6 Dumbbell Exercises, 3 Full-Body Workouts

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Sometimes the best workouts are the ones that require minimal equipment, right? Well, that’s exactly why I created this series of workouts that only require a set of dumbbells, which means you can break a sweat just about anywhere. Whether it’s a fitness center, hotel gym, or your living room, these workouts have got you covered!

Each of these workouts combine a number of my favorite multi-joint exercises that are guaranteed to challenge your entire body from head-to-toe and keep your heart rate up while building muscle at the same time. All six exercises are super efficient and arranged into three separate workouts, each with a different rep scheme and duration. All you need is a medium-weight set of dumbbells, a chair/bench (or coffee table), and a little bit of space and you’re good to go! Happy sweating!

6 Dumbbell Exercises


Third Time’s a Charm

Set a timer and perform each of the exercises listed below for 60 seconds. Move from one exercise to the next without rest. Push yourself (high-intensity is key), but keep a consistent pace since six minutes can be a long time. After completing all 6 movements, rest for 60 seconds and repeat the workout from the top (starting with Overhead Walking Lunges) two more times for a total of 3 rounds.

3 rounds – 60 seconds each:

Overhead Walking Lunges

Man Makers

Front to Lateral Raise


Weighted Triceps Dips

Russian Twists

— rest 60 seconds–


Seven Eight Nine

Workout 2 includes three mini workouts, each of which are 7 minutes in duration. Set a timer for 7 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible of the exercises listed. Rest for 60 seconds between each mini workout. Once again, be sure to challenge yourself by keeping up the intensity of your workout. You get 60 seconds to recover from each mini workout, so make sure it’s worth it!


8 Thrusters
9 Man Makers

— rest 60 seconds–


8 Overhead Walking Lunges
9 Front to Lateral Raise

— rest 60 seconds–


8 Russian Twists
9 Weighted Triceps Dips

— rest 60 seconds–


10 to 1

Workout 3 is a tough one for sure! Start by performing 10 repetitions of each exercise—starting with Overhead Walking Lunges then Man Makers, Front to Lateral Lunges, and so on. Then, perform 9 reps of each exercise (starting at the top with Overhead Walking Lunges) and then continue to reduce the reps by one: 8, 7, 6… all the way down to 1 rep of each exercise.

* Please consult your doctor before starting a new fitness program. 




  1. Always keep the body guessing, even if it’s changing the format! What’s the benefit of each type of workout (10-1 vs the AMRAP)? Should you do one for certain results over another?

  2. Hi! I’m a long time reader of your blog and I LOVE it! I read it on my phone and on my desk top computer. The new(er) blog format has been difficult to navigate on the desktop. Just wanted to let you know. Keep being awesome!! Seriously love your blog.

  3. Thank you for posting!! I did the 10 to 1 this morning and loved it! I wrote them all down in my workout journal to keep for later! Thanks again!

  4. Everyone among us realised that we should do at least a simple workout. But, most of us can not commit this statement due to laziness or lack of guide lines. After reading this article, I hope those people who can not start exercise lack of guidelines they will able to start their workout even at home.

    Brilliant strategy with the simple steps and simple equipment! The most fantastic matter is that so many workouts can perform with just a pair of dumbbel. I thought it would best fit for our residence yard.

  5. Impressive workouts shared by you. All of three workouts are unique & don’t want too much space to do. I also just finished 1st workout at my garden & feeling so good.
    Thank you….

  6. Whew! Workout #3 is a doozy!! Those Man-makers….. A friend and I did it together and made it through 10 to 5. Our goal is to keep at it until we make it through all rounds. Love this workout with different options. Thank you!

  7. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize how versatile a simple set of dumbbells can be. I do a couple variations like this already, but now going to have to try yours when I get home from work tonight! 🙂

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