5 Ways to Stay Active Outdoors This Winter

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Columbia through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Columbia outerwear, all opinions are my own.

As much as I don’t want the cold weather to arrive here in New England, winter is inevitably on its way. The chilly temperatures mean that my morning stroller runs with Quinn and our post-dinner family walks will likely become fewer and far between, but, of course, I don’t want to be cooped up indoors all winter either. That said, here are five of my favorite ways to stay active outdoors in the winter. I hope they inspire you to get outside and get moving too!


Every time I try snowshoeing, I fall more and more in love with it. Mal and I actually talked about buying a pair for this winter since the streets in our neighborhood are never really plowed and they can be quite slippery, especially when Murphy pulls on his leash. And, hey, it would be a lot of fun to go out and tromp around in snowshoes, right? Yes. I think we need a pair. Clearly, snowshoeing is an awesome way to stay active during the winter. Have you ever tried it?

Nature walks

I love taking “nature walks” with Mal and Murphy, and we recently introduced them to Quinn this fall. Walking together as a family is such a nice way to spend some quality time together and enjoy the great outdoors. In the winter, we’ll still head out to explore the wooded area near our house, but we’ll be sure to bundle up!


For our cold-weather walks this winter, I’m looking forward to wearing my new Turbodown Jacket and Minx Boots from Columbia. (Both items were sent to me for free as part of this campaign.) I was actually in the market for a new winter coat and boots (the tread on my beloved UGGS is long gone), so I was psyched when POPSUGAR Select contacted me about trying some Columbia gear. It was perfect timing!


The Turbodown Jacket is made with performance-enhanced down (a combination of “Omni-Heat” synthetic insulation + 800-fill goose down), which makes it lightweight, but really warm since it retains heat, even when wet. I especially love the sheen of the fabric and clean, flattering fit. The style is quite versatile and this jacket can be worn hiking in the woods or running errands around town.


The Minx Boots are also warm, lightweight, and versatile. They’re almost like a jacket for your feet! Once again, you can wear them from mountain to street since they’re the perfect combination of style and technology. These boots are waterproof and lined with soft faux-fur as well as 200g’s of insulation. There’s also a thermal reflective lining, which makes them even warmer. I love the color that I picked (shale) as well as the quilted fabric, and I can’t wait to wear these babies in the snow. I’m pretty sure they’ll become my go-to boot of the winter!



Oooh, boy. With the Boston Marathon on the horizon this coming April, I will be doing a whole lot of winter running. I plan to do the majority (probably all) of my long runs outside, so I need to make friends with the cold weather and make sure that I really bundle up in the right gear to keep me warm while running all of those miles.


Who doesn’t love sledding, right? And now that we have a little one, I can’t wait until he’s a little bigger to take him sledding. (Although, Mal insists we could take him on small hills this winter.) A fun way to stay active in the winter is rounding up some friends, grabbing a sled, and hitting the biggest hill around. Sledding down and hiking up the hill over and over again is an awesome workout”” although, it’s so much fun, it probably won’t seem that way!


Hitting the slopes for a day of skiing is a great way to stay active outdoors during the winter. Skiing (or snowboarding) is a full-body workout and one that provides constant fun in the cold weather. And it’s crazy to think that you’ll spend up to 8 hours heading up and down the mountain. How’s that for a winter outdoor activity?!

Question of the Day

What are your top 3 favorite ways to stay active during the winter?



  1. I met my husband on a snowshoeing blind date so that is very dear to me. Living in Canada, I’ve learned to embrace winter. We ski, snowshoe and run all year. The right gear is essential when facing the elements. I find if I get out, my mood is 100% better.

  2. I love snowshoeing! We got snowshoes a few years ago as gifts since we head to Stow every year for a weekend to snowshoe. I also love to run outdoors in the winter!
    Love those boots.

  3. Hi,

    I also have a spring marathon so all my runs except intervall will be done outside. I also love alpine skiing and skating with the kids.

  4. Great post! Madison is a year-round city so we head out in the winter to ski, snowshoe, walk the dogs, hike, etc. I bought those boots last year and LOVE them! Perfect for outdoor activities and my go-to for walking the dogs in winter – they are warm and comfortable. A difficult combo to find!

  5. When the Mr wanted to rent cross country ski’s I agreed to try it too. I was not a fan of not having ground firmly planted and controlled under my feet. He loved it. So he bought ski’s and I bought snow shoes and now when we get enough snow, I’ll out trudging in the snow while he whisks by me, turns around and whisks back. Two laps around our local park and 1000 calories are gone!

  6. I love sledding and running while it is snowing. I love snow! And from now until Christmas, I get to enjoy everyone’s Halloween and Christmas decorations.

  7. I really enjoy running in the colder weather, much more tollerable then thehigh humidity in the summer. As a family we love tubing, sledding and of course snowball fights!

  8. I just purchased a pair of Columbia snow boots recently! My previous snow boots sudden weren’t waterproof anymore half way through last winter. It was a huge bummer! I went with the Ice Maiden II boots, they had good reviews and the price was right. Last year’s above average snow was a lot of fun. We built an epic sledding course (multiple runs with banked turns) in our yard with our neighbors. But we just moved into a new house with a scary steep driveway, so I’m not so sure how I’m feeling about the snow this year. A snowblower is definitely on our list of things to purchase before December!

  9. I love ice skating and snowboarding when it isn’t too cold out. I can’t handle much below 5 degrees farenheit and we get a lot of days well below minus 20 farenheit. I don’t think I will be heading outside much when it gets that cold!

  10. I have never tried snowshoeing, I am certain I will end up most of the time on my belly or butt. By the way, your legs are very nice sculptured all that crossfit makes you strong and beautiful, I just got a groupon to try a Crossfit box that my friends keep raving about, so next month I will find out what all that hype about!

  11. we learned snowboarding last winter and it honestly made it one of the best winters EVER! as much as I struggled learning, it made being cold not so bad! I like the look of those boots. Might have to think about those!

  12. I love skiing! I got back into it last year after years of not doing it/being burnt out (I was also living in Southern California so…not exactly easy access to mountains!). I’m taking part in a ski share house this winter and it’ll be SO fun. I’ve never gone snowshoeing but it looks and sounds like a blast.

  13. I love snowshoeing! There’s a couple of great trails right near me and I even heard a rumor that they’re going to plow the parking lot of my fave this winter. (I’ll believe it when I see it though.)
    I really struggle with the cold though so my go-to workouts this winter will be the same ones as right now: lifting and HIIT in the nice heated gym.

  14. I love winter walks (when weather permits!) and sledding! My fiance and I would like to try snow shoeing, so you will have to let me know if you and Mal do this winter, and where you get your shoes!

  15. First, your new boots are so nice! Definitely going to be looking for those.
    I grew up in Vermont, spent holidays in Boston and live in norther NY so winter running went from necessary (I hate tracks and treadmills) to enjoyable. My other two are snowshoeing and skiing; cross country for the workout and alpine for fun.

  16. I’m training for Boston too! Long runs in the snow definitely are tough, but it’s the only way to go. I don’t think anything over 10 miles is even possible on the treadmill!

    Random tip–the Salted Caramel flavor of Gu is the BEST on winter long runs because the Gu half freezes and gets this super yummy, caramel-y texture.

  17. I’m a big fan of trying new workout videos via youtube or popsugar when the weather is nasty. There is so much free content out there!

  18. I don’t know if it’s a favorite, but I stayed active last year by shoveling! Soooo much snow in Central Wisconsin last year. My friend actually asked me to go snowshoeing this year, so I think I may spring for some snowshoes….and I definitely want to go sledding!

  19. I live in Denver, so I love having the mountains so close! In the winter, I’m usually snowboarding one of the days and either snowshoeing with my boyfriend and dog (we’ve also done a few races! soo much harder than a normal run!) or going for a run! I also love taking hot yoga classes in the winter!

  20. I hate, hate winter and I live in Canada. I think I may try snowshoeing this winter. I’ve never been, but I’ll give it a try.

  21. I absolutely LOVE those boots!! I got them last year (or the older version) as a gift and it was honestly the best gift a girl from Chicago who bikes/walks everywhere could have asked for! My feet not only stayed warm they were dry for the entire winter which, if you can recall, seemed to last a lifetime!!

  22. Nothing beats a day on the slopes! Snowboarding is my motivation to keep up my training at the gym during the week in the winter so that I can have even better days of boarding on the weekend. Though I am just an intermediate rider, I still find that keeping up my workouts during the week make my body able to handle longer days cruising down the mountain as well as my recovery time too. Those boots look awesome for New England winters and as a Mass-girl I appreciate having cute (but warm and able to handle snow/slush) boots!

  23. I live in Minnesota so the winters can get very long. Last year my husband and I bought snowshoes and fell in love with them. We put our 3 year old in a sled so he can join us, it is a great winter activity.

    Do you use Yak Trax or some other type traction cleats for your winter running?

  24. Winter workouts usually involve a lot of basement/garage HIIT workouts..but I try to enjoy the cold weather too with ice skating and long hikes through the snow!!

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