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Who knew a can of spray paint had so much potential?!?

The other day, I went to town on a couple of spray paint projects around the house. Now, it’s is my favorite tool. (Spray paint is considered a tool, right?)

_MG_0781 (426x640)

The first project that I tackled was prettying a set of tables that I rescued from the garbage a few months ago.

_MG_0787 (426x640)

Before we moved into our new house, I snagged these tables off the curb before they were picked up for trash day. They were covered in cobwebs and dirt, but I saw their potential.

_MG_0789 (640x426)

_MG_0790 (426x640)_MG_0798 (640x426)

The tables are made of a hard plastic, so I bought a special plastic paint at Lowes and then washed (with soap and water) and dried before spraying them.

_MG_0800 (640x426)

I spray painted the tables in the basement, which ended up not being the best idea because the fumes got a little out of hand. I probably should have done the project outside, but rain was in the forecast for later in the day, so I didn’t want to risk it. I ended up taking breaks every few minutes and opening the door to the basement to get fresh air.

Spraying the bigger table with blue paint was a piece of cake. It took me 10 minutes. The smaller table, which I spray painted white, took a lot more effort because it needed multiple coats and a few touch-ups. My wrist was actually sore the next day from holding down the spray top for so long!

IMG_0046 (640x480)

But, in the end, it was totally worth it. I LOVE the new look!






I also used the white spray paint to change the look of a frame that didn’t match the décor of our new home. It was originally gold, but I spray painted it white and replaced the photo with a black and white greeting card from CVS. Cute, right?

_MG_0710 (426x640)_MG_0914 (426x640)

Do you like DIY projects? What’s the coolest DIY project you’ve ever done?



  1. I live in an apartment, so instead of painting walls and dealing with painting them back, etc, before moving out… I put up fabric on the walls with liquid starch! Looks just like paint but peels right off without a mess!

  2. Those turned out really well! I can’t believe some one left those tables by the curb!

    I like sewing, but my machine is broken! I really need a new one…

  3. Great job!! I am a big DIYer. A can of spray paint is an awesome “tool”;) Anything old can be made new again with a little imagination!

  4. Wow! Those look awesome!! I love DIY projects. I really need to start doing some creative things around my house. I’m getting bored with the decor.

  5. Nice job! We opted for the spray cans when we got new shelves that needed a quick coat. It was not one of my engineering-fiancée’s proudest moments…he opted to do it inside, with our new hardwood floors covered with shower curtains. Let’s just say I spent an entire weekend cleaning the coat of black spray paint over our ENTIRE condo.

  6. I am pretty obsessed with spray paint myself! we found a table in my husbands parents attic, it is brass with a beautiful glass top. we will be spraypainting the brass black soon, I cant wait!

  7. I have a few pieces at home I’d love to spray paint – you have inspired me! Your projects came out looking really fabulous

  8. Those tables turned out super cute! My best DIY project? My house! We bought a fixer-upper almost 7 years ago, and with few exceptions (new roof, refinishing floors), we’ve done all the work ourselves–stripping 7 rooms’ worth of wallpaper, pulling down paneling, water-sealing the basement, painting inside and out, new kitchen, new bathroom, landscaping! It’s been a long process, but SO worth it!

  9. I *LOVE* DIY projects!!!! This looks a lot like things I like to do too — I’ll usually pick up something cheap at the flea market/thrift store and paint it a bright color to bring it back to life. It’s so affordable and a really fun way to have something unique in your home. Adorable!

  10. Oh wow! Those little tables look awesome. It’s like night and day. You may have just inspired me to try some antiquing/salvaging. Very impressive.

  11. I love spray paint! And any paint makeover in general. I just did one on my blog recently on an old antique dresser. Funny- it was blue and white, just like the color you spraypainted those beautiful tables!

  12. I love anything DIY and crafty. It’s so much fun and it means so much more knowing you created it. I recently made my own monogram plaque that I see in Anthropolgie and PB. I love it. Next up spray painting some candlestick holders I scored at Home Goods!

  13. WOW those tables came out GREAT! I never thought to use spray paint to touch up stuff like that! I think i have a few projects up my sleeve now 🙂

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