6th Annual Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re a longtime reader of CNC, you might remember my Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt from previous years. It’s always a big hit with you guys, so I’m bringing it back once again this year!

This year’s prize is a $100 gift card to Minted, which can be used on any of their products from seasonal gifts and stationary to business cards, art prints, and much more!


Minted and I recently teamed up to create Valentine’s Day cards for Murphy and me to give to our senior friends that we meet during our therapy dog visits.

IMG_6961 (675x900)

Last Wednesday, Murphy and I went to the senior home with our Valentine’s Day cards in hand.

photo (20)

We were both super excited about giving them out, but, unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

photo (11)

When we arrived at the senior home, I stopped by the Activities Coordinator’s office to say hello and give her a Valentine’s Day card. As soon as Ann saw us, she apologized for not contacting me sooner about the recent flu outbreak at the senior home. She told me everyone has been so sick lately, the facility decided to turn away volunteers for the next week or so. Whomp whomp. Her telling me this actually made me want to bring Murphy around even more just so we could cheer up some people, but I knew missing our visit was probably the best option, especially being pregnant and all.

Ann offered to give out our Valentine’s Day cards in time for the holiday, so I took her up on her offer. Our big Valentine’s Day surprise sort of bombed, but I still think our cards will make a lot of people happy. I mean, Murphy’s pug face sure is adorable!

If you would like to participate in this year’s scavenger hunt, here’s how it is played:

1. Search through old Carrots ”˜N’ Cake posts to find each of the following:

  • A funny photo of Murphy
  • A photo of me doing CrossFit
  • A photo of Marylou’s iced coffee
  • A cookie recipe
  • A recipe that you’d like to try

2. Once you find all five posts, copy and paste the links into an email and send it to me at cncvdayhunt@gmail.com by Monday (2/17) at 9:00 AM (EST).

3. On Monday morning, I will randomly pick one winner to receive the $100 gift card to Minted!

Happy hunting! Have fun!



  1. I love the heart sunglasses! Taking Valentine’s cards to the senior home was so thoughtful, I know you brightened days even if you couldn’t visit everyone personally.

  2. That is so cute! I need a dog so badly… maybe Murphy can do some therapy with me! (just kidding…) It would be awesome if I could bring therapeutic dogs into school. We used to be able to.

  3. The cards with Murphy’s face on them is such an adorable idea! He just has one of those faces that brings a smile to your face and heart. Shoot, it made me smile just reading about it. I’m sure the seniors really love having you guys there. I love that he is all ready for his “job” with his little vest on. Too cute!!

  4. Love the cards. How sweet and thoughtful. I’m sure the seniors enjoy when you visit. Murphy’s face in the last picture looks like he is so disappointed when he heard the news. What a cutie! Happy Valentines Day!

  5. I love this idea of a website scavenger hunt! I’d enter but assuming its only open to those in the US?

    Murphy is too cute! I’m sure he would bring a lot of cheer to others so hopefully he gets to help you volunteer soon.

  6. My favorite “game” of the year!!! I love the scavenger hunt, although secretly I wish it was waaaaay harder! Because as a kid, scavenger hunt was my favoritest thing ever and I was so happy when someone took the time to do it. This is such a treat, as an adult, to be able to do one! hehe, I am foolish, I know

    And those cards were freakin adorable! Good call on the no flu visit, but those cards will really cheer them up too, and you will be able to give Murphy love to them when it is safer for you AND them!

  7. So thoughtful!! When my grandma was in a nursing home I know something like this would have delighted her to no end and she probably would have displayed the Valentine somewhere for days.

  8. That was a really nice thing to do. I used to volunteer at a nursing home and, as I’m sure you know, any visit, anything you really do at all, means so much to the residents. Nice work 🙂

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