9 Ways Opposites Attract

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my better half!! Tomorrow, July 12th, marks NINE years of marriage – and Mal and I haven’t killed each other yet! Kidding, kidding!

Mal and I actually get along really well and, as cheesy as it may sound, we are truly the best of friends. We share the same vision and goals for our life together, and we have the same outlook and views with regard to a lot of things. We’re also both Geminis, so we totally “get it” when it comes to our different personalities/mood swings and how to deal with them! 🙂

Even though we’re quite similar, we couldn’t be more different when it comes to a certain aspects of our lives. Since we’re celebrating nine years tomorrow, I’m sharing nine ways that Mal and I share quite the opposite take on how to do/think about things. We actually brainstormed this list together and had quite the good laugh about it, which just goes to show you that our “opposite” personalities do attract and make for a fun/interesting/wonderful relationship!

  1. The state of our cars – This is probably the most obvious in our relationship. Mal’s car is immaculate at all times – to the point where Qman is only allowed to eat certain (non-messy) foods in his car. Powdered donut? Hell no. My car needs a serious vacuum at all times. Qman eats Saltines after daycare in the backseat. My car is also the “pug car,” so there’s endless amounts of Murphy fur on the rugs. I dunno. Having a spotless car is just not a priority to me, especially when I have messy creatures constantly working against me! 🙂
  2. Our ability to multitask – Mal does one thing at a time and truly cannot focus on two things at once. I do my best work when I’m doing five things at once!
  3. Our preferred temperatures – Mal loves cold weather and everything associated with it. I’m not a fan and would rather warm temperatures. #teamsummer
  4. How we eat cupcakes – I’m a frosting lover, and Mal prefers the cake, which, of course, works out quite well for the two of us!
  5. How much food we leave on our plates – When we’re eating at home, I usually finish all of the food on my plate while Mal will always leave a few bites, which, of course, kills me on the inside since I hate seeing food go to waste. Sometimes, I’ll eat his final bites, but Murphy typically benefits from his leftovers.
  6. How we deal with technology – Mal loves technology. He’s constantly researching and buying new things for himself and our house. I, however, have zero patience with technology. I mean, I always have updates on my phone/laptop, and I just ignore them. Right now, for instance, I have 55 updates on my iPhone. If Mal saw it, his head would explode! Ha!
  7. Things we’re oblivious to – I constantly leave cabinets and drawers open. I actually had no idea I even did this until Mal recently pointed it out to me after doing a bunch of meal prep one day. He walked into the kitchen and said it looked like “poltergeist” had been there. Haha! Mal is always coming behind me and closing cabinets/drawers/poking fun at me. Mal is oblivious to leaving random pieces of trash and receipts around the house. For instance, he’ll finish a can of seltzer and then leave the empty can on the coffee table forever. Seriously, it would be a few days before it finally made its way to the trash (unless I picked it up, of course). Clutter around the house really bothers me, so I’m constantly cleaning up Mal’s random items.
  8. How we relax – Mal can relax in 0.2 seconds. I generally can’t relax and feel like I need to be doing something at all times.
  9. How we discipline Quinn – Mal (being a teacher and all) is very Mr. Haupert when it comes to discipline – rules, expectations, consistency. I can be a total pushover at times, but I’m working on it (because I know it makes a huge difference in Qman’s behavior when we’re on the same page)!

Question of the Day

How are you and your signification other completely different?

Past anniversary celebrations:


  1. Happy anniversary! My husband I will be celebrating 9 years in September.
    I think you described us to a T.
    One thing hubby and I differ is when it comes to traveling/packing. I need to start packing weeks in advance, organize our to do, Hubby rather just do whatevs and no planning.
    However, we are both stubborn and we both want what we want, when we want it.

  2. Happy anniversary!! I continue to be a huge fan of your blog – it’s so inspiring and motivational. So happy for all your success and I hope you have fun celebrating your anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You guys are the cutest!
    I found myself smiling, nodding and totally agreeing with you on most of these. My husband and I will be celebrating 14 yrs in November! He thinks he can multi task, but of course can not. I think that’s a guy thing honestly.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Time flies so quickly! I can’t believe it. I’ve been following your blog for so long – I remember the wedding pictures!

  5. Haha! Loved reading this. I can relate to so many of these. I’m also a kitchen cabinet poltergeist, and my husband is also totally oblivious to the random junk he leaves around the house! It’s one of my biggest pet peeves!

  6. I can completely relate to #7! There are cans of seltzer ALL over our house. I’m constantly picking them up along with various other items. I have clutter! #3 too. Happy anniversary!

  7. A lot of the things you described are the same for me and my husband! Except instead of cabinets I leave the lights on! Oops. Happy anniversary.

  8. This is so sweet and Happy Anniversary!
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 years and we’ve pretty much moulded into one person now but we definitely still have our own querks.
    Your food one was hilarious! We’re the total opposite way round but when I can’t finish my meal James is straight onto it to finish it off 😀

  9. Chris and I are a lot like you and Mal! He CONSTANTLY leaves stuff lying around the house, including seltzer cans/water bottles. I can’t relax until I know the bed has been made, he couldn’t care less. In our case, Chris’s car is constantly in a state of duress, where as I keep mine generally neat and tend to flip a little if he leaves trash in it. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy anniversary! We are different in the way we relax. Phil is go, go, go then can sit down and fall asleep. I have to ease into in for about 30 min ( walk, tv or book), then I relax. Ha!

  11. I am super organized, never truly lose anything, and do things wayyyyy in advance. My husband will literally make his lunch for the day right before leaving for work and had to order a new birth certificate and get a new license so he can get a passport for an upcoming trip. The trip is in November because obviously I’m ahead of schedule, haha!

  12. Happy Anniversary!!!!! I was smiling thru this whole post! My husband and I are the exact same way lol seriously it was so funny…He is Mal (especially with the car thing! What is up with that??lol) and I am so much like the things you mentioned 🙂 One of the most ways we are different is he totally LOVES sweets and sugar and I LOVE salt!!!! This is a running joke in our house almost every day when we eat lol Good times 🙂 🙂

  13. #7 is so relatable! My husband will have like 2 or 3 bottles of water around the house, drives me bonkers as I’m constantly throwing them out or putting them in the fridge! And I’m notorious for not covering things properly. One time I put liquid detergent in his car and it fell over, cap fell off and well the rest is history…at least his car smelled nice?

    Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 4 year the 25th – which is fruit/flowers or in modern times, an appliance! So I bought myself the Instant Pot, haha.

  14. Happy Anniversary! This is a sweet post and I wish you and Mal many more happy years together. I’ve been a regular reader for the last 8years and always enjoy how genuine you come across. Enjoy your special day.

  15. Happy Anniversary!
    I’m the emotional/sentimental/empathetic one and my boyfriend is totally opposite. Sometimes it takes him a day or more to even realize how something made him feel the day prior.
    He’s the tolerant and patient one who could really adapt to any circumstance and I’m the one who gets twisted if I’m out of my element or if plans shift suddenly.
    I’m the creative one who can’t get enough of sunrises, sunsets and the most beautifully composed photos. He’s just happy to capture the moment with a quick phone snap not even realizing his lens is fogged up. But a crappy photo is enough for him 🙂
    He totally has no issue with dog hair but hates clutter. I’m not a fan of the dog hair and would rather vacuum 10x more than worry about items all being put away.

  16. Oh man I totally relate to some of these. My fiance is the same way as Mal with phone updates and I will just leave them forever until the ap stops working! I finally got around to updating all my aps this week and he was so proud lol. We are actually the exact opposite as you guys with being oblivious to things. He leaves the cabinets open all the time and it half drives me crazy, half makes me laugh. We both leave random things around the house though. Our eating habits were pretty opposite when we first met too- he ate like a 5 year old boy and I want alllll the vegetables! But he’s adapted some slightly healthier eating habits since we’ve been together and I’ve been known to dig into his “fun snacks” at times. Totally agree that being opposite at certain things makes for a great relationship! And we’re lucky that we see eye-to-eye on the big stuff.

  17. This is so true! My boyfriend and I have some opposite personality traits. He’s laid back and I’m a anxious maniac. Lol He’s spur of the moment and I’m always planning. Funny how different people balance each other out!

  18. Happy anniversary! and hope you are enjoying your vacation! You guys are like two little peas in opposite pods ha ha I see a ton of similarities with me and my hubs too! Minus number 9 because we don’t have kids, unless you count the dog in which case we are both HUGE pushovers lol

  19. Happy Anniversary! My husband is an infuriatingly rational, logical, steadfast Taurus, and I’m a sensitive, emotional, moody Cancer. We’ve been married for 7 years, but have know each other for 19!! It’s taken some time, but he finally understands that sometimes I just need to feel what I feel; he doesn’t need to swoop in and rationalize my emotions or try to “fix” whatever is wrong.

    ps – I nosed through your other anniversary posts. Holy moly – you never age, girl! 🙂

  20. This is so cute! Happy anniversary to you two 🙂 It’s funny how opposites work so well together!
    Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  21. This is so cute and fun!

    My fiancé and I are the same — similar in lots of way, but so different in others. We always say each couple needs opposites: the worrier vs. the relaxed one, etc. We like to talk about these opposite traits with our friends and joke about which person in the couple is which!

  22. Tina, my jaw was to the floor reading this because it sounds SO much like my boyfriend, Felix, and myself! For one, my car is rarely clean and his must be spotless always. He once detoured on a road trip just to go through a car wash. Felix also leaves 1-2 bites of food on his plate, and it makes me cringe! I, too, give in and share it with the pup. Also, I leave allthecabinets open all of the time, and Felix will walk into the kitchen and shout, “We’ve been robbed!”

    I loved this post! I think I want to create one like it!

  23. This post is so incredibly CUTE! My husband and I couldn’t be more different. I was a big city girl and he was a very, VERY small town guy when we met. He loves anything outdoors, me…….not so much. He’s always cold, I’m always burning up. I could go on and on. Literally. Congrats on 9 years…..this marriage sh** ain’t easy!!!!

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