A Day at Mohogany Bay in Roatan, Honduras

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After two days of back-to-back excursions, Mal and I were exhausted, so on the day that we ported in Roatan, Honduras, we slept in. I mean, it was vacation after all, right? But, unfortunately, a slow start to our day meant that we sort of wasted our time in Roatan.

We ported at Mahagony Bay, which is basically a cruise ship terminal since a bunch of different cruise lines use this same area. (You can see a second ship in the backround of the photo below.)  The cruise ships also pull up really close to the shore, so passengers can easily and quickly depart and board.

Mahagony Bay includes a shopping area.

And a beach.

Roatan was gorgeous””crystal clear water with green, lush foliage.

Looking out into the island sort of reminded me of LOST.

When Mal and I realized that Mahogany Bay was basically Carnival land, we wanted to leave and explore Roatan. Unfortunately, this area was sort of in the middle of nowhere””at least not within walking distance of beaches or the downtown area. We almost took a taxi, but it was really expensive. For example, it would have cost us $60 to go to the beach because it was $10 per person, each way + another $10 per person to get into the beach. The cruise ship departed early that day, so we would have had less than two hours to spend at the beach, so we didn’t think it was worth it and just hung out at Mohogany Bay.

Mal and I were bummed that we didn’t take full advantage of our time in Roatan, but we had some fun anyway.


If we ever make it back to Roatan, we’ll definitely have a plan of attack to see more of the island!



  1. i’m 30 years old and have never been on a cruise!!! looks so fun. have a great time! glad to see you’re still getting your workouts in…i wouldn’t have it any other way myself!

  2. We were in Roatan several years back for a cruise. You must have docked at a different location or things have dramatically changed. Roatan is actually a pretty poor area. We chose not to book a cruise and just explored the area by foot and saw lots of dilapidated housing, chickens and begging children. So you definitely saw the more cheerful side of Roatan.

  3. Awww I’m actually sad to see so much development in roatan. I was there 6 years ago and it was so bohemian and small bed and breakfasts. So desolate and natural. But looks like you had a good time so that’s worth something. Hard to find any non commercialized vacation spots in the western hemisphere anymore 🙁

  4. We booked a couple’s massage for our stop in Roatan and it was AMAZING! A couple from San Fran bought an island (yes an island!) and built their house/spa on it. We even got fresh bran muffins after our massage and got to hang out on their private beach. Best part, it was cheaper than what I pay at Massage Envy! Not exactly exploring, but I was happy 🙂

  5. It makes me so happy to read about you being in Honduras – I lived there from 2007-10 and miss living there! I know that it has been developed more to handle the increase in cruise ships, but happy to see that you got to see at least part of it. Try to look for an affordable vacation there int the future – other parts of Roatan like West End haven’t been as developed and are beautiful (and I can’t got over how much they were going to charge you for a taxi – really are ripping off the cruise passengers!) At least you got to see how beautiful the sand and ocean is there – it is a paradise that unfortunately is getting exploited (like many places in the world…).

  6. Gorgeous. I am seriously loving your cruise posts, but they are giving me major cruise envy! I cruised 2 years ago, and I would LOVE to go one again!

  7. You should definitely head back to Roatan! There are a bunch of things to do (snorkeling is awesome, the islands are surrounded by the 2nd largest coral reef in the world 🙂 ) West End has some amazing beaches as well as laid back restaurants.

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