son is 15 month and around 4 months we discovered he had a milk allergy….I had to completely cut out milk and soy….you can tell by his diapers (i know yuck but you can), also teething has been a nightmare from the beginning..:( I feel bad for my little guy every time….now that hes older we are doing essiential oils a mix of clove and tea tree….

    I didn’t use an Ergo…I have a Baby Bejourn but I didnt use it until he got about 5 months, he slept hard in that thing, I was able to cook and clean and do stuff with two hands again.
    WE also dealt with tons of gas issues….the gripe water super helps.

    Hes adorable, and you are doing a GREAT job mommy.

  13. I highly recommend reading this article: http://www.troublesometots.com/are-you-keeping-baby-awake-too-long/

    It sounds as if Quinn is overtired, and then with the teething and potential growth spurt and/or developmental milestone, he has become exceptionally fussy. Now that he is out of the newborn stage, he needs help (white noise machine, blackout curtains, swaddle, nursing to sleep, movement in the car/stroller/carrier/swing, or whatever you find works best for that particular nap) to fall asleep and stay asleep for 30 minutes to 2 hours three to four times a day.

  14. Can any old person tell if their dog has crystals in his pee? or does the vet have to see it to tell? Our dog has recently peed on the carpet a time or two and never has in three years and I was wondering if a UTI might be the cause.

    1. I don’t think so. The vet needed 2 urine samples and they’re doing an x-ray on his ladder tomorrow to see how many crystals are still left in there.

  15. I agree with the other poster about him maybe being overtired. I have a 6 month old and he needs 12 hours at night and then takes 3 naps adding up to 3 hours during the day. 4 naps if the naps are less than an hour. So 15-16 hours total each day. My little one put himself on this “schedule” since 8 weeks. (We do baby led everything, so its all about watching for his cues.) When he’s tired, we put him to sleep. Emphasize on PUT. My son is down from 6:30/7 pm to 7/7:30 am (he wakes up 3x usually, but I nurse him right back to sleep). And if he’s awake and happy/playing at 5 am when I nurse him, like this morning, I shush and rock him back to sleep. Sometimes it takes awhile, but he always goes back down. I also recommend the 5 Ss to help encourage sleep: swaddling, side/stomach positioning, swinging, shushing, sucking. Also, starting at about 12 weeks, my little one wasn’t happy independently playing anymore, at 6 months he is again, but for 3 month he needed the constant attention, its tied to developmental milestones. Good luck mama!

    1. I agree with this comment. A book that really helped me was “Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child.” The takeaway – no more than 2 hours of wake time at a time AND it’s not a nap if it’s under an hour. If mine woke up before 7am, I always tried to get them back to sleep regardless of how awake they seemed. If they napped for under an hour, I always tried to get them back down. Good Luck!

  16. That Pumpkin Ice Cream recipe! Dang! Thank you for that link! It looks awesome and I will most definitely be doing this! You are such an inspiration! I just started working full time and I see how busy you are, yet still heading out to run… It makes me think it’s possible for myself too! 🙂

  17. I’m also a new mom and have benefited GREATLY by getting baby on a schedule. It looks like baby doesn’t like to nap regularly. 🙁 Everyone has their own method but we love Moms on Call. They have sample schedules AND you can email them for advice. Just a thought!

  18. OMG I Love Eat Well Embrace Life Spicy Black Bean hummus! Obsessed. I haven’t seen their Wasabi Endamame one yet…
    Love these posts :] Hope Murphy is on the mend soon!

  19. Pingback: Updates
  20. Looks like a great (and busy) day! Hope Murphy feels better soon and you don’t need to keep following him around with a cup, LOL. I’m going to check out that ice cream recipe!

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